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2009/3/19-23 [Uncategorized] UID:52729 Activity:kinda low
3/18    was massive blue penis in IMAX really necessary?
        \_ All I can say is there better not be anyone at ComicCon this year
           going as Dr.Manhattan.
           \_ How about with a fig leaf?
              \_ I wouldn't mind a female Dr. Manhattan. But I guess
                 Mystique is close enough.
        \_ Is the Metreon IMAX show the same price as the regular screens?
2009/3/19-23 [Finance/Banking, Finance/Investment] UID:52730 Activity:kinda low
3/19    Can someone explain how this does not end up as Weimar or Zimbabwe?
        \_ Because hyperinflation is not the same as inflation.  The idea
           is to create some inflation to fight the deflationary trend.
           (Note: this scares me too, but let's not unrealistic Chicken
           (Note: this scares me too, but let's not be unrealistic Chicken
           \_ I realize the plan is to create an inflationary trend to prevent
              deflation.  However, this seems to me to be flapping our arms to
              avoid hitting the ground. -op
              \_ The alternative being?
                 \_ A different analogy. -op
        \_ Because the total money supply (credit plus currency) is currently
           contracting and this extra $1T is less than the amount of credit
           that has been withdrawn from the economy.
           \_ The Jan & Feb CPI updates both say that inflation is occurring,
              after 6 months of deflation.  How do we know when enough money
              has been injected vs. not enough? -op
              \_ That is a good question, but I am sure the Fed has an answer.
                 Probably when the inflation rate is "high enough" which is
                 at least 2%/yr, probably more like 3-4%. There is a risk of
                 overshoot, of course, but the deflationary forces are so
                 strong worldwide, worrying about hyperinflation is pretty
                 silly, imho. The BOE, BOJ and EU banks are all doing the
                 same thing, btw.
2009/3/19-23 [Computer/HW/Memory, Computer/SW/WWW/Browsers] UID:52731 Activity:moderate
3/19    Any comments on IE8?  How's its memory usage?
        \_ Who cares.  Microsoft will eventually push it onto everyone.
           Accept your fate.
           \_ Well, if IE8 uses less memory than Firefox 3, I'll get it now
              instead of wait for it to be pushed.
2009/3/19-23 [Reference/RealEstate, Reference/Tax] UID:52732 Activity:high
3/19    Communist/Socialist House reps pass bill taxing bonuses at 90% for that
        portion of the bonus that pushes you over, for individuals, total AGI
        > $125K ($250K married) working at an entity which took >= $5B in TARP
        money.  A disgrace to meritocracy.  Cost of living in Manhattan is
        expensive you know??  It's a good thing it only starts for the 2009
        tax year!
        \_ ha ha you're stupid
        \_ I think it's not fair to be based on household income.  I think it
           should be based on the income of the person (married or not)
           getting the bonus.
        \_ It's an unconstitutional bill of attainder.
         \_ That's not obvious.
        \_ corrected again after reading the bill
        \_ It should have been 99%. Seriously, the people owed bonuses should
           become third- or fourth-tier creditors; if there's anything left
           to pay them after paying back the govt., fine. If not, tough.
           \_ "While the House legislation calls for a 90 percent tax, Rep.
              Charles Rangel, D-N.Y., chairman of the tax-writing House Ways
              and Means Committee, said he expected local and state
              governments to take the remaining 10 percent of the bonuses."
        \_ what is your suggestion?  continue to let those free-market
           guys run the banks and continue their practice of leveraging
           35:1  ?  let me know.
        \_ Rent a cheap condo in Brooklyn and take a train to work. $250K
           is plenty to live in Manhattan too. Just find a cheaper place to live
           take the kids out of $30K/year private school.
           is plenty to live in Manhattan too. Just find a cheaper place to
           live take the kids out of $30K/year private school.
           \_ If 250K/year isn't enough for you to live in a nice condo
              in Manhattan you need to stop doing 10k of coke a month.
              \_ A 3 BR apartment is about $5-7K/month. $12K/month doesn't
                 seem like much with those prices. I think the guy who
              \_ A 3 BR apartment is about $5-7K/month. $12K/month (after
                 tax) seem like much with those prices. I think the guy who
                 said Brooklyn or Jersey was more on the money.
                 \_ And really, who can live on just 7k a month?
                    \_ Slippery slope. I bet you can live on a lot less
                       than you make, too. Most people can. Once you start
                       trying to define a "minimum livable wage" you have
                       already lost and might as well embrace communism.
                       \_ You are really bad at this reading comprehension
                          aren't you.  Are you the same person who was mad
                          because those dirty poor people don't live
                          on potatoes and milk?
2009/3/19-23 [Computer/Rants, Finance/Investment] UID:52733 Activity:low
3/19    Communist/Socialist leadership of China, Russia, India, Brazil issue
        joint report to pending G20 meeting for a discussion on how to replace
        the dollar as the world's reserve currency
        \_ with what?  rubles?  euro?  both are terrible.
           \_ SDRs, I believe
           \_ Gold!
              \_ That was the old way decades ago.
2009/3/19-21 [Uncategorized/Multicategory] UID:52734 Activity:moderate
3/19    when i take a dump, the outer lips of my outer colon/sphincter
        become grossly inflamed and angry, preventing further expelling
        of matter.  what is my condition?  what is possible treatment?
        \_ Have you read:
           Sometimes, internal hemorrhoids will come through the anal opening
           when straining to move your bowels. This is called a prolapsed
           internal hemorrhoid; it is often difficult to ease back into the
           rectum, and is usually quite painful. View hemorrhoid
           gallery for detailed photos.
        \_ sounds like what I have.  motd medical doctor can you take a look
           at these -
           \_ Is that latest issue of LinuxJournal
        \_ medical advice by wikpedia!
        \_ woah does anyone's butt here work this way?  mine doesn't:
           If hemorrhoids pop out of your rectum put a heavy dose of neosporin
           ointment on them then pop them back in.
        \_ do you think House reads motd
           \_ He carries his cane for a purpose, you know.
           \_ He carries his crane for a purpose, you know.
        \_ maybe sony can motd-diagnose-you
        \_ This discussion scared me. I just took a moment to eat an apple
            and a whole grain cereal.
2009/3/19-23 [Computer/HW/Drives] UID:52735 Activity:low
3/19    Pres. Obama's gift of DVDs doesn't even play in England
        \_ maybe it's a crypto-protest against region'd DVDs
2009/3/19-23 [Health/Skin] UID:52736 Activity:moderate
3/19    "When It Comes To Shampoo, Less Is More"
        "(dermatologist) recommends that patients wash their hair no more than
        two or three times a week."
        \_ Be a true geek and wash it 2x a year.
        \_ Headline on that page says Eco-Conscious 'No-'Poo' Movement
           \_ I think that guy a few blocks down in the motd should talk to you
        \_ I only use shampoo twice a week, unless I really get sweaty or
           something. I have been doing this for years, ever since my
           hairdresser recommended it. My hair is much happier that way.
           I run warm water through it every day though.
           \_ If I don't wash my hair my scalp itches like crazy, even
              if I "wash it" with just water or sometimes even with just
              conditioner. No problem if I use shampoo, though, and it
              doesn't matter too much which shampoo except for the really
              cheap ones that smell like dishwashing liquid.
              \_ I use shampoo every three days.  If I go for four days, it
                 always gets itchy on the fourth day and it's very consisitent.
                 So I go for three days.  -- OP
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