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2009/5/19-25 [Consumer/Camera] UID:53010 Activity:nil
        I've been eyeing on this Leica M3 with box, tag, certificate, case.
        If you look at picture 9 of 12, you'll see a receipt from March 16,
        1957 for the amount of $1317.80. How much dollar is that in
        Deutsche Mark back in 1957, and how much is it now when you consider
        inflation? I'm trying to figure it out but historical prices are
        difficult to attain. Thanks.
           \_ good site but the OP is asking what 1317.80 is in German money
              and in fact, I don't even think Deutsche Mark was available
              until the Allies started issuing it in 1958.
              \_ says 1948. I was
                 confused by the "$" mark he used, you are probably right.
                 Do you want DM:$ then inflated to today? Or inflated first,
                 then converted? They will give different answers and the
                 latter will be much harder to find the answer to.
                 Can give you the former pretty easily.
2009/5/19-25 [Science/Electric, Science/GlobalWarming] UID:53011 Activity:nil
5/18    Does the new federal vehicle fuel-efficiency requirement specify how
        efficiencies of plug-in hybrids will be calculated?  Some plug-in
        hybrids claims to have ridiculously high efficiency like 100mpg because
        they're not counting the energy input from the electric grid.  That's
        not a good indiction of their actual energy efficiency.
2009/5/19-25 [Consumer/Camera, Industry/Startup] UID:53012 Activity:nil
5/18    I spotted a pretty good deal on Craigslist. However, the seller is
        offering the following (but doesn't want to meet):
        "How about if we do the deal through a shipping company i've used to
        complete several transactions...  I ship the camera to you, provide
        tracking and then payment to be done direct to the company agent.  once
        you have received the camera and decide to keep it, then you inform the
        company to pay me."
        How likely is this a scam? I've never done anything on Craigslist and
        I'm a bit wary of doing anything on it for the very first time.
        \_ There are a lot of shady escrow companies out there, but there are
           some good ones, too.  Get details and do research.  -tom
        \_ As long as you aren't cashing the "shipping costs" for them and
           giving them money before you get the merchandise it should be fine.
           Be very wary.  My friend got a fake money order from H. Betty
           Industries with instructions to pay the shipping company the
           excess in cash. -scottyg
        \_ Do not use an escrow company suggested by the seller, there are too
           many scams out there. Suggest and run screaming if they
           balk at this. -guy who got burned this way
           \_ Yeah.  There are exactly two companies licensed to do online
              escrow in California: and Elance Escrow Corporation.
           \_ what did you get burned on? I lost about $800 on a nice looking
              realdoll for what I thought was a $2000 realdoll.
              \_ Jewelry
              \_ You're buying used Real Doll?  Yucks.
                 \_ how is this worse than sleeping with a hooker? If anything
                    it's a lot cleaner and safer.
2009/5/19-26 [Politics/Domestic/911, Politics/Domestic/President/Bush] UID:53013 Activity:nil
5/18    "Democrat Socialist" party resolution expected to pass. HA HA HA HAW
        \_ Well, they can't call them "Progressive" because the GOP is too.
           \_ The GOP is progressive if this was the Middle Ages
              \_ "Progress" is homosexuality and confiscatory
              business killing taxation.  Gotit.
2009/5/19-26 [Finance/Banking] UID:53014 Activity:nil
5/18    What's a good bank with decent interest rate for savings or MM?
        I'm looking for something that's not too inconvenient (with tellers
        within 20 miles of major cities) and with higher interest rates
        than BofA and Wells Fargo.
        \_ Isn't there a canonical approach to keep a small amount of money
           ~$1000 in a large bank with prevalent ATMs and keep the bulk of
           savings in a bank with nice interest rates and you can just
           transfer back and forth as needed?  I have it all in a BofA
           account right now, but I don't have a lot of money so that makes
           things easier.  Just pick any bank with nice interest rates and
           online tools for money management and you should be set. -mrauser
           \_ i think the problem is there aren't any decent banks with decent
              interest rates
2009/5/19-25 [Politics/Domestic/California, Politics/Domestic/California/Prop] UID:53015 Activity:nil
5/18    How did you vote? I voted: No on 1A-C, and Yes on 1D-F
        \_ I voted yes on 1A because I want tax to be as high as possible
           to increase our standard of living, and to get rid of people
           who are otherwise unfit to live in California-- they should
           move back to Arizona or other anti-tax states. Viva
           La California de Republica para Socialism!
           \_ I actually don't mind a small tax increase and I think a spending
              cap is a good idea, but I didn't like that the governor can
              override it whenever he wants and that we have to contribute
              to this "rainy day fund" even when we are having "rainy days".
              12.5% also seems like an awfully large amount of the budget
              to set aside. With some changes I would have voted Yes on it.
              \_ I'm hoping for 15%, on top of much higher property tax,
                 as well as 45-50% tax for the wealthiest Americans. Will
                 that ever happen in America? Hell no. But somebody's
                 gotta try.                                     -pp
           \_ California and Arizona have the same overall tax burden:
              But don't let facts get in the way of a good rant.
        \_ I voted no on 1C and yes on the rest. Pretty funny that you would
           ask how people voted and then censor their responses.
           \_ I'm the original poster and I didn't censor any responses.
              Must be someone else. I didn't even see any responses other
              than the very first, which I responded to.
        \_ I haven't voted yet, I'm still trying to decide on a couple.
           1A:  Not sure, the write-up seemed good, but the argument against
                was much stronger than the argument for.  Very complex.
                \_ You do know that the arguments for/against were written by
                   the same people, right?
           1B:  No. Schools never seem to have trouble getting money in good
                year.  If the years are good, they'll get money, if not we
                years.  If the years are good, they'll get money, if not we
                can't afford it.
           1C:  No.  I hate the lotto.
           1D:  Not sure, transfer money from 1 child service to another?
           1E:  Not sure, transfer money from metal services for adults to kids?
           1D:  Yes, the yes argument is better.
           1E:  Yes, ""         ""
           1F:  Sure, why not?  Screw those guys.
        \_ No on everything.  That should be the default position, and there's
           nothing compelling in this slate.  -tom
           \_ Not sure that follows here.  Props can only be adjustd by props,
              and that's basically what 1D and 1E are.
                \_ Agreed. 1D and 1E try and undo damage that previous props
            \_ Tom agrees with the Bay Guardian.
               \_ We may hold the same position on this; that doesn't mean
                  I agree with them.  -tom
               \_ Surprised he isn't pro-tax and pro-schools.
            \_ You got what you wanted. The cuts at the UC are going to be
               \_ What I want is to get rid of the 2/3rds majority bullshit
                  that we have right now.
                  \_ I like it.
                     \_ GO GALT!!!!!!
2009/5/19-26 [Computer/Companies/Google] UID:53016 Activity:nil
5/18    Google to identify criminals before they commit a crime^H^H^H^^H
        employees before they leave:
        \_ Why would any Googler want to leave? It's the BEST place to
           work at. Everyone is happy. NO ONE ever says anything bad about
           Google. Those who do, usually don't last long anyways. Here,
           drink some coolaide and join the party!
           \_ Koolaid
              \_ Cuilaid
                 \_ Googlaid
                    \_ Go g't laid.
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