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2009/2/24-3/3 [Uncategorized] UID:52626 Activity:nil
2/24    Whatever happened to IP6? I thought the world was going to end
        with IP4 soon. What happened?
        \_ nat and electromagnetic radiation from satellite debris
        \_ End of IP4 = internet doomsday
        \_ IPv6 is slowly moving forward.  Virtualization is starting to
           drive it more.  NAT band-aided the doomsday scenarios.  -tom
2009/2/24-3/3 [Uncategorized] UID:52627 Activity:nil
2/24    So what's the carbon footprint of a carbon satellite launching, failing
        to get to orbit, and burning up?
        \_ prett negligible, NASA hasn't been using hydrocarbon based rocket
           fuels for years.
2009/2/24-3/3 [Science/GlobalWarming] UID:52628 Activity:nil
2/24    Antarctic mountain range mapped: [new scientist]
        \_ Clearly this proves that Global Warming is not happening.
           \_ Seriously, was that the best you could come up with?
2009/2/24-3/3 [Recreation/Food] UID:52629 Activity:high
2/23    Libertarian proves you don't have to eat lots of junk carbs to live
        within food stamp budget.
        Anecdotally, my friend's family went on food stamps a while back.  They
        were amazed at how much fancy stuff they were able to afford on
        food stamps that they were never able to have before.
        \_ Yes, food in america is cheap cheap cheap.  However it's a lot
           easier to eat good food for cheap when you have a decent kitchen,
           time to shop, time to cook, and the will and nutritional
           knowledge needed to eat well.  The guy did this for 7 days to
           prove a point.  That's a lot different from doing it every day.
           As to your friend on food stamps isn't that the whole point?
           \_ Well, he was responding the arguments that people on food stamps
              cannot afford to eat heathily, so the allotments must be
              Certainly it's true that it's easier to eat well if you know how,
              how exactly does that relate to food stamps in this case?   Is
              your argument that food stamps don't just need to finance eating
              well, but eating convinently as well?
              Finally, when I say they were never able to have such good food
              before, I mean, even when he had a decent paying job.  I don't
              think the point of food stamps is to keep people in caviar.
              More details on his diet: (Includes why I think it is quite
              sustainable for more than 7 days.)
              \_ From
                 "The average amount of food stamp benefits received per
                  household is about $200 per month."
                 Note.  Per household.  $200 a month for multiple people.
                 \_ Well yeah, most people have other income as well and
                    don't qualify for the full benefits.
        \_ I'm so glad you've brought the pressing problem of food stamps
           to our attention!  Why worry about our melting economy or those
           insolvent banks - the real trouble is a few million bucks we're
           giving to poor people!
           \_ Right! Let's just go over the same topics over and over again!
              Only the important stuff!  Where's masturbation guy?
        \_ I don't know about this guy, b
        \_ those assholes.  EATING things.
           \_ I'll bet that sounded really funny in your head.
        \_ Let me tell you, growing up on food stamps, they were plenty
           when the kids were little, but once there was a bunch of teenage
           boys in the house, there was never enough food. Any mom was good
           boys in the house, there was never enough food. And mom was good
           at buying cheap things like rice and beans and stretching the
           food dollar. We even grew and raised some of our own. This was
           a long time ago though, things might be different now, but I
           doubt it.
           \_ Hello brother. You and I both benefited from social programs
              and we both ended up ok. Without it, I'd be malnutritioned.
              I'm a product of social programs and I strongly believe in
              social programs for the poor. Fuck all these "low taxes for
              me, every man for himself" self reliant fuck tards. Fuck
              \_ No kidding. I got free lunch and during high school free
                 breakfast as well and I worked every summer after I turned
                 14 in a restaurant and pretty much half-time after I turned
                 16 and I *still* barely got enough to eat.
           \_ Ok but why were your parents having "a bunch" of kids that they
              cannot provide for?  I'm sure you enjoy existing, but surely
              you can see the problem there.  Society should not be obligated
              to provide for everybody's kids.
              \_ Food insecurity is what makes governments fall.  Even if you
                 like the idea of kids starving because it fits your
                 ideological purity, I don't think you will like the rioting
                 that will occur in response.
                 \_ There are responses to rioters that are not all that
                    pleasant to said rioters. It's not a one way street.
                    \_ It's still not a pleasant place to live for anyone.
                       I, for one, have no interest in living under martial
           \_ Hmm, I surprised they don't account for that.  It's pretty well
              known that teenagers eat 1.5-2x as much as adults.
              \_ look, $4.74 per person per day for food is bare minimum
                 subsistence, however you look at it.
                 \_ I thought it was pretty obvious it wasn't.  I mean, it's
                    a lot less than most of us use, but that doesn't make it
                    'bare-minumum.'  I largely find this kind of thing
                    interesting because it shows how far from bare-minimum
                    most of us are living.
                    So, according to the straight dope, one can get all the
                    nutrients one needs from a diet consisting entirely of
                    potatos, milk, and oatmeal.  Which is the diet most of
                    Ireland was eating prior to the potato famine.  That
                    sounds more like bare-minimum, and it's a whole heck of a
                    lot less than $4.74 a day.  Not that I think that we should
                    force food stamp recipients to live on dairy and potatos.
                    I'm just defining bare-minimum.
                    \_ Please.  The Straight Dope article has you eating
                       8 pounds of potatoes and drinking two gallons of milk
                       a day.  No sane person would consider that a reasonable
                       By the way: The US RDA has an interesting history,
                       and it has only a tenuous connection to health.  -tom
                       and only a tenuous connection to health.  -tom
                       \_ Awesome.
                       \_ so you agree that Big Government failed in this case?
                          \_ In what case, defining RDA?  The problem with
                             RDA is not how it was created, it's in how
                             people think about it.  -tom
                       \_ Two gallons of milk a day is going to cost more than
                          $4.74 all by itself.
                    \_ This guy has a lot of advantages that most poor people
                       do not: he can walk to a good grocery store with a wide
                       selection of food at reasonable prices, for example.
                       Most poor neighborhoods are underserved by grocery
                       stores and if you live in rural areas, you have to drive,
                       which can get really expensive, or you can take the bus,
                       which pretty much takes up all your time.
                       stores and if you live in rural areas, you have to
                       drive, which can get really expensive, or you can take
                       the bus, which pretty much takes up all your time.
                       \_ And has a decent kitchen.  With stuff like
                          a pot that can hold a whole turkey carcass to
                          make stock.  But that's not important to
                          Mr. I've Got It Good So Fuck the Poor.
2009/2/24-3/3 [Reference/Law/Visa] UID:52630 Activity:low
2/23    Do I need my passport on me to drive from San Diego
        to Tijuana and back?
        \_ No, but you are supposed to carry your Driver's license and
           some other official proof of your identity, like your voter
           registration card. Why not bring your passport? Also, make sure
           that you have Mexican car insurance.
           \_ ACORN!!@#!@#!@!!@#!@!1!1!one
           \_ I thought the rules for that changed a while back, so that you
              always need your passport when entering the country?
              \_ It looks like you are right.
              \_ So what happens if you just don't have it?  Do you have to
                 go through some giant hassle and visit some sort of embassy?
                 \_ I am guessing if you don't look Latino and you don't get
                    into any trouble with the law in Mexico, that nothing
                    happens to you. I have never been asked to show any ID
                    travelling across the US border by land and I have
                    crossed it at least 20 times. If you get arrested in
                    Mexico and you don't have ID, this could really suck
                    for you though. I am not sure what ICE would do to you,
                    probably detain you until you could prove citizenship.
        \_ obGoogle. Rules change June 1:
2009/2/24-3/3 [Politics/Domestic/California, Politics/Domestic/Crime] UID:52631 Activity:nil
2/24    Megan's Law doesn't work:
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