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2009/3/25-4/2 [Finance/Investment] UID:52752 Activity:nil
        My favorite quote:
        "It's tough to live in New York City on much less than $400,000 a
        year, Orringer says, especially if a family has two kids in private
        school, where tuition can exceed $25,000 a year. "
2009/3/25-4/2 [Transportation/Car/Hybrid] UID:52753 Activity:nil
3/25    Anyone have experience soundproofing/dampening a small 4/8/12U server
        racks?  Let's assume it has side panels as well as front and rear
        \_ I haven't done that but I've done sound proof of my Prius and
           it works quite well. The secret was putting in thick sound
           material. Look at the following crappy example:
           I'm guessing you can use the same material for your racks.
           \_ My stock Prius is already pretty quiet as-is.  Why do you want
              to sound-proof it?
2009/3/25-26 [Finance/Investment] UID:52754 Activity:nil
3/24    What exactly does it mean when X currency is "pegged" to Y currency?
        How does this magical monetary voodoo work?
        \_ I think it means the government of X actively trades currencies X
           and Y in order to maintain an almost constant exchange rate between
           X and Y.
           \- the peg is the commitment. what you describe above is
              "sterilization" [to offset in/out flows].
        \_ I think the way China does it was buying a lot of treasury note.
           I was told that if China is "manipulating" the currency, then,
           USA is the co-conspirator who allow China to buy these treasury
           note.   USA could of easily refuse to sell China treasury note
           and RMB is going to rise automatically.
           \_ but then who what suckers would buy the US treasury
              notes? There's a lot of debt the US needs to carry, and
              someone needs to buy it!
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