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2009/2/28-3/11 [Computer/SW/Compilers] UID:52661 Activity:nil
2/28    I'm looking for a recommendation of a compiler/IDE to use to
        develop C/C++ code under Linux. In school, we used jove/gcc and
        I still use emacs/vi and gcc to this day. However, it is really
        lacking. Under Windows I tried Visual Studio and there were some
        really nice things about it, although it was so overwhelming that
        after 6 months of occasional use I still didn't really know what I
        was doing. I don't need something that powerful. I would like a
        visual editor that allows me to compile from within, preferably
        with make. If it has a debugger, too, that's great but not a
        requirement. I'd like something simple and easy to learn/use. It
        doesn't have to be free, but that's a plus.
        Ones I have found: Eclipse , Anjuta , KDevelop, Code::Blocks
        Any experiences with these or others?
        \_ No opinions? This is the CSUA, right?
           \_ I've been using emacs + gcc as my development environment
              since the early 90s and I don't find it lacking and have
              been largely frustrated by IDEs (XCode, CodeWarrior, Visual
              Studio, &c.), so I can't really recommend anything to this
              poor poster.  My guess is that many people on the motd feel
              the same as me, hence the lack of responses.
           \_ emacs to edit source files then whatever IDE u want to compile
        \_ We use IDEA here, which is pretty good but I think Java specific.
           It's also a big resource hog. I tried Eclipse for a short while,
           it seems to do normal IDE things ok (e.g. jumping to method
           definitions, finding references to a method call, etc).
2009/2/28-3/5 [Politics/Domestic/California, Politics/Domestic/Election] UID:52662 Activity:low
2/28    Where's ZombieTime when we need him?
        \_ In SF, as usual.  It looks like this guy pretty much had it
           covered though.
        \_ You'd think they could come up with a better gimmick than
           \_ And why do they have the teenage boy holding up the sign
              encouraging teabagging? I wonder if he knows what he has
              been put up to do...
2009/2/28-3/5 [Politics/Foreign/Asia/Korea] UID:52663 Activity:nil
2/28    SK Prez attempts to crush free speech, MBC posts on youtube
        (Note, the first 30s or so are in Korean, then English, Chinese,
        French, Spanish, and Japanese)
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