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2009/1/18-23 [Computer/Companies/Apple] UID:52409 Activity:nil
1/17    BOOBIES:
        \_ Now if I just attach my iPhone to my Fleshlight, that'd make it an
           awesome device!
2009/1/18-23 [Science/GlobalWarming, Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:52410 Activity:nil
        Did this actually do anything or is this Morris Warhol Worm?
2009/1/18-23 [Computer/Companies/Google] UID:52411 Activity:nil
1/18    Why I left Google. Real letters from Google HR's collection on
        why people left, now leaked on the internet. Learn all that you
        want to learn about what it means to be Googly and to fit into
        the Googly borg culture. Learn what TGIF and OKR are all about.
        ALL the employees seem happy on the surface. But are they really?
        Is it a cult? Or it is simply part of the Googly utopia where
        nothing is bad, and thou shall not speak ill of anything? Drink
        some Goolaid and find out everything you want to know in the
        latest addition on TechCrunch. Quick, save it on your
        desktop before Google threatens TechCrunch to take it down.
        \_ I haven't worked for Google or MS, but it seems to me that
           most of the letters are complaining about the company not
           being perfect; that seems somewhat unreasonable. Am I
           missing something here?
           \_ People of Silicon Valley migrated to the Promise Land of
           \_ People of Silicon Valley flocked to the Promise Land of
              Googsreal thinking it's the Land of Milk and Honey...
           \_ There are serious issues with Google if you read into it.
              It went from an engineering bottom-up product oriented
              utopia for engineers to a top-down managed nightmare.
              Management is terrible, and the company grew way too fast.
              These people joined with great expectations of a good
              company only to find that it's becoming yet another big
              faceless corporation within a very short time-span.
              \_ Ah, that makes more sense. Thank you.
2009/1/18-23 [Computer/Companies/Google] UID:52412 Activity:nil
1/18    Is it illegal to write on my website for people to click on
        the google adsense ads on the sidebar?
        \_ Read the ToS before you sign up on AdSense. It is illegal
           if you're an employee of Google making over $30/month UNLESS
           there is management approval. It is illegal for your web site
           to ask people to click on them, and they have an incredible
           there is management approval. If you ask people to click on
           Ads, your account will be suspended (there's an amazing
           filter detecting it). If you're wondering about hosting AdSense
           on a school site, you'll need to abide the school's ToS--
           Google doesn't care as it is more beneficial for them.
           Google doesn't care in this case.
2009/1/18-23 [Computer/HW/Languages] UID:52413 Activity:nil
        oopsie doodle!
        \_ How much cheaper will I be able to get a Canon 50D or 5D for?
           \_ i dunno, but you should go today and report back.  the liquidat'n
              sale isn't very well known yet, IMO.  however, such sales are
              also known for having crap discounts.
           \_ who knows, check the forums.  from what i've read it's "10% off"
              and no idea how the bigger ticket items are doing which is usu
              where you can get the better deals
              and a few deals here and there.
              \_ 10% is lame. I can get over 10% from B&H Photo or Adorama
              \- you're not going to find magic deals on highly liquid stuff.
2009/1/18-23 [Uncategorized] UID:52414 Activity:nil
1/18    Fun on the Hudson river
2009/1/18-23 [Uncategorized] UID:52415 Activity:nil
1/17    RIP TOTSE
        \_ Looks interesting. Did anyone set up a mirror?
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