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1/15    RIP Number 6.  You finally are a FREE MAN.
2009/1/16-23 [Uncategorized] UID:52401 Activity:nil
1/15    Nathan Barley, best show ever:
2009/1/16-23 [Uncategorized] UID:52402 Activity:nil
1/16    RIP circuit city.
        \_ 30,000 american jobs gone.
           \_ Just menial jobs Americans won't do like chip design and
              investment banking. More H-1B's and outsourcing, please.
        \_ how come it didn't get the bail out like banks and auto makers
2009/1/16-23 [Politics/Domestic/Crime] UID:52403 Activity:nil
1/16    I don't know if anyone here has been following the Selma Hill murder
        case in Dublin, but the main suspect, Rosa Hill (ex-granddaughter-in-
        law) finally made a statement.
        I'm appalled at her poor alibi here. I mean, caught tresspassing, armed
        at a house with a dead old lady in the trash can, and the best she can
        come up with in a week of thinking is "I just wanted to talk about
        child custody," and "[Ex-husband] attacked me?" Come on!
        \_ How could you be a suspect in a murder case for a week and not
           even have a lawyer? Rosa shouldn't be saying anything to anyone
           about this, least of all the media, until she talks to her
           \_ Yeah, that threw me at well.  Actually, the two accomplice
              suspects (her parents) also said they didn't have lawyers in
              their interviews.  Maybe they're all crazy?
2009/1/16-23 [Computer/HW/CPU] UID:52404 Activity:nil
1/16    AMD to layoff 9%, suspend 401(k) match, cut engineer salaries 10%
        \_ Awwww, too bad                                       -Intel
           \_ My heart bleeds for you. --transmeta.
              \_ Wait, another sodan worked there? --ex-transmeta
                 \_ Hello transmeta-coward, meet another transmeta-coward.
2009/1/16-23 [Computer/Companies/Yahoo] UID:52405 Activity:nil
1/16    My Pidgin program keeps logging me on/off several times an hour
        from Yahoo Messenger. Why is it happening and how do I make it stop?
        \_ yahoo or MSN?  the issue on MSN is well known...
2009/1/16-23 [Recreation/Dating] UID:52406 Activity:nil
1/16    Porn stars and video games (worksafe):
        \_ This is awesome.
        \_ I LOVE Jenna Haze. She loves PSP, and Jeanne D'Arc, and
           Final Fantasy. Oh man, I'm in love. Seriously.
        \_ That was mighty.
        \_ So only 1/14 attractive women are really into video games.
           The world is sad.
           \_ ...extrapolating from a sampling of 14 women in the A/V biz,
              no matter how attractive, to attractive women in general is
              about as dumb as, well, most A/V talent.
              \_ I think 1 in 14 is better than the average.
        \_ LOL: "Uncharted! That's it! I want to [cuddle with] that guy!"
        \_ Who is the girl in the first image who looks like Phoebe Cates?
           BTW, stop humanizing my porn stars by giving them like feelings
           and personalities and stuff. Next thing you know we'll have to
           read about how their grandfather died and they were raped when
           they were 12 and it won't be fun anymore.
2009/1/16-23 [Uncategorized] UID:52407 Activity:nil 72%like:52400
1/15    RIP Number 6.  You finally are a FREE MAN.
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