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2009/3/5-13 [Politics/Domestic/HateGroups, Politics/Domestic/Election] UID:52677 Activity:kinda low
3/4     Good series of three posts from angry sysadmin:
        \_ Geez, this guy makes Roubini seem like a flaming optimist.  His
           predictions are so dire and insane that they aren't even worth
           listening to.
           \_ It's an angry sysadmin.  Isn't that the definition of
              not worth listening to?  "Big cities are at risk of
              becoming a free-fire death zone."  I mean really?
              \_ let's take it from the opposite direction:  Which of his
                 predictions do you think will come true, if any?
                 \_ I think this guy makes the homeless man screaming
                    outside my window look downright hinged.
                    \_ please answer the question
                 \_ So when some crazy person is screaming about the cia
                    bugging his teeth do you give serious consideration to
                    his ideas as well?
                    \_ *shrug*, more power to you
                     \_ Free-fire death zones!  The government is going
                        to nationalize all 401ks!  30% unemployment!
                        Really?  Let me guess, you googled Ron Paul.
                 \_ why are you deleting responses to your idiocy?
           \_ I wonder what time frame he was thinking of.  BTW, this is very
              useful to me, since I will go down the list of predictions and
              say:  Yes, this will happen; this is possible, but x and y need
              to happen first; govt will take care of these in this order;
              signal w will happen before z.  I got a helluva lot out of it.
              If you want insane predictions, see: -op
           \_ He neglects to consider the impact of the imminent collapse of
              \_ Q. If Mexico collapses, should we take over?
                 \_ Only if a larg majority of Mexicans beg us to.  And even
                    then, perhaps we're better off not touching it with a
                    10ft pole.
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