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2009/3/27-4/2 [Health] UID:52762 Activity:nil
3/27    "Crabs feel pain, retain memory of it, researchers say"
        \_ My balls feel pain and I still boil those.
           \_ You boil your own balls?
            \_ Daily
2009/3/27-4/2 [Recreation/Dating] UID:52763 Activity:moderate
3/27    Do most magicians have easy access to beautiful women? I wanna be Hans.
        \_ I dated a magician's assistant. She was delightful. Some of them,
           however, are really just interested in getting on stage, which
           makes them a bit too keen for attention off-stage.
           \_ Do they sleep around a lot? Like cheerleaders with basketball
              players? I heard basketball players sleep around A LOT and
              they don't even need to try. Something about taller men and
              this alpha male theory... Are magicians like the alpha males
              in the magical world?
              \_ Pro basketball players, or college or high school basketball
                 \_ Funny true story: the first time I was approached by a
                    prostitute was when I was in 8th grade and warming the
                    bench for the High School Junior Varsity team.
                    \_ Not sure how funny this is. I've never been approached
                       by a working girl. Why would one think to approach an
                       8th grader? How would you pay her? Why do hookers make a
                       habit of approaching you? (i.e. "first time")
                       \_ This may not quite explain things, but I think she
                          thought I was a senior in high school. Who knows
                          where the money would have come from. As for the
                          last question, I work in a seedy part of town.
                          I've been approached twice by working girls on
                          my way to work in the morning. As for why you've
                          never been approached by a working girl, I'm
                          afraid you'll have to work that out on your own.
                          \_ I'd like to think it's because I don't have
                             an air of sexual desperation, but your seedy
                             area probably explains all.
                             \_ We're both answering threads on the motd
                                on a Saturday night. This does not bode
                                well for either of us.
        \_ most _performers_ have easy access to beautiful women!  However
            dating performers has its own issues, as alluded to in the previous
        \_ You do realize these women are paid for this, right? It's easy
           to be surrounded by beautiful women if you pay to do so. That
           doesn't mean he is dating them, although it could happen. It's
           like being a fashion photographer or a movie producer. You pay
           beautiful women to work for you.
           \_ doctors have easy access to nurses. Now, whether they really
              want to or not (since most nurses are old hags) is another story
        \_ Twins are often used by illusionists so not only do they have
           access to hot women, they have access to hot twins. David
           Copperfield dated Claudia Schiffer for some time. David Blaine
           dated Josie Maran for a while also. The downside to being a
           magician though is that people will think you're a dork.
           \_ How do you spell "mana ja-toui" in French?
              \_ menage a trois. Oh how I want to be a magician now.
           \_ dorkier than say, HOT STUDLY ENGINEER in Silicon Valley?
        \_ If you were as good looking as Hans, you would not need to
           be a magician to date beautiful women.
           \_ Do y'all realize that Hans Klok is gay and according to
              Wikipedia he is dating James Jackson Harwood, a dancer in
              his show?
              \_ See, that proves that hot magicians date their
                 stunning assistants.
              Wikipedia he has been in a relationship for 16 years with
              a man named Frank.
2009/3/27-4/2 [Computer/SW/Security, Computer/SW/OS/FreeBSD] UID:52764 Activity:nil
3/27    i just want to set up a proxy.  squid is too annoying.  privoxy
        locks too much content down.  any tips ?
        \_ Use ssh's built-in SOCKS server.  On the client, run "ssh -D1080
           proxyhost", and then set your browser to use localhost:1080 as a
           SOCKS proxy.
           \_ best advice. Fuck squid. SSH has everything.
        \_ <--- pretty helpful
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