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2009/4/28-5/5 [Politics/Domestic/Election, Politics/Domestic/President/Bush] UID:52918 Activity:nil
4/27    GOP purges itself of RINOs, gives Democrats filibuster proof majority:
        \_ THis is not coming up for me.
           \_ Sorry, fixed. Mercury moves their stories, I should stop posting
              links to them.
        \_ Calling Specter a RINO is bullshit.
              The Freepers would beg to differ with you.
              \_ And the dude who sleeps on the empty lot outside my window
                 screams about how the government is watching him.  Insane
                 people are insane!  Shocking!
                 \_ It is too convenient to label your political opponents
                    as "insane." The Freepers and their fellow travelers are
                    running the GOP now.
                    \_ That's just because there's a massive power vacuum.
                       This will change, probably within 2-4 years.  Until
                       then it will be some seriously dark times for the GOP.
                       \_ Dark times for America, too. I voted for Obama, but
                          it is not good that there is no credible opposition
                          right now. Too bad we don't have a Lib Dem party,
                          like the Brits.
                          \_ The Democrats are their own opposition.  If you
                             don't like what Congress is doing, write to
                             Obama.  If you don't like what Obama's doing,
                             write Congress.
              \_ Those Freepers are awesome.  You can smell the spittle from
2009/4/28-5/5 [Computer/SW/Languages/JavaScript, Reference/Law/Court] UID:52919 Activity:nil
        SCOTUS upholds FCC's zero-tolerance obscenity policy.
2009/4/28-5/5 [Computer/HW/Drives] UID:52920 Activity:nil
4/28    Anyone here have experience with solid state drives in the server
        environment? I am mostly worried about reliability, longevity, and
        performance. I've read a couple of articles saying that OSes
        really need to be SSD optimized before this can be considered
        truly viable and yet every vendor from Dell to Sun to Apple is
        shipping these. Are they ready for prime-time on an important
        production server?
        \_ Theres been a lot fo advances in SSD recently toward load levelling
           (to spread the erase cycle wear) an overall endurance.  They're
           actually a viable (if expensive) option now.   Theres been some good
           work looking at using them for ZFS logs for zvols involving lots
           of slower storage.
                If you're looking at using htem now they'll probably be
           replaced due to obsolescence before they 'go bad'.   -ERic
           \_ I'd still be a bit wary of using them for something like a
              high write db server, but yeah for user stuff go for it.
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