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2009/3/10-17 [Reference/RealEstate] UID:52692 Activity:moderate
3/10    Sure glad I didn't take suburban guys advice and buy a big place
        in the outer suburbs:
        \_ My house just got appraised for 2x what I paid for it in 2001,
           which is down from 2.5x in 2007. I'm really upset about it,
           especially since the appraisal was because I refinanced at
           4.5% and my payment now is lower than it was when I bought.
           \_ Are you perchance a LANDLORD WITH A YACHT?!?!!?!?!!!!!
        \_ What is the N Cal equivalent to Riverside? Castro Valley?
           San Leandro? Dublin? Tracy? Antioch? Just trying to get
           a sense what it is like since I've never been to Riverside.
           \_ Riverside County is relatively similar to Contra Costa County.
              But downtown Riverside is relatively dense and almost urban.
              There's a UC there and a lot of the sprawl cities (e.g.
              Moreno Valley, Beaumont) are built around Riverside, not LA.
              I just checked Wikipedia and Riverside (city) has almost the same
              density of Castro Valley (~3,900/sq mi), but Riverside County
              is much less dense than Contra Costa.
              \_ professions? crime rates? demograph?
              \_ Riverside isn't much like Contra Costa County. I'd compare
                 it to Modesto.
                 it to Modesto or Stockton. Contra Costa is more like
                 Orange County. Riverside does not have very many wealthy
                 enclaves like Contra Costa County does. Maybe you can
                 compare Riverside to Davis, too.
                 \_ Nah, Davis >>> Riverside.
                    \_ Davis is maybe 1/10th the size of Riverside.
                 \_ Riverside is much wealthier than Modesto. A better
                    comparison would be Vacaville. Maybe Vacaville plus
                     \_ And a 10x better place to live.  Which says something
                        about how shitty Riverside is.
                        \_ Perhaps, but all the other cities in the "Inland
                           Empire" are worse.
                 \_ I was going to say that Riverside was nicer than Modesto
                    and then I looked at the demographics and I have to admit
                    you nailed it. Concord is actually pretty close to
                    Riverside, in most ways.
                    \_ Concord is not similar to Riverside in my mind.
                       Concord has a BART stop that gets you to SF
                       quickly. Concord is a bedroom community for SF.
                       Riverside is too far from LA and San Diego to really be
                       influenced by them, so it (and San Bernardino) are
                       more like Stockton. I'd live in Concord area but
                       I'd never (again) live in Riverside area.
        \_ Riverside has terrible air quality and the "909" (area code) is
           ridiculed as being a meth capital. Moreno Valley passed up Fresno
           and was the murder capital of the US a short while ago. I think that
           Beaumont was the fastest growing "small city" in California in 2006
           and 2007. The IE has a lot of bad things about it. Upside is
           proximity to Palm Springs, maybe Temecula (wineries)?
           \_ Gotta agree, Riverside smells like cow-ass
              \_ You are confusing Riverside with Chino here. Chino smells
                 like cow-ass, Riverside like car-ass.
2009/3/10-17 [Academia/Berkeley/DailyCal, Academia/Berkeley] UID:52693 Activity:kinda low
3/9     ASUC, awesome as ever
        \_ What's the back story?
           \_ Search on the daily cal.  Apparently the guy is accused of
              attacking some pro-palestinian students, he being pro-Israel.
              The charges were dropped by the DA though, so from my cursory
              reading it wasn't clear if he actually did anything. -!op
2009/3/10-17 [Politics/Domestic/Election] UID:52694 Activity:low
3/10    Obama City springs up along the American River:
        \_ Damn, Obama sure did a lot in just 50 days.
        \_ Actually, that's been there for decades.
2009/3/10-17 [Uncategorized] UID:52695 Activity:moderate
3/10    Dow rallys 300 points. WHY DID I CHICKEN OUT when it was so
        low last week? ARGH!!!!!!
        \_ It's ok, it will drop again.
                \_ Remember when Citi was going to buy Wachovia?  ha ha
        \_ Because you were wise not to gamble on short-term fluctuations.
2009/3/10-17 [Uncategorized] UID:52696 Activity:kinda low
3/10    Is it customary for a best man to still give gifts to the groom
        after spending $$$ and a bunch of time for the groom? I am the
        groom and my best man gave me a nice *#@(@ gift, and I really
        didn't deserve it... I didn't give him much when I went to
        his wedding a few years ago. So much mental torture -full of guilt
        \_ No. I think it is customary for the groom to give the best man
           a gift.
           \_ That's what I thought.                            -op
2009/3/10-17 [Politics/Domestic/911] UID:52697 Activity:nil
        ho ho ho the TSA so funny
2009/3/10-17 [Transportation/Car, Transportation/Car/RoadHogs] UID:52698 Activity:very high
3/10    Are there many JD, MBA, MDs who read MOTD? Currently below, there is
        one person claiming to be a lawyer and another mentions an MBA...
        Also, is it proper to preface MOTD with a preposition (e.g. the motd)?
        \_ I don't know if there are many JDs who read the MOTD, but I do. I
           think there is one MBA from INSEAD who reads the MOTD.  I don't
           know about MDs, but if my brother gets into med school next year
           there might be one.
        Also, is it proper to preface MOTD with a preposition (e.g. the motd)?
        \_ "the" is an article, not a preposition, and yes, the MOTD deserves
           an article.  -tom
           \_ Thanks (for the grammar correction and MOTD rules). It's like
              The 405...
              \_ no, it's not like "the 405", which is an awful LA
                 construction (literally and linguistically).  MOTD
                 stands for Message Of The Day, so it's incorrect to say
                 "Are there people who read MOTD," which expands to
                 "Are there people who read message of the day?"  -tom
                 \_ You say "gins and tonic", don't you?
                 \_ "the" is also used in Canada and England. e.g. The M1.
                    \_ Well, "The M1 Motorway" is the name of it.  The name of
                       280 is not "The 280 Freeway", it's Interstate 280.
                       There's also no other 280 around to confuse it with.
                       You don't put "the" on other road names so why do it
                       for freeways?  e.g. 1st street "the 1st street".  We
                       do say stuff like  Highway 1 or Route 1 though, or I-80.
                       Those actually make sense, unlike "the".
                       \_ The 10 freeway is the Santa Monica Freeway. The
                          405 is the San Diego Freeway. It's retarded to
                          call the 405 "Interstate 405" and immediately
                          brands you a putz.
                          \_ not as retarded as calling it "the 405".
                             \_ Since The 405 is an LA freeway, that's the
                                appropriate designation. It's The 405,
                                80, 280, etc, and I-5 (because that's in both
                                noCal and soCal). If you said "take 405 to 101"
                                in LA, you'd sound like a FOB who says things
                                like "have you read message of the day?"
                                \_ It is certainly the case that we use
                                   dialect to identify clan membership.  David
                                   Foster Wallace had an interesting article
                                   (partly) on that point:
                                   But it's also the case that "the 405" is
                                   stupid.  -tom
                                   \_ Sorry, but it's not. If you say "Take
                                      405 freeway to 10 freeway" then that's
                                      stupid. You need the article just
                                      like if you say "Take the San Diego
                                      Freeway to the Santa Monica Freeway".
                                      Maybe it's not what your used to, but
                                      it's completely correct and makes
                                      complete sense. You can always tell
                                      someone new to California (not just
                                      LA) when they ask "How do I get on
                                      the Interstate from here?" (guffaw)
                                      \_ I say stuff like "take 80 to 980"
                                         all the time.  Just like I say
                                         "Go down 18th and turn on
                                         Mission."  You would never say
                                         "Go down the 18th" now would you?
                                         \_ No, I wouldn't. However,
                                            "take 80 freeway to 980
                                            freeway" sounds stupid does it
                                      \_ It's not called "the 10 freeway."
                                         It's called 10, or Route 10,
                                         or Interstate Highway 10.  -tom
                                         \_ Only on Planet Tom is it not
                                            called "the 10 freeway". It is
                                            called that because it descends
                                            from "the Santa Monica Freeway".
                                            It is sometimes called I-10
                                            and when it is "the" is not used.
                                            However, when "the" is used it
                                            is used because it makes sense
                                            to use it as in "the 10 freeway".
                                            It is never referred to as 10,
                                            Highway 10, or Route 10 and
                                            none of those are official
                                            designations. Official designation
                                            is Interstate 10 and I addressed
                                            that case.
                                            \_ I drove 10 all the way across
                                               the country, and nowhere other
                                               than LA does anyone call it
                                               "the 10," and no one anywher
                                               calls it "the 10 freeway." -tom
                                            \_ I drove 10 all the way
                                               across the country, and
                                               nowhere other than LA
                                               does anyone call it
                                               "the 10," and no one
                                               anywhere calls it "the
                                               10 freeway." -tom
                                               \_ 1. People in LA do call it
                                                     "the 10 freeway".
                                                  2. The reason no one
                                                     anywhere else uses
                                                     "the" is because they
                                                     do not use names for
                                                     it like "Santa Monica
                                                     Freeway" and
                                                     "San Bernardino Freeway"!
                                                     Don't you get it? Hell,
                                                     in most of the rest
                                                     of the country they
                                                     don't even call such
                                                     highways "freeways",
                                                     but we do and it's
                                                     completely correct to
                                                     do so. Next you will
                                                     be saying that it's
                                                     not soda, but pop
                                                     because you heard
                                                     people in Missouri
                                                     call it that.
                                                     \_ 1. It's completely
                                                        stupid to call it
                                                        "the 10 freeway" and
                                                        I've never heard anyone
                                                        say that.
                                                        \_ It is not stupid and
                                                           you don't hear it
                                                           because you live in
                                                           a bubble in
                                                           Berkeley. What
                                                           is stupid about
                                                           \_ As explained
                                                              above, it makes
                                                              no logical
                                                              sense.  -tom
                                                        2. You're completely
                                                        wrong that other
                                                        places in the country
                                                        don't have local names
                                                        for I-10.  Look at the
                                                        wikipedia page.
                                                        \_ I didn't say they
                                                           didn't. However,
                                                           I bet they use
                                                           "the" if they use
                                                           them followed by
                                                           the word "freeway".
                                                        3. People everywhere
                                                        other than LA manage
                                                        to have local names
                                                        for highways, and
                                                        don't use "the" in
                                                        front of the number.
                  Several commenters here says that "the" is used in Canada.
                                                         \_ People elsewhere
                                                            manage to call
                                                            "soda" "pop", too.
                                                            Is that also
                                                            \_ That's a
                                                               not gramatically
                                                               illogical, like
                                                               "the 405" is.
                                                               \_ "the 405"
                                                                  is short
                                                                  for "the
                                                                  405 freeway"
                                                                  which is
                                                         \-arent you from
                                                           NJ, home of
                                                           "the (new jersey)
                                                           turnpike" and "the
                                                           pip", near
                                                           "the long island
                                                           expressway" (sic)
                                                           "the LIE"
                                                           [and the maj degan,
                                                            the cross bronx]
                                                           the cross bronx etc]
                                                           i personally like
                                                           the "the". what i
                                                           hate is "internet"
                                                           without the "the"
                                                           and "maths" instead
                                                           of "math". --psb
                                                           of "math". for fwys
                                                           i use kind of an
                                                           ideosyncratic system.
                                                           for bay area fwys
                                                           i'd say "the 101"
                                                           but normally leave
                                                           off "the" on others.
                                                           system. for bay
                                                           area fwys i'd say
                                                           "the 101" but
                                                           normally leave off
                                                           "the" on others.
                                                           \_ "The Turnpike"
                                                              is the name of
                                                              the road.  It's
                                                              also I-95, and
                                                              no one calls it
                                                              "the 95."  -tom
                                                              \_ Because it is
                                                                 not "the 95
                                                                 Do you say
                                                                 "get on
                                                                 freeway" or
                                                                 "get on the
                                                                 BTW, "maths"
                                                                 annoys me, too.
                                                                 annoys me,
        \_ I was watching Season 5 of 24 last night and the Russians kept using
           "the" in front of freeways (e.g. the 118). But they were in LA and
           the writers probably live in LA.
         \_ "Are there people who read the Wired?" vs. "Are there people who
            read Wired?" <-depends on whether you deem MOTD to be a designation
            or the title of /etc/motd.public. Either way, you shouldn't be
            reading Wired, that rag.
        \_ PhDs are a dime a dozen on the motd.
           \_ You think a dozen people are reading the motd?
              \_ Yeah, about 20 or so.
        \_ Thank you for wasting 10 minutes of my life reading about
           '405' and 'the 405' on the motd.  get lives, all of your. !the tom
           \_ Not as annoying as Star Wars guy, but not as exciting as
              Bitter Divorced Guy.
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