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2009/6/4-5 [Transportation/Car, Politics] UID:53076 Activity:high
6/4     Why do car manufacturers want to close dealerships to save cost?  Are
        dealerships just franchises that are owned by people other than the
        manufacturer?  A franchise losing money isn't losing the manufacturer's
        money, right?
        \_ It is part of Obama's master plan to destroy capitalism and
           make Americans slaves to socialism.
           \_ yeah, shame on him.  capitalism worked so well.  We should of
              abolish SEC and let Wall Street do their things.
        \_ Says the man who knows nothing about how car dealerships work.
           \_ He's obviously asking the question, not making any
              confident assertions.  If you know better, why don't
              you correct him?  As it is, you strike me as acting like
              a dick.
2009/6/4-5 [Finance/Investment] UID:53077 Activity:kinda low
6/4     Hey market timer guy, are you ready to get back in? The Nasdaq
        50 day SMA will cross the 200 today, it looks like and the S&P 500
        is right behind it. Good job missing the big drop, btw.
        \_ I'm looking for a 1% overshoot, not a cross, and I'm not investing
           in tech (in my long holdings at least), which means I'm not tracking
           NASDAQ.  In fact, doing this for NASDAQ would have bitten you in
           \_ So WHEN is a good time to buy SILVER? I AM ITCHING TO BUY SOMETHING
              \_ You're talking about your speculative account right?
              \_ I have some wooden nickles I will give away real cheap.
2009/6/4-5 [Reference/Military, Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Iraq] UID:53078 Activity:nil
6/4     "The Turf War Behind the Monster Jellyfish Crop Circle"
        How does someone craft a pattern with mowers (presumably) over a 600ft
        area with such great accuracy?
        \_ Crop circles are usually done by flattening the grain with boards.
        \_ GPS?
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