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2009/2/2-8 [Politics/Domestic/Election] UID:52495 Activity:nil
2/2     Majority of GOP voters think the party should be more like...Sarah
        \_ I'm going to enjoy the permanent Republican minority
        \_ DRILL BABY DRILL!
2009/2/2-3 [Politics/Foreign/Europe, Finance/Investment] UID:52496 Activity:low
2/2 (Jesse's cafe)
        Stock tip ... what is it, #6?  Start with paragraph 6.
        What the knowledgable and "insiders" are talking about.
        Note they may be wrong.  (fyi, some bozo probably set that tiny URL
        code earlier)
        \_ What a waste of time. Many paragraphs to say that they don't
           know anything and that the situation is fluid. Genius.
           \_ Sorry, there is no "buy at x" "sell at y" type advice, but isn't
              identifying what they don't know, and what they think will happen
              in/around 2010 helpful?
        \_ This is fearmongering at its worst.
2009/2/2-8 [Politics/Domestic/Election] UID:52497 Activity:nil
2/1     Pres. Obama keeps rendition,0,7548176,full.story
        \_ This does not mean what you (or the LA Times) think it means.
        \_ More on how this article does not mean what you (or the idiotic
           LA times) think it means:
           \_ Wait, so snatching foreign citizens off foreign soil is okay if
              they don't go to Gitmo?  Remember, Gitmo hasn't closed yet (and
              never will, actually).
              \_ As long as they get speedy trials and swift application of
                 American justice within our judicial system, I have no
                 problem with it. -liberal
                 \_ So when rendition occured under Clinton's watch (sending
                    suspects to other countries, not the US) was it
                    \_ Surely you mean rendition as initiated by GHWB?
                       Also, the Harpers article does a very good job of
                       drawing the distinction.
              \_ Way to completely misread all of the above articles!  Plus
                 a nice bit of wingnuttery at the end there with your
                 "never will."
2009/2/2-8 [Finance/Investment] UID:52498 Activity:nil
2/2     How do smart people put up with idiocy and continue to respond with
        rational arguments? This is a general question, but responding to
        people who think $20B is a good idea is a good example. Tom, how do you
        respond and not spontaneously combust when responding?
        \_ It's not $20B is a good idea or a bad idea. It's "Is this
           reasonable?". I do not think it is reasonable if it is spread
           among 12 CEOs. However, that's not how it is allocated. This is
           part of the pay package for most employees on Wall Street. Maybe we
           should cut all Wall Street salaries to zero and eliminate their
           health insurance. Is that more your speed?
           \_ I wasn't asking you. I'd go crazy talking to you. I already am.
           \_ nice straw man.  -tom
           \_ How about we cut all Wall Street salaries to 10X the median
              income and give everyone in America health insurance. -!op
              \_ Sounds good, comrade. Do you know how many people could
                 live in one of their expensive Hamptons mansions?
                 \_ No, but I have a funny feeling that in the next decade or
                    so we just might find out.
              \_ How about we let companies fail intead of bailing them out and
                 not care about exec pay/bonuses if we aren't their employees
                 or stockholders?
                 \_ Banks failing will have far-reaching consequences on
                    the global economy and may cost more money than bailing
                    them out will.
2009/2/2-3 [Recreation/Dating, Politics/Domestic/Crime] UID:52499 Activity:low
2/2     She came to her senses.
        This is the woman who was dating Scott Peterson, the guy who's
                                          \_ actually Drew Peterson
        suspected of killing a few of his wives.
        \_ What wife did he kill other than Lacy?
           \_ Did you read the article? It says right in there.
        \_ Drew Peterson, not Scott. Scott only killed the one wife.
           \_ Man, thos Peterson's are baaaad news.
2009/2/2-8 [Uncategorized] UID:52500 Activity:nil
2/2     What is the correct terminology for if a have a linked list and
        each node in that linked list is also a head for a new linked list?
        Is it "linked list of linked lists"?
        \_ Yup.
        \_ LOL for short.
2009/2/2-8 [Academia/GradSchool] UID:52501 Activity:low
2/2     Is there a PC application for creating movies, which is sort of
        similar to iMovie (in terms of simplicity and power)? Thanks.
        \_ MS MovieMaker is free but doesn't meet your requirements.
        \_ Adobe Premier
        \_ Sony Vegas.  stay away from Pinnacle, I've seen some real badnes.
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