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2009/4/2-5 [Computer/SW/WWW/Browsers] UID:52783 Activity:nil
4/2     "Facebook, YouTube at work make better employees: study"
        \_ So says Reuter+Yahoo employees that love browsing the web
2009/4/2-5 [Politics/Domestic/Election] UID:52784 Activity:nil
4/2     Michelle Obama touched the Queen!
        \_ Show us on the doll where Michelle Obama touched you.
           \_ Are undergrads this witty? People should sign their posts with
              what year they first enrolled.
2009/4/2-5 [Recreation/Humor] UID:52785 Activity:low
4/2     Guys singing about tech. Are they GHEY?
        \_ they're certainly not funny.
           \_ they're funny to people in the dot-com businesses. Kind of
              like how Jewish people always make Jewish jokes.
              \_ there are plenty of unfunny Jewish jokes.
                 \_ and even more unfunny tech jokes.
                 \_ yet they keep propping up, meaning some people must like em
                    \_ that doesn't mean they're funny, it means people are
2009/4/2-5 [Computer/Networking] UID:52786 Activity:nil
4/2     I need to replace a plug on a cable that looks like this:
        Any recommendations on where I can find this connector?
        \_ Al Lasher's?
           \_ I'm not in Berkeley.
        \_ What about Fry's or Radio Shack?  Just guesses.
        \_  : shipping is going to be a bitch
2009/4/2-10 [Reference/BayArea] UID:52787 Activity:moderate
        \_ this guy started out boring and got more dull from there.
        \_ Yes it's true. LA is a great place to visit, but not so great
           to live in. I've been living here all my life (minus the best
           5 years of my life in Northern Cal). I don't have a choice
           to leave LA thanks to my lame family that I need to watch
           over and take care of. Drivers are rude and traffic sucks.
           Weather east of 405 really blows, and traffic west of 405
           blows even more. No me gusta Los An-Hay-Less.
           \_ How about Riverside to Long Beach? I know a few people who
              live in Riverside but commute to Long Beach for work.
           \_ I feel the opposite. I love to visit SF, but not live there. LA
              would suck to visit, but I love to live here. As a tourist
              I'd far prefer scenic SF, but there's a lot more to do and a
              lot more variety in LA.
              \_ What are these things you like to do that there is more of?
                 Besides the beach, I guess.
                 \_ Go to museums, concerts, art galleries, theater, sporting
                    events, botanical gardens, and such.
              \_ variety, yes. Better food, yes. More to do, yes. But
                 to do all that, you need to drive... far distances, and
                 a lot of time in the car. YUCK YUCK YUCK. LA is a wonderful
                 place to live if you don't have to drive. I can go from the
                 tip of SF to the bottom of San Jose in one hour. How long
                 does it take to drive from Pasadena to Irvine? San Fernando
                 to Diamond Bar? I guess you have a great tolerance and
                 and lot of spare time. I don't.
                 a lot of time in the car. LA is a wonderful place to live if
                 you don't have to drive. How ironic! Look, I can go from the
                 \_ Very true.
                 tip of SF to the bottom of San Jose in one hour plus 30min
                 max. How long does it take to drive from Pasadena to Irvine?
                 San Fernando to Diamond Bar? Just look at Google Maps +
                 Traffic on a typical day, and look at all the red indicators
                 in LA. N Cal rarely has red spots, and at worst yellow spots.
                 People in LA seem to have a lot of traffic tolerances and lot
                 of spare time. I don't.
                 \_ I think driving is a lot faster than public transit most
                    of the time (exception: rush hour and sometimes not even
                    then). However, public transit exists if you wish to
                    take it. Lots of people who commute long distance commute
                    successfully by MetroRail. It's not any faster, but they
                    can do other things while they ride. For the most part,
                    the only time you need to worry about traffic is during
                    your work commute and hopefully it's not from San Fernando
                    to Irvine. You are right that traffic on Westside always
                    sucks and that's why I hate the Westside. The only time I
                    \_ I find the Westside the only tolerable part of LA.
                       Santa Monica is sort of like a rich man's Berkeley.
                       If you live in Santa Monica and can work at a startup
                       there (or Yahoo/Google or someplace like Universal),
                       life is pretty good. Mexican Food in LA >> Mission.
                       \_ Westside has some advantages, but like I said
                          the traffic is ALWAYS bad, petty theft is bad,
                          and the crowd that hangs out on the Westside is
                          the sort of gross plastic shallow rat race set that
                          people condemn LA as being full of. Santa Monica
                          is like Berkeley in that it's dirty and full of
                          homeless people. Those are not the best things
                          about Berkeley, which has its own "rich man's"
                          areas just like SM does. Overall, I like to
                          visit the Westside to get what I need and then
                          get out. I wouldn't live there. My gf lived in
                          Westwood and worked in Venice and I spent a lot
                          of time there. People who live in that area think
                          life doesn't exist east of the 405 and are guilty of
                          the same yuppie-flavored provincialism that SF
                          residents are but with the added twist that
                          looks are everything because everyone hopes to
                          be a model or actress and sleep around to
                          achieve that goal. Yuck.
                          be a model or actress and sleeps around to
                          achieve that goal before returning to Peoria
                          after getting dumped by their married producer
                          boyfriend when they turn 30. Yuck.
                          \_ Stop stomping my changes idiot. Figure out what
                          \_ I'd agree with 70% of what you're saying. I lived
                             in Culver City, which is "gentrified" as opposed
                             to mostly white people and didn't have crazy
                             traffic problems. About a year ago LA douchebags
                             started invading. But CC was great... good food,
                             close to the 10 and 405, close to the beach,
                             affordable, lots of young, poor people (this is
                             generally a good thing), with rich people
                             starting to move in. But Palms/CC is pretty ugly
                             bc of all the monolithic apartment buildings.

                             Very walkable, even when compared to SF/Berkeley.
                          \_ Stop stomping my changes dude. Figure out what
                             you want to say then post it once, instead of
                             stomping the motd every minute or two.
                             \_ Sorry.
                          \_ Santa Monica also has great food, awesome beaches,
                             interesting shopping and is reasonably walkable,
                             which when combined with the great weather, makes
                             it a good vacation spot. All the fabulous looking
                             people don't hurt either. Where else in LA would
                             you want to stay as a vacationer? Even 10 miles
                             inland, the weather gets much worse, at least
                             in the summertime.
                             \_ I used to live in San Fernando. Please take
                                pity on me. Now I live in Pasadena. It's actually
                                way nicer than "the valley"
                                pity on me. Now I live in Pasadena. It's
                                actually way nicer than "the valley"
                          \_ I think you have confused the meaning of the
                             word "elitism" with "provincialism." Don't feel
                             bad, it is a common mistake.
                             \_ provincialism: a partiality for some
                                               particular place
                                elitism: the attitude that society should
                                         be governed by an elite group
                                I don't have them confused, but you could
                                say SF residents are both.
                                \_ That is not the correct definition of
                                   the word "provincialism." The correct
                                   definition is:
                                   3 a: a person of local or restricted
                                     interests or outlook b: a person lacking
                                     urban polish or refinement
                                   You have to be more than just partial to a
                                   particular place to be provincial, you have
                                   to be ignorant about other places.
                                   \_ That's nice. I got my definition from
                                      WordNet whereas you are an anonymous
                                      MOTD poser. Dictionaries are not
                                      MOTD poster. Dictionaries are not
                                      infallible, but it's a little much
                                      for you to say it's "not the correct
                                      \_ I got mine from Merriam-Webster. I
                                         notice you only included defn. #2
                                         while ignoring defn #1.
                                         \_ Because I used it according to
                                            definition #2 when I used it.
                                            \_ When words have more than one
                                               meaning, usage of it implies a
                                               certain overlap. Especially when
                                               you are using the #2 defn. These
                                               rules aren't hard and fast
                                               though, so hard to pin down
                                               exactly. But "provincialism"
                                               definitely implies an ignorance
                                               about regions other than ones
                    drive to far flung places is on the weekend and the traffic
                    isn't bad then. The key is to live near where you work. You
                    will be a lot happier then, whether you live in LA, NYC,
                    Tokyo, or SF. Commuting to work sucks no matter where you
                    do it.
                    \_ Not as bad when you have a Google/Genentech shuttle.
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