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2009/4/5-13 [Uncategorized] UID:52800 Activity:low
4/5     In CSS, what is the difference between these statements. Thanks.
        #foo h1, h2, h3 {property: value}
        #foo h1 h2 h3 {property: value}
        \_ The first one will match on (h1 elements nested within the element
           with id="foo") or (all h2 elements) or (all h3 elements). The
           second one will match on all h1 elements nested within h1 elements
           second one will match on all h3 elements nested within h2 elements
           nested within h1 elements nested within the element with id="foo"
           I think.
                \_ Crap, I just realized I accidentally wrote h1 h1 h1.
                   Do you mind revising your response? Sorry and thanks.
                   \_ Done
2009/4/5-5/3 [Computer/SW/Languages, Computer/HW/Drives] UID:52801 Activity:nil
4/5     Tuesday at 10:00PM I will be taking down Soda temporarily to migrate
        disk arrays.  This is an expected part of our move to the new server.
        The downtime should be minimal - I'll be remounting /home read-only
        for an hour or so while I run a final mirror over to the new array
        and then will reboot Soda onto the new array. The final migration
        will come at a slightly later time - this is in preparation for
        moving mail handling.

        We apologize for the inconvenience.
2009/4/5-13 [Reference/RealEstate] UID:52802 Activity:kinda low
4/5     In the Exurbs, the American Dream Is Up for Rent:
        \_ "As land values rose, the couple's combined mortgage and property
           tax payment soared, to $2,900 from $1,500."  Uhh, for some reason
           I don't think the wsj is being totally honest here.  Property taxes
           doubled the mortgage?  Really?
           \_ Could happen in places without Prop 13, which the anti-Prop 13
              people ignore. My mother-in-law bought a house back East for
              a lot less than it probably should have sold for. She then
              spent some money fixing it up. Then the real estate bubble
              hit. At the height her property tax was $8K/year and her
              mortgage was $9K/year. It started at $14K/year for the
              mortgage and $4K for tax, but she refinanced the mortgage
              when rates fell and the tax doubled. So in this case her
              expense was about the same ($18K vs. $17K) but her tax bill
              almost overtook her mortgage. That's ridiculous to happen in
              7 years.
              7 years. BTW, the article says: "No one in the history of
              the world ever washed a rented car." Well, I rented a truck once
              and went offroad in the mud and snow with it. I did take it to
              the car wash before I returned it because it was a mess.
2009/4/5-13 [Reference/Military] UID:52803 Activity:kinda low
4/5     "Friends have said Poplawski was concerned about his weapons being
        seized during Barack Obama's presidency, and friends said he owned
        several handguns and an AK-47 assault rifle"
        Expect to see more of this from gun nuts. (SF Gate)
        \_ Well, he was also a Neo-Nazi nut.
        \_ Isn't Poplawski a RUSSIAN/POLISH name, the race that the Nazi
           was trying to eradicate? It doesn't make any sense.
           \_ no one said he was a BRILLIANT Nazi !
        \_ I hate Vietnamese Nazis
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