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2009/5/21-26 [Computer/HW/Display] UID:53024 Activity:nil
5/20    Linux question.  my laptop has a Nvidia 8400M GS chipset.  For a
        while I was excited about the fact that Nvidia actually has
        Linux driver for such.  But after I used it for about 2-3
        weeks, I realize that this Nvidia driver is the reason why my
        Ubuntu is keep crashing.  I would like to swtich to a
        open-source driver, idealy, capable of leveraging some degree
        of 3D acceleration built into the hardware.  Does such thing
        exists?  and/or what is the keyword for it?  I don't know the
        keyword hence I have no idea how to google it.  Thank in
        \_ Geez, 80 columns man.
        \_ Are you sure?  I have never had any trouble with the nvidia drivers
           on Linux.  Admittedly I don't have an 8400M GS, but still.  For me
           they work fine.  Are you sure that the chipset isn't bad in some
           way?  Does it work correctly on Windows?
           \_ How would I know if the chipset is bad?  when the computer
              crashes, it doesn't crash elegantly.   If there is a way to
              turn on a log of some sort which I can point out that it is
              the nvidia chip or driver related issue, do please let me know.
              and to answer your another question.  It seems to work under
              windows.  But I only use Windows to play games, then
              boot back to Linux immediately.  So, I nver got the chance
              to use Windows long enough to tell.   Yes, my mainboard got
              replaced once already due to graphic chip issue.  but how do
              i prove it is the hardware issue again?
              \_ What are you doing when it crashes?  How often does it
                 \_ everytime it crashes when I was doing some compiz-fusion
                    movements.  Is there a way I can view a sys log to prove
                    that it is a crash?  -op
        \- you realize there is some litigation going on over faulty Nvidia
           chips, right? --NVDA stockholder
           \_ yes, My Dell M1330's motherboard already got replaced
              once due to faulty graphic chip.  I do suspect it's hardware
              problem.  but there is no way I can prove it.   -op
        \_ FWIW there are open source drivers for AMD/ATI chips.  They lag
           in features though.  I have no idea how usable they are, I think
           it depends on the particular chip.
           \_ the keyword is "nouveau"  I found it.  but it doesn't have any
              3D features yet.  and no, not even my propreitary driver works
2009/5/21-29 [Finance/Investment] UID:53025 Activity:nil
5/21    wtf dude, not again (US dollar index)
        \_ You should definitely expect the dollar to fall further from here.
           Plan accordingly.  -tom
           \_ what i've read is that commodity and production driven currencies
              not impaired by large debt obligations, may be a good investment,
              specifically for Asian economies ex-Japan.  is there anything
              that the USG could do to thwart this hedge?  What do you think?
              \_ There are tons of things the US government could do, and
                 our economies are linked anyway.  But I think it's a safe
                 bet that the way we're printing money, the dollar is
                 going down.  -tom
                 \_ yup, that is why Chinese was so pissed during that G20
                    summit.  Either way, Chinese are fucked.    kngharv
                    \_ They can look at themselves in the mirror.  They
                       pinned their currency artificially low,
                       effectively running every transaction at a loss.
                       Now those losses are becoming realized.
                    \_ Why are they fucked? You are assuming that the central
                       bank is investing in dollars to make a profit. They
                       aren't, they are trying to keep people working, which
                       they are doing a good job at.
2009/5/21-25 [Consumer/Camera] UID:53026 Activity:nil
5/20    Germany's camera sweatshop:
2009/5/21-25 [Uncategorized] UID:53027 Activity:nil
5/20    I really hate Craigslist. There is no moderation whatsoever. I
        can only "flag" a post, but some spams post over and over again
        and I can't tell Craigslist to stop a certain person from posting.
        There's no notion of user credentials. Fuck Craigslist.
2009/5/21-29 [Computer/SW/Unix/WindowManager] UID:53028 Activity:nil
5/21    I would like to implement an auto-logout feature for my gnome users
        who happen to not log themselves out, thus causing me, and especially
        my supervisor, pain.  Please advise, cohorts.  I would like the
        entire gnome session signed out, not just an individual xterm,
        so "export TMOUT=[SECONDS]" in a .bashrc will not work.
2009/5/21-29 [Recreation/Computer/Games] UID:53029 Activity:nil
        "[blojo] should be able to make game developing a full-time gig."
        What else does he do with his time? This sounds like really crappy
        journalism. Now we just need an iPhone release and he can retire.
   \_ Making a living writing console games by yourself is a huge
      accomplishment these days.  Most games are made by giving a huge
      team millions of dollars for years... and then the game still sucks,
        \_ Btw, just picked up Braid for the Mac, and the game is a joy.
           Also, I keep trying to hit the shift key in real life situations.
           Hm. Maybe I'm playing too much. --erikred
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