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2009/6/30-7/15 [Uncategorized] UID:53090 Activity:nil
6/30    steven did an awesome job reviving soda. big kudos and big thanks!!!
        \_ are you running VMWARE ESX ??????
          \_ Maaaaaaayyyybe ;)  --steven
2009/6/30-7/15 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA] UID:53091 Activity:nil
6/29    /csua/bin/wallall seems to work now.
        Please report any oddities to root@csua --steven
2009/6/30-7/15 [Uncategorized] UID:53092 Activity:nil
6/29    No mail spools yet. Was mail spooled during the outage?
        \_ Yes, it was.  I'm setting up the mount now... --steven
                \_ Done.  Does it work for you? --steven
                   \_ Looks good so far. Thanks!
                   \_ Hi, when I run /usr/bin/mail, I get seg fault.  What
                      should I do?  Thx. -- yuen
                        \_ Will investigate later
                   \_ How do I connect via IMAP? I used to use vermouth.
                        \_ <DEAD><DEAD> imaps or pop3s --steven
2009/6/30-7/15 [Uncategorized] UID:53093 Activity:nil
6/29    Made me laugh:
        \_ Amusing
2009/6/30-7/15 [Transportation/PublicTransit] UID:53094 Activity:nil
        "The average (BART) union worker makes $114,000 a year in wages and
        And they're demanding a 3% raise.  Geez.
        \_ This is called negotiation by press release. What does the average
           worker who is not in management make?
           $90k/yr including benefits 4 years ago.
           "... the average train operator and station agent already make
            $66,000 a year..."
            \_ Managers are union workers?
               \_ Oddly enough, in BART they are.
            \_ Hmm, the first paragraph at the URL you're quoting reads "BART
               workers who are asking for raises in contract negotiations with
               the transit district are among the highest-paid transit workers
               in the Bay Area and the nation, according to transit officials."
               And, I can't even find your quote at your URL.  Where does your
               quote come from?
                  \_ Quoting things without citing the source is not quoting.
                  \_ Quoting things without source is not quoting, let alone
                     providing a wrong source.  Plus, you delibrately left out
                     the remaing part of the same sentence, which reads "
                     (without overtime), plus free medical, dental and full
                     \_ It is still way less than your quoted $114k/yr. Why do
                        you deliberately spread BART management PR distortions?
                        \_ Hmm, I quoted sentences in full, while you took
                           words out of context.  Anyway, as I quoted, $114K is
                           for BART union workers, while the $66k you "quoted"
                           (plus other benefits that you omitted) is for train
                           operators and station agents.  Now, is the union
                           demanding a compensation increase for all union
                           workers or only for union train operators and
                           station agents?
                           \_ Train operators, mechanics and station agents
                              comprise the overwhelming majority of BART
                              employees. Now granted $90k/yr (including
                              benefits) ain't chicken scratch. I don't know
                              the answer to your question, but I sent some
                              email to Tom Radulivich asking him.
                           \_ No, stating a fact (what someones salary is)
                              is not "quoting out of context." Putting down
                              my source for every fact I state on the motd
                              would be tedious, especially when anyone with
                              a basic ability to google would be able to verify
                              it for themselves. You still haven't answered
                              my question, btw.
                              \_ Quoting "$66k/yr" to counter "$114k/yr in
                                 wages and benefits", without mentioning that
                                 $66k/yr is not wages and benefits while your
                                 source clearly mentions it, *is* quoting out
                                 of context.
                                 \_ Quoting "$114k/yr in average wages and
                                    benefits" without mentioning that ~80%
                                    of BART employees make less than $100k
                                    is spreading deliberate misinformation.
        \_ BART management and employees both have snazzy PR websites
           about how horrible the other side is
           \_ I still don't think Evil BART Booth Lady should be making
              100k a year.  I'm not sure what she should be making, but
              it's not close to 100k.
2009/6/30-7/15 [Computer/SW/Mail] UID:53095 Activity:nil
6/29    Do I need to enable pine?
        \_ Try alpine.  Pine isn't supported anymore --steven
          \_ alpine not working. are there any config instructions
                for using alpine with csua?
            \_ Try using imaps as described in a future posting ^
2009/6/30-7/15 [Uncategorized] UID:53096 Activity:nil
6/29    To the motd archiver peoples - HTML mode is spewing:
        [Mon Jun 29 15:29:20 2009] index.cgi: You must specify local
                param in display2file () at index.cgi line 23 --steven
2009/6/30-7/9 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:53097 Activity:nil
6/29    /csua/bin/motdedit seems to be working again --root
2009/6/30-7/15 [Computer/SW/Languages/JavaScript] UID:53098 Activity:nil
6/30    Javascript, I love you:
        var b = new Boolean(false);
        b;        // false
        !b;       // ALSO false
        !b == b;  // But this is true!
        !!b == !b // Negate both sides and it's false again. FUCK.

        if (b) {
          //  Better fucking believe this will get executed. FUCKING FUCK.
    //  Better fucking believe this will get executed. FUCKING FUCK.
        \_ what are you trying to do?  Use b.valueOf() or b = false;
          \_ I don't think it was intended as a practical example.
             More of just a big JS WTF.  --!OP
        \_ I take it you've never been bit by java autoboxing?  This
           isn't unique to javascript.  I'm not sure about c# but I wouldn't
           be surprised if it had the same kinds of issues.
           \_ c# will do what you would expect. Boxing has performance
              (not logic) penalties and only occurs when you try to use
              intrinsic types as objects (ex. ((bool) foo).ToString()).
              I agree, javascript is whacked. Give the Date object a
              spin for more fun. -- saarp
2009/6/30-7/15 [Politics/Foreign/Europe] UID:53099 Activity:nil
6/30    German John was talking about miniskirts in Europe. Well, I made it
        to Paris and Amsterdam in June and he wasn't kidding. I liked the
        tall blonde Dutch girls riding bikes in short skirts and boots.
        \_ Damn, now I want to go to Amsterdam. Again. Without my wife and
           two kids. Probably not going to happen this summer.
2009/6/30-7/15 [Politics/Domestic/President/Clinton, Politics/Domestic/Election] UID:53100 Activity:nil
6/30    It appears that the coup in Honduras was ordered by the court and
        the congress to head off an illegal constitutional refferendum by
        the prez to make himself dictator for life.  So, why does the Obama
        administration oppose this?  Am I missing something?
        \_ Because he was still legally president at the time.  Illegal
           referendum = court throws it out and president may well be
           impeached.  It doesn't mean the millitary comes in and kicks
           out the sitting president.  A coup is not rule of law.
           \_ Since the prez lead a mob to attack the military installation
              holding the ballots, I think he was pretty much already starting
              his own coup.  Directly throwing him out may not have been
              the perfectly legal solution, but it certainly makes sense
              given the circumstances.
        \_ The Journal is a Murdoch tool, especialy the Opinion section.
           \_ And the AP article?  (That's why I posted both.)
              Murdoch is having his papers tap the phones of opposition
              politians in Britian. Think he isn't doing the same here?
2009/6/30-7/15 [Computer/HW/CPU, Computer/SW/Unix] UID:53101 Activity:nil
6/30    Thanks very much for all the volunteer work on soda!  Two questions:
        1. When will HTTP be up again?
          \_ Probably not this week - 4th and all that.  Next week?
        2. There used to be a web page that describes the historical hardware
           for soda machine.  What's the URL again?  I forgot.
          \_ It's on the wiki now -
                Not up to date with the most recent rev yet
        Thanks again.
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