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2009/1/29-2/6 [Reference/RealEstate] UID:52485 Activity:kinda low
1/29    S&P Case-Shiller 20-city home price index shows San Francisco
        1 year home value change: 30.8%.
                                  \_ + or -?
        \_ SF MSA... includes Oakland, Bay View, Novato, etc.
         \_ Bay View is SF
            \_ Yes, but including it in SF numbers doesn't really give a
               picture of someone who wants to buy in SF and not get shot.
               I've been waiting and waiting for prices to fall and only
               in the past 6 months have I see a decline in areas that I'd
               be interested in, like the Mission, Hayes Valley, Alamo Sq,
               Duboce Triangle, Noe, etc.
               \_ Tell me about it, I'm in the same boat.  I just know
                  that when prices go down x% most of that is in the
                  shittier areas.  And from what I've seen prices have hardly
                  dropped in the places you are looking.  It's frustrating.
                  \_ The less desirable areas are first down and last up.
                     That doesn't mean prices in nice areas haven't dropped,
                     because they have. It will take interest rate hikes
                     to bring prices down. As long as you can get a
                     mortgage for 4.5% prices will remain pretty high.
                     \_ TIC rates are well above 6% so 4.5% is not relevant...
                        although the TIC auction ideas are promising.
                        \_ If TIC = APR (which I think it would be) then nope.
                           Under 5%.
                           \_ You clearly have no idea what you're talking
                              about. If P=NP=Bananas=Sputnik, then under 5%.
               \_ How much have prices dropped in the areas you are
                  interested in?
2009/1/29-2/6 [Uncategorized] UID:52486 Activity:nil
1/29    In the new Collapsitalism, I'm been getting really great recession
                      \_ I do not think that word means what you think it means
        deals. I'm wondering where you guys have shopped at lately and what
        great deals you've found?                       -shoppaholic
        \_ SJC<->HNL (San Jose to Honolulu) airfare $300 + tax/fees.  Even
           with $15 1st baggage fee, total after fees is around $350.  Not
           bad, I think.
           \_ How about cruises? Are they cheaper now?
2009/1/29-2/3 [Uncategorized] UID:52487 Activity:low
1/29    4Q08 GDP median analyst estimate -5.4%
        \_ LANDO: What's wrong with the Falcon?
           HAN: Hyperdrive.
           LANDO: I'll get my people to work on it.
           \_ Hey, remember that five dollar offer?  I'm extending it to
              ten dollars.
        \_ Welcome to Bush Depression.
           \_ you mean Greenspuns Depression.
              \_ oy!
        \_ Actual number was -3.8%.
         \_ Only because stockpiles went WAY up
          \_ it's not because of oba-messiah's magical energies?
             \_ Even Obama cannot travel backwards in time.
2009/1/29-2/6 [Politics/Domestic/Election] UID:52488 Activity:low
1/28    I'm the recession swami. It ain't over yet. It just started.
        Obamamaniacs have high expectations but will be sorely disappointed.
        \_ Saying we are in a recession is pretty self-evident, a true
           Swami would tell you when it will end. -GS
           \_ I only hope we'll do better than Japan's lost 2.5 decades.
           \_ I only hope we'll do better than Japan's lost two decades.
              let's put it another way:  if CA is having trouble issuing tax
              rebates this year, what makes you think the problem goes away
              next year?  the year after?  next?  etc. -!op
              \_ Sure looks Looks like  a liquidity trap. think we can escape?
        \_ dur?
        \_ Welcome to the Great Depression of Barack Obama.
           \_ You mean of GWB? GWB=Hoover, Obama=Truman
              \_ Don't you mean Obama=FDR?
                 \_ Yes, I do. Oops. Photo friendly version:
              \_ No I mean Obama, if Obama follows the FDR model, which
                 seems likely.  If Obama follows FDR, the only way we
                 are getting out of this depression is WW3.
                 \_ you're an idiot.
                 \_ if a nuclear apocalypse is the only way out of this
                    depression, I think I'd rather stay in the depression.
           \_ Obama was the President in Q4?
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