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2009/2/14-18 [Reference/Tax] UID:52575 Activity:moderate
2/14    GOP votes against biggest tax cut in history, after voting repeatedly
        for Bush's tax cuts for the rich.  The campaign ads really write
        \_ but welfare is Communism!                    -conservative
        \_ These "Tax cuts" were bundled with over $500B in spending, and
           they aren't tax cuts they are payments. Getting the payment has
           nothing to do with paying taxes.  You can pay negative taxes
           and still get a payment.  Let's just be honest.
           \_ Does anyone actually pay negative taxes, including payroll
              and sales tax? Let's just be honest.
              \_ I believe so, I have a brother in law that makes ~22k,
                 had 2100 and change withheld and is getting back 7400 and
                 change. 7.650% SSI + medicare is 1683. 7400 - 3783 = 3617.
                 So yes people pay negative tax, but I can't tell you how
                 \_ Wait, getting your withholding back counts as negative
                    \_ Math is hard.
                       \_ So are details, apparently. Has your b-i-l received
                          a check on this? Who's paying him, the IRS? Is he
                          getting a deduction or a check?
        \_ I think the current tax system is way to complicated, and full
           of social engineering.  However, would it make sense to give a
           tax cut by say raising the brackets for 2008?  That seems like
           a tax cut than giving everyone $600 or whatever it is.
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