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2009/5/17-20 [Uncategorized] UID:53000 Activity:nil
5/17    S&P500 inflation-adjusted earnings since 1935 (blogspot)
        \_ This mean IT IS TIME TO BUY BUY BUY
           BUY MORE you idiots.
2009/5/17-26 [Recreation/Dating, Health/Women] UID:53001 Activity:low
5/17    Has anyone else noticed that today's teenaged girls are freakishly
        tall? The stats may not bear that out because of changing demographics
        in this nation (influx of shorter peoples) but even traditionally
        short races like Asian are taller than they were. Today I noticed
        at least 4 girls over 6' tall at the grocery store (two different
        stores) doing shopping with their dads. (I guessed these women were
        about 20 when I first saw them until dear old dad came over to add
        something to the cart.) So they may be 6'+ and still growing. I noticed
        this with female athletes, too. Before, bigger female athletes were
        bulky and looked roided up but now women are large but with a more
        normal (proportionate or even skinny) physique. What's odd is that
        I don't notice the boys being any larger than before, except in
        races that were traditionally shorter like Asians. What's going on
        \_ girls aren't taller.  you're just old.  there is plenty of porn
           out there for you involving short guys and gigantic women
        \_ It's awesome.  More to see with the short miniskirts and kneehigh
           boots that are supposed to be in this year.  Oh wait, you live in
           the U.S.  Nevermind.  Sorry.  -John
        \_ boys are larger, Asian or not. 6'4" is like normal now for a
           20 year old Caucasian boy.
           \_ I don't think that's true. I am fairly tall myself and I notice
              when men are taller than I am (like 6'2" and taller). I think
              men are taller than they were (compared to my dad at 5'9")
              but I don't see that many Caucasian guys over 6'1" in *this*
              country (USA). In fact, people still refer to me as tall and
              I never thought I was anything but average or an inch over.
        such that we are breeding these Amazon women over the last 20 years?
        My sister is 5'8" and that was considered model tall when she was
        young (and she did model) and now I hear it's tough to model if you
        are under 6 feet. With the way girls now give out blowjobs as a way to
        test if you are boyfriend-worthy (instead of 4 years into a marriage)
        I feel like I was born too early, damn it. However, I am genuinely
        interested in the factors making so many large women.
        \_ Is this a "damnit I'm not getting laid because I'm short" post?
           If it is... yeah, Darwin say you're out of luck.
           \_ Getting laid, but not by such tall women because women my age
              just aren't that tall in most cases. It's a "not getting
              laid by leggy blondes because I am too old, but would have
              had I been born in 1988" post.
        \_ It's the bay area, they're going to be rotund and massive.
           They don't have to be anything else.
           \_ "Don't have to be"?
        \_ Both men and women are getting taller, due to better nutrition.
        \_ Yes, I have been noticing that young women keep getting taller.
           As a short guy, it is hard not to notice.
        \_ Dude, it's called high heels.
           \_ Young women don't wear that stuff except to church or job
              interviews. Try flipflops.
              \_ Yes they do, they just aren't obvious about it.
        \_ Any similar observation about their bust size rather than their
   \_ They're getting bigger.  NSWF unless you work at aspo
        \_ She needs lipo on the waist, not on the boobs.
           \_ Jesus Christ.
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