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2009/5/14-20 [Health/Men] UID:52995 Activity:nil
5/14    Free Viagra for jobless people!
        Yeah, like you can get action if you couldn't even keep your job.
        \_ My best action was always when I was unemployed and could devote
           myself full time to it.
           \_ Ahh, back when I could spend 4 hours fucking around and still
              have time to spend 4 hours fucking.
2009/5/14-20 [Recreation/Dating] UID:52996 Activity:nil
5/14    The German porn from 35000 yrs ago: (
        'The carving found in six fragments in Germany's Hohle Fels cave
        depicts a woman with a swollen belly, wide-set thighs and large,
        protruding breasts.
        "It's very sexually charged," said University of Tuebingen
        archaeologist Nicholas Conard
        Mellars suggested a more basic motivation for the carving: "These
        people were obsessed with sex."'
2009/5/14-20 [Computer/HW/IO] UID:52997 Activity:nil
        \_ play this one out keyboard cat.
2009/5/14-20 [Transportation/Car, Reference/Languages] UID:52998 Activity:high
5/14    The Borat is baaaack!
        \_ I don't get why you added "The". Why?
           \_ Do you call it "The 405"?
              \_ The Santa Monica Fwy.
              \_ no, that is as stupid as saying Va-Lay-Ho, when you really
                 should be saying Va-Yay-Ho. Stupid gringos, can't say Vallejo.
                 They might as well as say La Jo-Lah, San Diego.
                 \_ "San Ra Fel"
                 \_ "Va-Lay-Ho" sounds stupid, but that's just because it's
                    really pronounced "Va-Lay-Oh".
                    \_ It's stupid when you don't conform to the norms.
                       If Latin is a language of consistency, then
                       English is a language of conformity.
                       \_ Va Yayo.
                          \_ Va-jay-jay.
                 \_ Or Los An-Heh-Les
                    \_ El Eh.
           \_ hey "the freeway" guy: get the f over yourself. its just a
              stylistic choice and neither is any more or less correct. using the
              article is implicitly short for "the 405 freeway". do you say
              "take golden gate bridge"? or "take the golden gate bridge" like
              everyone else. When people omit the article its probably
              implying "route 405" or some such. if you can't handle it,
              dont take the freeway and just RIDE BIKE
              \_ dude, take a chill pill man.
              \_ Do you take "the Telegraph Ave" or speak normal English
                 like everyone else?
              \_ Do you say "take the Telegraph Ave" or speak normal
                 English like everyone else?
        \_ I grew up in Vallejo.  I have never heard anyone pronounce
           it Va Yay Yo or whatever you are promoting.
           \_ Va-La-HO. --e40
           \_ I went to a friend's daughter's Quinceanera in Vallejo.  His
              whole family pronounces the l's like it was an English word.
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