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2009/5/26-6/1 [Finance/Investment] UID:53041 Activity:nil
5/26    I got multiple emails from multiple sources about the resurgence
        of the stock market. Case in point, Charles Schab: "Looking for
        Signs of Midyear Traction": A Town Hall Webcast with Liz Ann
        Sonders and special guests. Are we ready to get back into the game?
        \_ Nouriel Roubini sez:  Yer all fucked!  For years!
           Notice how Goldman Sachs released their green shoots memo in March.
           Perfect timing, eh?
           \_ GS is good, hadn't you noticed. ECRI called a bottom in March,
              too, the bastards. They are predicting a rapid recovery from
              here, with better than expected growth in Q3 and Q4.
              \_ I suppose it doesn't hurt that Goldman dwarfs all other
                 broker/dealers in program trading volume on the NYSE
        \_ Probably means it is a good time to sell.
2009/5/26-30 [Politics/Foreign/Asia/Korea] UID:53042 Activity:nil
2009/5/26-30 [Uncategorized] UID:53043 Activity:nil
5/23    Michael Doonsebury's daughter is getting laid? NOW I FEEL OLD.
        \_ and Duke has a son in his 20s!  Joanie and Rick have a son
          in the CIA.  Bizarre.
        \_ Is she hot?
                   "Alex."  No.
2009/5/26-30 [Politics/Domestic/Election] UID:53044 Activity:kinda low
5/26    Is it correct to call someone the daughter of Puerto Rican
        "immigrants"? Seems wrong to me. Puerto Ricans get US Passports.
        \_ Yes it is correct.
           \_ Thanks! Obama immigrated from Hawaii, right?
              \_ Not the same.  Doubly not the same in the early 50s.  Go watch
                 yourself some West Side Story.
              \_ You may wish to look up the difference between a US state and
                 a US territory.
                 \_ I did. And the Library of Congress says that "immigration"
                    is incorrect:
                    aOED also says that immigration is incorrect:
                    immigrate: come to live permanently in a foreign country
                    \_ Right there one THE NEXT SENTANCE of the link you
                       provided it says "However, in moving to the mainland,
                       Puerto Ricans leave a homeland with its own distinct
                       identity and culture, and the transition can involve
                       many of the same cultural conflicts and emotional
                       adjustments that most immigrants face."  and guess
                       what, that was even more so in the 40s and 50s.
                        \_ ya, but they still aren't immigrants. calling them
                           immigrants is wrong. saying that they face struggles
                           similar to immigrants is wrong. It's like saying
                           that Native Americans are immigrants.
                           \_ TODOS SOMOS LOVELLE MIXON
              \_ Wasn't Obama really born in Kenya, but has a forged Hawaii
                 birth certificate?
                \_ Doesn't matter where he was born.  His mother was a citizen.
                   \_ I think a US citizen-by-birth can't become POTUS if (s)he
                      was born in a foreign country, sans US military base or
                      \_ You are incorrect.  What's funny is McCain wasn't born
                         in the US either.
                      \_ If your MOTHER or FATHER is a citizen, and they give
                         birth to you, YOU ARE A CITIZEN, no matter if you are
                         born on Jupiter or Japan or Russia or Taxachussetts or
                         on a plane or in Mexico..  you are not naturalized,
                         you are a goddamn citizen.  I don't understand why
                         Hannity and Glenn Beck and Clarence Thomas do not
                         comprehend this simple fact.
                      \_ You realize John McCain was born in Panama, right?
                         \_ What part of "sans US military base or
                            embassy" did you not understand?
                         \_ McCain was born in a US Naval Air Station in
                            Panama.  See the "sans" part above.  -- PP
                            \_ doesn't matter.  what country Obama was born in
                               is a non story, unless you want to claim his mother
                               was not a citizen
                               is a non story, unless you want to claim his
                                mother was not a citizen
                                \_ Didn't the birthers claim he was
                                   Malcom X's illigitimate african love
                                   child or something?
                                     FEEL THE CRAZY.  LOVE IT.  BE IT.
                        know what this is?  It's the constitution.  You may
                        have heard of it!  Article II describes the
                        requirements to be president.  Speculate no longer,
                        it's written right there.  By the way, good work not
                        signing your names, otherwise you'd be outed as an
                        illiterate yet loud and pretentious person.
                        \_ What is this in response to?
                        \_ What does it say?  I'm busy
                                \_ it says you are a fucktard and people who
                                   are willing to take time to do things
                                   are allowed to take your rights away,
                                \_ exactly, the assumption that your busyness
                                   is justified or that your time is somehow
                                   worth more than others is what makes you
                                   pretentious.  What a bunch of worthless
                        \_ It says "natural born citizen" which is not exactly
                           clear in plain English. All the early Presidents
                           were born British Citizens (obviously) so I don't
                           know what the precedent really is.
                           \_ It says the President needs to be either "natural
                              born citizen" or a citizen at the time the
                              constitution was adopted.  The early Presidents
                              were the latter.
2009/5/26-30 [Computer/HW/CPU] UID:53045 Activity:nil
5/26    Engineering is HOT man! Super hot co-inventor of USB at Intel:
2009/5/26-6/2 [Reference/Military, Politics/Foreign/Asia/Others] UID:53046 Activity:low
5/26    "Photo of US soldier in pink boxers turns iconic"
        Not a single mention about wearing a red shirt in a battlefield screams
        "Shoot me!" and endangers one's comrades.  He should have covered it up
        or taken it off at the first opportunity.
        \_ And how much war experiance do you have?  Hint, playing Red Alert
           doesn't count.
           \_ Nor does watching "Star Trek".
        \_ Dood, medics have to wear red crosses on their arms.
           \_ Supposedly enemies shouldn't shoot the medics, so the red crosses
              scream "DON'T shoot me!"
              \_ Let me tell you, if I ever actually made it into combat,
                 the first thing I would have done is strip off that stupid
                 arm band. -former medic
                 \_ I heard that non-maimed army men get laid a lot because they
                    have many manly stories to tell and ladies love their strong
                    manly presence. Is this true? Is it?
                    \_ I don't know, but I got laid a lot in the co-ops. I don't
                       think it had anything to do with being ex-army, but
                       perhaps all that PT helped give me muscles.
                       \_ No, it's just that most women in the co-ops were
                          easy. I'd be afraid to sleep with most of them.
                 \_ Bill Cosby has a great routine on being a Corpsman in
                    Korea. First lesson: the North Koreans do not
                    Vietnam. First lesson: the North Vietnamese do not
                    recognize the Geneva Convention and so will actively
                    target Corpsmen. Cue a bunch of Corpsmen furiously
                    scrubbing the red cross off their helmets with Brillo
2009/5/26-6/4 [Recreation/Computer/Games, Recreation/Sports] UID:53047 Activity:nil
5/26    Finished Braid; beautiful game. Good job, blojo. Looking forward to
        the Next Thing; will be more than happy to kick out another $15
        for quality like this. --erikred
        \_ I hate this game. I've been up until 1AM the last two nights.
           Normally I go to bed around 11:30PM. Sooo tired. But it is
           beautiful. First PC game I've purchased in 9 years.
           \_ Is there a mac version?  And how is the gameplay with just a
              mouse and keyboard?
              \_ I downloaded and played the Mac version on my PowerMac G5
                 tower; gameplay was perfectly fine. But then again, I prefer
                 the keyboard to a controller. I'd imagine you could use a
                 USB game controller just as easily. --erikred
        \_ Finally finished it, but I had to cheat and get help on 3 of
           the puzzles. Have you found any of the hidden "stars"? Those seem
           pretty ridiculous to get.
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