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2009/3/30-4/3 [Politics/Domestic/Election, Politics/Domestic/SocialSecurity] UID:52769 Activity:kinda low
3/30    The fascist bargain goes something like this. The state says to the
        industrialist, "You may stay in business and own your factories. In the
        spirit of cooperation and unity, we will even guarantee you profits and
        a lack of serious competition. In exchange, we expect you to agree
        with--and help implement--our political agenda." The moral and economic
        content of the agenda depends on the nature of the regime. The left
        looked at German business's support for the Nazi war machine and leaped
        to the conclusion that business always supports war. They did the same
        with American business after World War I, arguing that because arms
        manufacturers benefited from the war, the armaments industry was
        therefore responsible for it.

        It's fine to say that incestuous relationships between corporations and
        governments are fascistic. The problem comes when you claim that such
        arrangements are inherently right-wing. If the collusion of big
        business and government is right-wing, then FDR was a rightwinger.  If
        corporatism and propagandistic militarism are fascist, then Woodrow
        Wilson was a fascist and so were the New Dealers. If you understand the
        right-wing or conservative position to be that of those who argue for
        free markets, competition, property rights, and the other political
        values inscribed in the original intent of the American founding
        fathers, then big business in Fascist Italy, Nazi Germany, and New Deal
        America was not right-wing; it was left-wing, and it was fascistic.
        What's more, it still is.
           You aren't Humpty Dumpty you know.
        \_ You really can't see the difference between companies asking for
           handouts and governments forcing companies (at gunpoint) to hand
           over control?
        \_ So all those conservatives who argue for more jails, more government
           intrusion into people's bedrooms, harsher drug laws, etc are all
           actually liberal left-wingers?
        \_ The words "liberal" and "conservative" have multiple meanings.
           Media like to talk about it as if there are only two basic
           political "sides", which ignores libertarian vs. authoritarian
           and ignores the basic orthogonality of economic vs. social policy.
           Left and Right are two sides of the same "powerful central
           government" coin.  I think the problem is that loose confederacies
           can't compete militarily with powerful empires.
        \_ dude, what is wrong with you?  if GM doesn't like it, it can always
           leave and let the market take its course.  It would be my personal
           preference anyway.
           \_ Honest question here: Is this move better for GM or just
              \- speculating from a generic perspective, i think these
                 cases of "we need to retain the insiders because they are
                 the only ones who can clean up" are bogus in the cases
                 such as AIG and probably in this case as well. i think
                 the familiarity is more than offset by people's inability to
                 recognize/admit their mistakes, they have incentive to cover
                 up mistakes etc. what would we have to give rick wagoner
                 beyond his $28m pension for this not to be punitive? paging
                 ken lewis ... April will be the cruelest month ... BofA
                 annual meeting in a month and CalPERS is is going after them.
2009/3/30-4/3 [Reference/BayArea, Recreation/Dating] UID:52770 Activity:nil
3/30    Orgasmic SF Yoga (sorry guys, you can only lend a hand)
2009/3/30-4/3 [Uncategorized] UID:52771 Activity:low
        [Man gets 90 days for vacuum-cleaner sex.]
        \_ What. The. Hell. This is more bizaar than blow dolls.
2009/3/30-4/3 [Computer/HW/Memory, Computer/HW/Drives] UID:52772 Activity:nil
3/30    CF/SD Disk database:
2009/3/30-4/3 [Recreation/Dating] UID:52773 Activity:high
3/30    a girl i went to a party with on saturday got really drunk
        and whispered to me 'I REALLY LIKE SEX'.  I ignored her
        because my hemorrhoid was angry.  What should I have done?
        \_ Your hemorrhoid (sp?) saved you from a moral fault.  It's
           unethical to have sex with a person who's incapable of
           consent.  However, now you know she likes sex.  So,
           invite her non-drunk ass "over for a movie".
           \_ Thanks motd ethic guy!
        \_ Take her to the SF Yoga place a few threads down.
        \_ I thought one taste was women only
        \_ 1/3-2/3 of girls really like sex. She was drunk and stated a fact.
         \_ Your numbers are low.
            \_ Too high. Number is more like 2%.
               \_ troll much?
               \_ You have had sex with 50 women and only one of them
                  liked it? Maybe the problem is not with the women..
                  \_ I doubt he's had sex with 50 women.
                  \_ Or maybe it is:
                     "A recent study conducted by Laumann and colleagues
                      and the University of Chicago) of American women
                      (ages 18-59) found that the most common sexual
                      problem in women is hypoactive sexual desire
                      disorder (HSDD), more commonly referred to as low sex
                      drive or libido (33.4%), followed by difficulty with
                      orgasm (24.1%) [and] [P]ain during intercourse --
                      which occurs in 14.4% of women." Only 33% of women
                      think about sex 2-3 times a week or more. These are
                      people responding to a survey. I would bet $1M that
                      the real numbers are even worse given the prevalence
                      of "no sex after marriage" jokes and how strip clubs
                      and hookers seem to do great business among married
                      men. Only 32% of men rate their sex lives as "very
                      satisfied" whereas 46% of women say so. It's pretty
                      clear that women are pretty happy with the status
                      quo while men want more sex. I really doubt very
                      many women want more sex. I read that 2% of women
                      report wanting to have sex more than 1x per day
                      versus, probably, 98% of men. So this slut is in the
                      2%. I hope you don't catch a disease.
                        \_ I'm known plenty of women with a low sex drive
                           and/or "difficulty with orgasm" who quite enjoy
                           sex.  Doubly so when they have been drinking.
                           \_ Triply so once they have passed out I'm sure.
                            \_ If you don't understand the difference
                               between have been drinking and drunk to
                               the point where consent is blurry
                               (which is well after the first and well
                               before passed out), well, it's no wonder
                            \_ If you don't understand the huge lines
                               between "have been drinking",  "drunk
                               to the point where consent is blurry"
                               and "passed out", well, it's no wonder
                               you also think most women hate sex.
                        \_ Why are you calling her a slut?  So what if
                           she likes sex?  Take your double standard
                           and shove it.
                           \_ Isn't a slut a woman who likes a lot of sex?
                              It's not really derogatory in this context.
                           \_ Isn't a slut an easy woman who likes a lot of sex?
                              She sure sounds like a slut given her behavior.
                           \_ Isn't a slut an easy woman who likes a lot of
                              sex? She sure sounds like a slut given her
                              \_ No, a slut would be a person who has sex
                                 indiscriminately.  -tom
                                 \_ Does she sound discriminating to you?
                                    \_ I'm arguing the semantics.  Liking sex
                                       is not equivalent to, or even
                                       particularly related to, being slutty.
                              \_ Isn't the term perjorative? It is really
                                 amusing and kind of sad that you complain about
                                 women not wanting sex and then insult those
                                 that do.
                                 amusing and kind of sad that you complain
                                 about women not wanting sex and then insult
                                 those that do.
                                 \_ Yep. I prefer the term "libertine", since
                                    it sounds kinda cool. But it's probably
                                    still slightly pejorative. I guess the
                                    least pejorative term for such a woman is
                                    \_ Why do you need a term for it?  There's
                                       nothing unusual about enjoying sex. -tom
                      \_ Hyperbole doesn't really help you make your case.
                         You think that 98% of men aged 18-59 want sex more
                         than once a day? I would take your $1M in a minute,
                         btw, as this survey seems about right to me. There
                         is a huge difference between 32% and 2%, you know.
                         \_ and 32% fits right in my 1/3-2/3 range. YMMV.
                         \_ 32% of men are satisfied, which means 68% are not.
                            I'm not sure what point you are making here. Mine
                            was that lots of women do not think about sex,
                            do not enjoy sex, and even find it painful and
                            at the same time rate their sex life as
                            satisfactory. In other words, they are very
                            happy with the status quo, which involves very
                            little sex (can't possibly be a lot if you
                            only *THINK* about it 2-3x per week). The men
                            are pretty unhappy with this arrangement. I
                            think you can reasonably say that men enjoy
                            sex more and that women are fairly happy
                            having it infrequently. It's biology. Most
                            women only get horny a few times per month,
                            although the pill has screwed many women up so
                            badly who knows what their biology is like.
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