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2009/7/12-24 [Transportation/PublicTransit] UID:53130 Activity:moderate
7/12    Turns out that BART management has been lying to the public and
        the press about salaries, whoops!
        \_ Why do the janitors make $28.09 per hour in California where
           there is plenty of cheap labor and at those prices why are
           the BART restrooms almost always nasty? To me that's ridiculous.
           \_ unions, sinecures, and a sense of entitlement
           \_ $28.09 with no danger of layoff!?  Gee, why am I in software
           \_ $28.09 with no danger of layoff, plus getting paid for 40hrs/wk
              while only working 37.5hrs/wk (see article)!?  Gee, why am I in
              software engineering?
              \_ If you are making anything close to $28/hr in a real
                 software engineering job you need to start looking for
                 a new career, because you are either an idiot or
                 far too easilly taken advantage of.  Especially when
                 the 28/hr includes cost of benefits (any 401k matching?
                 good health benefits?  life/disability insurance?) and the
                 costs of a (oh my!) half hour lunch break.
           \_ There is not plenty of cheap legal labor in California.
              \_ Oh yes there is. My mom used to work in management at a bank,
                 both in retail and at data/call centers. They could find
                 plenty of labor for $14/hour and those jobs have a lot more
                 responsibilities than a janitor does. My niece is assistant
                 manager of an Old Navy while she works her way through college
                 and she doesn't even make $20/hour. There is no shortage of
                 people willing to work for $15-20/hour. Go to your local
                 Taco Bell and ask if any employees want a benefitted janitor
                 job that puts $18/hours in their pockets. This is a crime.
                 job that puts $18/hour in their pockets. This is a crime.
                 \_ I'm sure your niece would make a great janitor.
                    \_ For $28/hour it would really help with school costs,
                       despite your asinine comment.
                       \_ Does she live in the Bay Area? Did she apply? It is
                          hard to get a job you don't apply for. BART is
                          probably mostly interested in people who are going
                          to stick around though, not part timers.
                          \_ <DEAD><DEAD> says it's not currently
                             hiring for "Maintenance, Vehicle & Facil"
                             positions.  Why can't she apply for a janitor
                             position asking for, say, $23/hr when the current
                             ones are costing BART $28.09/hr?  Well, thanks to
                             the union.
                             positions.  Why can't she get a BART janitor job
                             at, say, $23/hr when the current ones are costing
                             BART $28.09/hr?  Well, thanks to the union. -- !PP
                             \_ You say that like it is a bad thing.
                                \_ It is a bad thing for taxpayers, BART
                                   riders, and citizens and legal residents
                                   who are willing to do the same job for less.
                                   BTW what's the unemployment rate now?
                                   \_ Society in general benefits from the
                                      existence of stable decent paying jobs
                                      with good benefits. I am sad that I even
                                      have to point this out to you. How do
                                      "citizens and legal residents who are
                                      willing to do the job for less" benefit
                                      from having salaries in their profession
                                      decreased? What was the area unemployment
                                      rate before the Bush Depression? Unless
                                      you think we are in a permanent state of
                                      10%+ unemployment, it is a bad idea to
                                      whipsaw your employees like this. If we
                                      are still in a deflationary depression
                                      in another year or two, you might have
                                      a point.
                                      \_ Oh sorry, I didn't realize that the
                                         janitorial profession as a whole is
                                         making $28.09/hr on average!
                       \_ You know, there just might be something about
                          being a bank teller, or managing an Old Navy,
                          which means people will accept lower wages than
                          they could get as a janitor.  Gee, I can't imagine
                          what those things might be.
                          \_ I've been a janitor, and it seems much better than
                             managing an Old Navy IMO.
                             \_ yeah, it looks great on your resume, too
        \_ This article also says "It's still true - with caveats that I'll
           explain - that BART wages are at or near the top in the nation, even
           when adjusted for regional differences in cost of living. And the
           take-away message remains the same: BART workers should make salary
           concessions to help the transit district stave off future fare hikes
           and service cuts."
2009/7/12-24 [Uncategorized] UID:53131 Activity:nil
7/12    Alpine should now have basic functionality enabled by default
        You'll have to connect via imap because apparently it
        doesn't support maildir by default... (lame)
2009/7/12-24 [Computer/SW/Security] UID:53132 Activity:nil
7/9     Ok I'm learning how to do this fancy ssh-keygen thing so that I
        don't have to keep typing passwords inbetween logging into machines.
        What's an ideal size for the number of bits in dsa? 1024 is default,
        but would 2048 enhance it even more? What do you guys use?
        \_ I'm paranoid.  I use 4096.  Go for at least 2048, I'd say...
        \_ If you want to be secure make sure your keys have passphrases, and make
           use of ssh-agent.
           \_ listen buddy, tab is EIGHT spaces not FOUR ok?
2009/7/12-2010/9/30 [Uncategorized] UID:53133 Activity:nil
Welcome to Soda Mark VIII, a 4-way Xeon 2.5GHz.
2009/7/12-2010/9/30 [Uncategorized] UID:53134 Activity:nil
**/**   Please mail for technical assistance.
2009/7/12-14 [Uncategorized] UID:53135 Activity:low
7/12    Random unscientific poll: has soda been fairly stable?  Noticed
        any problems, particularly with NFS?
        \_ You are kidding, right?
2009/7/12-24 [Uncategorized] UID:53136 Activity:nil
7/12    We now have a motd.official!
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