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2009/1/10-15 [Transportation/Bicycle, Academia/Berkeley/Classes] UID:52353 Activity:nil
1/10    I'm looking for a used hybrid/road bike for my sister. $100-150 price
        range. I'm going to take her to a couple of local shops, but is CL
        the best place to buy a bike? Any other recommedations? --abe
        \_ Can you get a decent bike for that price?
        \_ At a shop you aren't going to get a bike worth getting at
           that price.  On craigslist you can, but you will have to deal
           with a lot of idiots who think some ancient beater is worth $150.
        \_ I got a used Specialized Crossroads for $25 at a garage sale, that
           I spent another $90 on new tires and a tune-up. It works fine,
           and I ride it back and forth to work most days, but parts of
           it are pretty rusty. -ausman
Berkeley CSUA MOTD:2009:January:10 Saturday <Friday, Sunday>