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2009/4/20-28 [Reference/History/WW2/Germany, Politics/Foreign/Europe] UID:52874 Activity:nil
4/19    Germany boycotting UN anti-racism meeting:
        "In recent meetings, it (Germany) has expressed dismay about some
        governments' attempts to downplay the significance of the Holocaust."
        How dare you say my sin was nothing!?  I'm quitting!
        \_ Seriously? You're giving shit to a country that's trying to take
           responsibility for their past?
           \_ I was just joking.  Actually, I admire what they do, and I hope
              Japan does the same and face its past the same way.  -- OP
           \_ I was just joking.  Actually, I admire what Germany does, and I
              hope Japan can face its past the same way.  -- OP
              \_ So, not srsly. Cool.
        \_ At some point Israel just need to admit that Israel as a nation is
           no different than South Africa 15 years ago... Those who pretend
           that is not the case will do foolish things like what Germany is
        \_ NO FREE SPEECH FOR RACISTS! (Pretty funny that this remark keeps
           getting censored, it proves my point)
2009/4/20-28 [Science/GlobalWarming, Science/Physics] UID:52875 Activity:kinda low
4/20    "Stephen Hawking hospitalized, reported very ill"
        Hope he doesn't die until he solves the mystery of the universe(s) for
        all of us.
           \_ Update:
        \_ This has all been taken out of context...he went in to get some
           26s put on his wheel chair and a couple of other mods and the the
           Technician said "It's gonna be ILL!"
        \_ Stephen Hawking is overrated
           \_ Really?  Then who is the forefront guy in the field now?  Thx.
              \_ Hawking isn't really the foremost scientist, but he's one
                 of the best at making the concepts accessible.
                 Filipenko is similar in that way.  -tom
                 \- i think that characterization short changes hawking.
                    picking a "market leader" may depends on your thoughts
                    about string theory.
        \_ Uh, he's been very ill for decades.
                    \_ It's nice we're so willing to spend $$ to support
                       string philosophy, but how about doing some science?
                       \- you can say string theory has affected the job
                          mkt but i dont think this is a reasonable crit ...
                          e.g. LHC is $$$. the waste of $$$ from a science
                          perspective is humans in space. and a lot of public
                          money is spent on medican research, if you consider
                          science beyond fundamental physics.
                          \_ I slam string philosophy because it is producing
                             no testable predictions.  Engineering
                             demonstrations such as trips to space have
                             their uses, and so does medical research, but
                             have any testable hypotheses come out of many
                             years of string philosophy?  Though perhaps
                             I should use the less perjorative term
                             string mathematics, because that is all that
                             can be said to have come of it.  Math is worth
                             pursuing for its own sake, but I think that
                             the physicists need to concentrated on producing
                             some testable hypotheses or look at alternatives.
                             \_ The LHC will test parts of string theory.
                                \_ My PhD physicist friend claims that these
                                   tests don't really distinguish string
                                   theory from other available theories.
                                   \_ wow, you have a PhD physicist friend,
                                      you must know what you're talking
                                      \_ You noticed I said "claims"?
                                         Are you too dim to pick up
                                         that this means I don't
                                         necessarily trust he is right?
                                         However, I do grant him some
                                         credibility.  What credibility
                                         do you have, asshole?
                                         \_ I have *two* PhD physicist
                 \_ I'd put Filipenko in the same category as Neil DeGrasse:
                    amazingly good at evangelizing science.
                    \- that short changes Filipenko.
        \_ Being a string theorist is a great scam.  Its impossible to
           prove or disprove any of your data in your thought experiments
           while sitting at the cafe in downtown Palo Alto.
           \- while all the B School people are earning their bread for sure.
2009/4/20-23 [Computer/SW/Database] UID:52876 Activity:nil
4/19    ORCL u SUNW = ORCL.
        What is Larry Ellison thinking? What is he going to do with a bunch of
        legacy Sun hardware that no one uses anymore, its fading workstation
        customer base, and open source Sun MySQL that doesn't even generate
        revenue? I really don't get all this acquisition business.
        \_ A lot of big companies still use big, fat Sun hardware. Or use
           smaller Sun boxes but use them because of Solaris.
           \_ and Solaris runs on cheap PCs too!
        \_ Perhaps they want control of Java.
           \_ Java is sooooo dead.
              \_ sooo dead, no. sooo 90s, yes.
               \_ Please, in 98 or 99 Java was just starting to look viable
                  for anything real.  And Java will be one of the dominant
                  workhorse languages for at least a decade still.
                 \_ do tell me what are the "in" thing in this century that can
                    replace J2EE over night.   I think Oracle can dump Sun's
                    hardware for nothing still got a bargain... 5.6B for
                    putting a hand on IBM's throat *AND* kill MySQL?
                    \_ MySQL is GPL and has a lot of momentum in the
                       community; I don't think Oracle can kill it even
                       if they want to.  -tom
2009/4/20-23 [Reference/Tax] UID:52877 Activity:nil 66%like:52873
4/19    Corporate profits yoy (blogspot)
        This means there should be MORE tax cuts for corporations!   -conservative
2009/4/20 [Computer/HW/Memory] UID:52878 Activity:nil
4/20    Heil....HeilHitlerHe.. #In Memory of Adolf Hitler# ..Heil....HeilHitlerHe
        Heil....ilHitlerHeil.... We will always remember ....Heil....ilHitlerHeil
        Heil....Heil............. and cherish you. Your .....Heil....Heil........
        Heil....Heil............. acts of selflessness ......Heil....Heil........
        Heil....Heil........... will be passed down from ....Heil....Heil........
        HeilHitlerHeilHitler... generation to generation. ...HeilHitlerHeilHitler
        HeilHitlerHeilHitler... The lies that dishonor your .HeilHitlerHeilHitler
        ........Heil....Heil..... name will be vanquished. ..........Heil....Heil
        ........Heil....Heil.... You were a true patriot ............Heil....Heil
        ........Heil....Heil.... and a lover of all men, ............Heil....Heil
        HeilHitlerHe....Heil... all races, all religions. ...HeilHitlerHe....Heil
        ilHitlerHeil....Heil.. #In Memory of Adolf Hitler# ..ilHitlerHeil....Heil
2009/4/20 [Politics/Domestic/Gay] UID:52879 Activity:high
4/20    Does anyone know the philosopher who said something to the effect that
        gayness is not binary, but that there are levels of gayness (e.g.
        some people are 1% gay and some people are 80% gay, but never
        100% anything)? Thanks.
        \- philosopher? do you mean
           \_ my roomate said "philosopher" but I think he meant "the dude who
              came up with the idea." He meant Alfred Kinsey, but he really
              meant whatever it was suppose to refer to like "biologist",
              "theorist", or just some random dude. Thanks partha!
        \_ "I like men who have a future and women who have a past." -O. Wilde
2009/4/20-23 [Uncategorized] UID:52880 Activity:nil
4/20    Why can't the market stay above 8000?
        \_ rollercoaster is AWESOME for week trades. I'm back!  -week trader
        \_ Why isn't the market at 5000?  Why do you think it should be
           above 8000?  -tom
           \_ Oh, I don't know where the market should be right now.  I'm just
              trying to figure out what the current action means.
2009/4/20-23 [Science/GlobalWarming, Science/Physics] UID:52881 Activity:nil
4/20    Cold Fusion on 60 Minutes:
2009/4/20-23 [Recreation/Dating] UID:52882 Activity:nil
4/20    Oh great, craigslist hookup killer is a 22-year-old student, engaged,
        Aug 14 wedding date
        \_ You need more important things to care about.
        \_ So... is he going to delay the wedding?
           \_ Maybe he was robbing people to pay for the wedding.
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