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2009/2/20-22 [Politics/Domestic/Election, Finance/Investment] UID:52608 Activity:high
2/20    Was just watching Thu's CNBS on tivo.  Gosh, Obama has no idea what
        he's doing, does he? -Dem
        \_ No, he doesn't. Everyone knew that. That's why I voted for Hilary.
           However, I expected him to have competent advisors. I think
           part of the problem is "What happens when you have competent
           advisors who *disagree*?" as I feel is the case now. Someone
           has to make the call.
           \_ And this just occured to you?
              \_ No. "I voted for Hilary."
           \_ what happens when Krugman (!advisor), Geithner, Summers, Buffet,
              and Volcker are all fucking wrong?
              \_ Greenspan? Bernanke? Roubini? I actually think Buffet is
              \_ Greenspan? Bernanke? Roubini? I actually think Buffett is
                 right and history will prove it.
                 \_ Buffet has been selling, after he told you to buy
                    \_ Bull.
                       Sure, he sold some positions. He's also been buying
                       Intersoll-Rand, Nalco (NLC), and Burlington Northern
                       Ingersoll-Rand, Nalco (NLC), and Burlington Northern
                       since end of 3Q 2008. Most holdings are unchanged.
                       That's in BRK. Buffett's article was talking about
                       his personal holdings, which we don't really know
                       about what's happening there.
        \_ What is "Thu's CNBS"?
           \_ Sorry, Thursday CNBC.  Specifically about 2-3 segments where
              Rick Santelli and Steve L. are yelling at each other; also the
              Meredith Whitney interview.
              \_ Yeah the CBOE traders are all such great representatives
                 of the common man. How can you take this guy seriously, he
                 was a hedge fund advisor and one of the architects of CDOs?
        \_ Your use of CNBC as a barometer of anything of substance says
           more about you than about Obama.
           \_ See above about specific segments on the bullshit channel;
              I'm not too impressed with you myself
        \_ Gibbs has a great response to Santelli's right wing frothing:
           \_ Uh, great response?  He's a press secretary, and what I got from
              that was:
              - You're a derivatives (actually, bond) trader you motherfucker
              - By preventing your neighbor's foreclosure, your house will
                maintain value (Santelli actually addressed this yesterday,
                saying most people buy a house to live in, not as in investment
                and the need for house prices to return to normal supply/demand
                levels overrides subsidy of foreclosed properties)
              - Really smart people created this plan
              - Go read the plan, and you'll see it helps a lot of people
              Once again, Obama has no idea what he's doing -Dem
2009/2/20-25 [Recreation/Computer/Games] UID:52609 Activity:nil
2/20    Has anyone played Braid?
        \_ My roommate the vid game progrmamer loves it, and worships
           blojo for being the one independent game developer in the world
           who appears to be doing ok.
        \_ I've played the demo on Xbox.  I enjoyed it, and will probably buy
           it when I have more time to play it.  Actually, the only reason
           I haven't bought it is that I'm such a cheap skate.  For $15 I can
           get the Orange Box now.... (I pretty much never buy new.)
2009/2/20-25 [Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:52610 Activity:nil
2/20    I'm using Cygwin/X on XP.  All the X indows (xterm, emacs)
        seem to have a keyboard repeat rate and a repeat delay that's different
        than the one XP uses for other Windows apps.  When I do "mode con
        rate=xx delay=yy", it only changes Windows apps but not the X apps.
        How do I change the keyboard repeat rate and delay for X?  Thanks.
        \_ man xset
2009/2/20-22 [Uncategorized] UID:52611 Activity:nil
2/20    Polar Bears wondering around Yahoo's offices:
2009/2/20-22 [Reference/RealEstate] UID:52612 Activity:nil
2/21    anyone go to school with Kip Macy?
        He's back in jail
        \_ This is REALLY funny:
           \_ Whatever you disgruntled anonymous tenant advocate.
                \_ Drilling holes in the floor to get your tenants to go away
                   doesn't work.  kipmacy was a dumbass.  and greedy.  all
                   he had to do was wait a year and he would have gotten his
                   \_ Gee, ya' think?
2009/2/20-22 [Finance/Banking, Finance/Investment] UID:52613 Activity:high
2/20    Interview with Peter Schiff (economics, 2008)
        \_ gee, a government-is-evil site has an interview with a
           government-is-evil guy.  how useful.  -tom
        \_ How's that hedge fund going Petie?  OOOOPS.
        \_ Peter wants to go back to the Gold Standard. I agree with that.
           \_ You mean you agree with Mr. My Hedgefund Completely Imploded?
              Yeah, he sure seems like a *smart* guy.
             \_ You can be right about some things and wrong about others.
                You can also be right but get the timeframe wrong.
                Hedge funds make bets that are inherently uncertain.
                \_ He was a consistent bear from 2002 until now, so he was
                   dead wrong for five years.  A stopped clock is right
                   twice a day.  -tom
                   \_ One could correctly recognize the dot com bubble, oil
                      bubble, and housing bubble.  It's much tougher to know
                      when it would pop, and what the world reaction would be.
                      \_ Exactly. I thought <DEAD><DEAD>s were overpriced and
                         yet they kept going up and up and up! Eventually,
                         I was proven right but the devil is in the details.
                \_ Well, I guess that justifies being a fringey Austrian
                   econonomics nutcase.
        \_ Peter Shiff Was Wrong
  (Mish's blog)
           \_ Yeah, basically, Schiff was wrong about just about everything.
2009/2/20-22 [Uncategorized] UID:52614 Activity:nil
2/20    Made of awesome
        \_ what's awesome about this?
2009/2/20-22 [Finance/Investment] UID:52615 Activity:kinda low
2/20    Tinfoiler wants to scare you out of the double bottom in the stock
        market and your well-diversified portfolio
        \_ You think holding US bank notes is going to save you if there
           is really a global economic collapse? "There is going to be a
           revolution in America.." "This will start WWIII..." This guy
           revolution in America.." "There is goign to be WWIII..." This guy
           just throws every disaster prediction out there in a rambling
2009/2/20-25 [Computer/HW/Memory, Computer/SW/OS/VM] UID:52616 Activity:nil
2/20    Why flash ram will get you into trouble, in the long run:
        This is worse than over-clocking your computer. There's data
        \_ What's your point? That flash supports a fairly limited number of
           write cycles? We knew that already.
           \- I am not the OP but dont think you're inquiry is very
              thoughtful. This may be another case of "physical difference"
              [between rotating mag storage and memory cell storage] cant
              be abstracted away by software emulation" [in this case
              focusing on the write/erase asymmetry]. An older example of
              this with another hyped technology was ATM emulation of
              Ethernet and the problem of doing broadcasts.
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