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6/4     About the super zoom...
        While "Impossible" is a bit too strong.  But I stand behind my
        statement.  And no Nikon and Canon make them doesn't means their
        super zoom lenses are "good."  They all made lousy lenses at one
        time or another, and this may or may not be one of them.
        I deliberately made a strong statement to warn
        those who just started that you CAN NOT have it all.
        It is always a balancing act among convenience, price, weight,
        image quality and maximum aperture.  Most of beginners tend to
        look at the "convenience" and "price" while ignore other things.
        Things like maximum aperture is *VERY* important but it's hard
        to convey that to those who are not experienced.
        I have plenty zooms myself.  Everyone of them was a conscious
        decision on various trade offs.  and yes, there are times even
        I choose convenience/price over image quality.   kngharv
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