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2009/4/17-20 [Consumer/Camera] UID:52860 Activity:moderate
4/17    I never went to film school or even studied cinematography. Maybe
        that's why I don't get Pulp Fiction. Can someone explain to me
        why it's so great?
        \_ so ignoring the trolls for a second, let's assume you don't have
           to enjoy a film to internalize why it is notable.  The
           cinematography is good, but this is not why people fawn over it.
           Pulp Fiction is known for:
                - the mix of brazenly cheesey dialog with brutal violence
                  \_ And people like cheezy & violent shit? Really?
                - 1970s film references.  Tarantino is a film geek and 90% of
                  the content of his films are cribbed from earlier sources.
                  If you don't get the references, the film is not as enjoyable
                  \_ I don't watch old films. Maybe that's why I don't get it.
                     Fine, I'm too stupid to get this academically brilliant film
                     \_ you are intentionally ignorant, which makes you worse than
                        stupid, actually.
                     Fine, I'm too stupid to get this academically brilliant
                     \_ you are intentionally ignorant, which makes you worse
                        than stupid, actually.
                  - this also gets you the "postmodern" label, which is one
                    of the things that Tarantino is also known for.  This sort
                    of weird nostalgia for a bunch of time periods that weren't
                    really like this.
                - nonlinear storytelling in a mainstream movie - many people
                  hadn't seen a movie told nonsequentially, and this was new
                  to them
                - it's "indie" in the sense that Tarantino is a pretty
                   uncompromising director in the creative / production sense
                        hope this answers your question.   --brain
                \_ If you have to explain it to someone, most likely that
                   person will still not get it.
                        \_ willingly, apparently.  I'll never understand why
                           some people pride themselves in their ignorance.
                \_ I've always liked this movie, but really appreciate brain's
                   explanation -- and thusly the op question. thx
        \_ Oh my god you've got to be kidding me right? What is it that you
           don't get? It's so obvious! It's refreshing. It's new. It's funny.
           What else don't you get?
        \_ I find it enjoyable.  You do not.  no big deal.  Plenty of people
           thought 'Leaving Las Vegas' was a great movie, I think they
           must all have helium balloons for brains.
2009/4/17-20 [Uncategorized] UID:52861 Activity:nil
4/17    Susan Boyle is great!  She reminds me of William "Well" Hung, but she's
        a respectable version of Hung.  However, were the judges faking their
        surprises when Boyle started singing?  Don't the judges see the
        contestants in auditions before they have a chance to get on stage?
2009/4/17-23 [Computer/Networking, Transportation/PublicTransit] UID:52862 Activity:nil
4/17    "WiFi Rail Inc. to provide wifi access on BART system"
        (not exactlly new news)
2009/4/17-23 [Uncategorized] UID:52863 Activity:kinda low
4/17    Has anyone here used a bidet?  My understanding is that it sprays
        water to loosen up the poo, but you still have to wipe, right?
        What do you wipe with?  Doesn't TP shred if wet?
        \_ I know you are reading Socketsite now. You use a towel.
           \_ Wow. This is why I read motd. It's cool!
           \_ 45312
        \_ I know you are reading Socketsite now. You use a towel to wipe
           yourself afterwards.
           \_ What is Socketsite?  I've never heard of it. -op
        \_ If it's a Japanese (read: Toto) bidet, there is a drying mechanism.
           A very small wipe can be used to make sure it's all dry. It's
           pretty fantastic, especially the heated seat.
           \_ ObGoogle: Washlet. Agreed, they're bloody amazing. --erikred
2009/4/17-23 [Health/Men] UID:52864 Activity:low
4/17    what is this Wolverine leads the X-Men crap in the Marvel
        Wolverine cartoons?  I call shenanigans
        \_ Who would you rather have, lame-o four-eyes Cyclops?  That
           would be like putting Geordi in charge of Enterprise security
           insted of Worf.
           instead of Worf.
           instead of Worf. -stmg
           \_ In all X-Men comics, its always Cyclops leading the team,
              with Wolverine always being annoying and emotional and tortured
              and short.
                 \_ I know four-eyes leads the X-Men in most of the comics.
                    That is exactly why I never liked X-Men.  -stmg
                    \_ I dunno, Wolverine never struck me as the leadership
                       type.  Of course, they always make Cyclops out to
                       be kind of a dickweed, I wouldn't want him as a boss
                       \_ The best analogy is that Prof. Xavier (aka Capt.
                          Picard) is in command and that the X-Men team that
                          goes out on a mission is like an "away team." I'd
                          personally prefer an away team lead by Wolverine
                          (~ Worf) than one led by four-eyes (aka Geordi).
                          But the comparison between Geordi and Cyclops has
                          some limits.  Geordi is actually a decent guy.
                          Cyclops has no redeeming qualities. -stmg
                          \_ I don't think the Geordi analogy works at all,
                             Gerordi's job is technobabble, which is more
                             like Beast.  I also don't recall Worf being
                             as emo as Wolverine.
                             I haven't followed Xmen closely, but I do recall
                             a couple of almost Spock-Kirk like scenes with
                             Cyclops and Wolverine.  Wolverine being the
                             emotional one who charges in and saves the day
                             against the protests of the logical one.
              \_ Untrue: the X-men have been led by Storm, Nightcrawler, and
                 even Rogue. In the cartoon, Prof X and Jean Grey have been
                 blown up or otherwise incapacitated, so Wolverine has taken
                 up the mantle.
2009/4/17-20 [Industry/Jobs] UID:52865 Activity:nil Cat_by:auto
        Year-over-year job loss numbers by month since Jan 07
        Sep 08 - Jan 09 were doozies!
        \_ Excellent article with pretty charts. Thanks motd YOU RULE!!!
        \_ Looks like Detroit was fucked from the beginning.
2009/4/17-20 [Uncategorized] UID:52866 Activity:nil
4/17    why isn't motd in there
        (1) attention grasp, (2) walling, (3) facial hold, (4) facial slap
        (insult slap), (5) cramped confinement, (6) wall standing,
        (7) stress positions, (8) sleep deprivation,
        (9) insects placed in a confinement box, and (10) the waterboard.
2009/4/17-23 [Computer/SW/OS/FreeBSD] UID:52867 Activity:low
4/17    If you have a general access AssOS machines, this is worth
        taking this seriously. --psb
        \_ What does this have to do with MS Windows?
           \_ psb is a bsd lover.
              \_ BSD never had any security flaws, nosiree.
                 \_ I'm just explaining what AssOS is actually referring to.
                 \_ OpenBSD - "Only two remote holes in the default install,
                               in more than 10 years!"
                    \_ More like "Only two installs in more than 10 years!"
2009/4/17-28 [Recreation/Humor, Recreation/Media] UID:52868 Activity:nil Cat_by:auto
4/17    Creative use of stop motion video (Boy, Wolf, and a Pig):
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