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2009/7/9-16 [Recreation/Dating] UID:53126 Activity:kinda low
7/9     Anyone here ever dated a psycho bitch who also just happened to be
        stripper hot and a nympho to boot? I recently met such a girl and
        if not for the mindblowing and frequent sex I'd run away screaming,
        because she is so mean and irritable. I want to have fun while it
        lasts, but will this end up badly? Like, my bunny boiled or worse?
        Steve McNair's death got me thinking maybe playing with fire gets
        you burned. On the other hand, I am having so much fun! What are
        the odds in my favor?
        \_ her clock is ticking and that is what drives her to have a lot
           of sex. She wants the sperm from the guy who is good looking,
           but wants a more stable income from a sucker like Soda geeks.
        \_ don't have an advice but I hope you're having SAFE sex
        \_ Have an escape plan, and stick to it.
        \_ What guild is she in?
        \_ please tell me what town you're in. Mountain View is very
           sterile and the only sex I have is with my monitor.
           \_ Tucson, Arizona.
        \_ I'm not so sure whether you're genuinely seeking advice or showing
           \_ A little of both, probably. However, my concern is genuine.
              \_ Tell her you're dumping her to go back to your wife and report
                 back with the results.
              \_ If I were you, I'd rather worry more about whether she's
                 currently sleeping around.  -- PP
                 \_ I wouldn't say sleeping around because that implies she is
                    sleeping with many people indiscriminately, but I know I'm
                    not the only guy. In fact, I know I there's at least one
                    other. Why should that worry me? That's the least of
                    my worries.
                    \_ For me, I can't stand sharing my woman with someone.
                       It's worse than not having this woman at all.  -- PP
                       \_ She's not "my woman". Like I said, if not for the
                          sex I'd probably be gone already because she acts
                          like she's PMSing 100% of the time. I don't think
                          either of us is thinking LTR here. She was very
                          upfront about being with this other guy and didn't
                          try to hide it.
                          \_ Dear Penthouse, I never thought it would happen to
                    \_ You shold be worried about STDs then.
        \_ It can only end badly, but probably not *that* badly.
2009/7/9-16 [Politics/Foreign/Europe] UID:53127 Activity:nil
7/9     The world's worst tourists:
        Surprise!  It's not us Americans.
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