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7/2     ssh: connect to host port 22: No route to host
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7/1   paolo look what you did
      before -
      after  -
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7/1     Oh the irony. Malcolm Gladwell is mocking someone for making arbitrary
        and capricious "laws" surrounding business behavior:
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7/1     Okay, here is the reply from Tom Radulovich to my email. He is on
        the BART Board of Directors and is an all around good guy.

        You are correct. The great majority of represented BART workers are
        maintenance or clerical employees, train operators, or station agents,
        but the represented ranks include some junior managers in AFSCME, and
        most of the BART police managers (sergeants, lieutenants, and
        commanders). Among the five unions, as I recall, about 1500 employees
        are in SEIU 1021 (maintenance and clerical), 800 in ATU 1555 (train
        operators and station agents), 250 in AFSCME 3993 (technical and
        junior managers), 260 in BART Police Officers Association (sworn
        police officers, community service assistants, and revenue guards)
        and 46 in BART Police Managers Association.

        The $114,000 figure is total compensation, and included wages and
        benefits; I was told today that for the average BART employee,
        approximately $70k is wages, and the remaining $44k benefits
        (medical/dental, pension, retiree medical, etc). Many BART employees
        earn overtime, but no overtime is not included in the $114 k figure.

        Hope that helps. I don't have the wages and benefits for specific
        positions handy, but the Fremont Argus ran a chart recently showing
        compensation (wages and benefits) for several typical positions at
        BART, including station agents, janitors, train operators, mechanics,
        foreworkers, etc.; you should be able to find it online if you are
        \_ What did you ask him?
        \_ the BART overtime numbers push up some of the salaries to crazy
           levels. google around for stuff like "bart overtime salary".
           and it has been this way for years ... the giant amounts of overtime
           is not a coping strategy while they train new operators ... that's
           the way they do business.
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7/2     Is imaps working?  What are the hostnames of the "incoming and
        outgoing mail servers" for CSUA email, and what kind of options
        should one set?

        I also noticed that we seem
        \_ Setup yer .forward or .procmailrc for now. I'm at a loss, too.
        \_ <DEAD><DEAD>. Using SSH (on default port 993) like before.
        \_ <DEAD><DEAD>. Over SSL (on default port 993) like before.
          \_ alpine doesnt seem to work. i try
                Folders on <DEAD><DEAD>:993 in cur
                but get timeouts .. using cur for "inbox" folder
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