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2009/1/9-13 [Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Israel] UID:52346 Activity:high
1/9     What You Don't Know About Gaza:
        \_ "As the occupying power, Israel has the responsibility under the
            Fourth Geneva Convention to see to the welfare of the civilian
            population of the Gaza Strip."
           Rubbish. Hamas, as the elected government, is responsible for the
           welfare of the civilian population. Now, if you want to make the
           case that Hamas is severely hampered in this by the Israelis,
           that's a different thing.
           \_ I thought Isreal does not recognize them as the legitimate
              government, so refuses to negotiate with them.
              \_ Israel has negotiated ceasefires with them before.
           "The targeting of civilians, whether by Hamas or by Israel, is
            potentially a war crime.... In contrast, there have been around a
            dozen Israelis killed, many of them soldiers."
           Firing rockets indiscriminately into a country _is_ targeting
           civilians, no matter how unsuccessful the attacks are. You don't
           get a by on war crimes just because your aim is bad.
           "Negotiation is a much more effective way to deal with rockets and
            other forms of violence. This might have been able to happen had
            Israel fulfilled the terms of the June cease-fire and lifted its
            blockade of the Gaza Strip."
           Or Hamas might have gotten its hands on more long range rockets
           and shelled more civilians in Israel. Or the Easter Bunny and the
           Mahdi might have arrived and opened a sushi restaurant. The latter
           is more likely than Israeli negotiations stopping Hamas launching
        \_ What you don't know about Hamas
           \_ How would I not know this? The US media is full of anti-Hamas
              propaganda. Aren't they still officially a "terrorist"
              organization, according to the Bush Administration?
              \_ I would think so.  What part of Hamas makes them NOT a
                 terrorist organization?  I mean, they do commit acts of
                 terrorism and all.
                 \_ What is your definition of "terrorist organization"?
                    Are you the same guy above who states that Hamas is the
                    elected government of Gaza?
                    \_ Nooo.... they took over Gaza by force. Again, not seeing
                       how this makes them NOT a terrorist organization.  A
                       terroist organization is an org that uses terrorism
                       to achive their aims.  Hamas' "humanitarian" arm doesn't
                       really change that fact about them.
                       \_ What is "terrorism", by your definition?
                          \_ You have trouble using a dictionary or something?
                             Pretty much everyone, including the EU, agrees
                             Hamas engages in terrorism by any common
                             definition.  Why don't you answer my question?
                             How is Hamas not a terrorist org?  While were at
                             it What's YOUR definition of terrorism?
                             \_ I don't know what the definition is of
                                terrorism, which is why I avoid using the word.
                                I think it is amusing that you like to throw
                                around terms you can't even define.
                                \_ I think it's amusing that you don't know
                                   how to read a dictionary.  You can even
                                   google for definitions now.  Can you google?
                                      "At present, there is no internationally
                                       agreed definition of terrorism."
                                      "The concept of terrorism is itself
                                       controversial because it is often used
                                       by states to delegitimize political
                                       opponents, and thus legitimize the
                                       state's own use of terror against
                                       those opponents."
                                       See, you learned something new today!
                                       \_ "Common definitions of terrorism
                                          refer only to those acts which are
                                          intended to create fear (terror),
                                          are perpetrated for an ideological
                                          goal (as opposed to a lone attack),
                                          and deliberately target or disregard
                                          the safety of non-combatants.
                                          Some definitions also include acts
                                          of unlawful violence and war."
                                          And yet, all the difinitions cover
                                          Hamas.  Again, what exactly is your
                                          point?  I mean, aside from having
                                          your own little pedanticness
                                          \_ My point is that calling someone
                                             a "terrorist" really doesn't do
                                             anything to describe them and in
                                             fact is a way of avoiding
                                             discussion, rather than actually
                                             having one. The point of having a
                                             dicussion is to communicate,
                                             having one. The point of
                                             communication is to communicate,
                                             right? Unless you are just typing
                                             to make yourself feel good, in
                                             which case, carry on Sir!
                                             which case, carry on Sir! Your
                                             definition as stated above makes
                                             many US military commanders
                                             "terrorists" including whoever
                                             ordered the firebombing of Tokyo,
                                             so I personally find it
                                             unsatisfactory, though perhaps
                                             this is fine with you. Regarding
                                             Hamas specifically, there is the
                                             question as to whether they
                                             qualify as a "State Actor" or not,
                                             which I do not have the answer to.
                                             Who decides what is a legitimate
                                             government or not? Do you?
              \_ So you didn't watch the video of them killing other
                 palestinians for singing at a wedding?
              \_ You know the EU designates them as such as well, right?
                 \_ So you believe that the EU is the final authority in the
                    topic of terrorism?
        \_ What a moron.  When you build and launch rockets from a civilian
           school, you're responsible
2009/1/9-13 [Computer/SW/OS/OsX] UID:52347 Activity:kinda low
1/9     I want to share maybe 100 photos with close family only. I don't
        want anyone else to be able to see them, not that they are naughty
        or anything. I want to then take them offline and replace with
        more photos in 6-12 months (no need for permanent online storage).
        I use iPhoto for my photos on my Mac. I don't want to pay for this
        service. It would be nice if the s/w could compress images
        automagically so that they aren't all 10 MB each and I don't have
        to bother with that myself, but I'm not sure if that exists. What's
        better for me? Flickr, picasa, photobucket, or something else? I
        have no experience with any of these, not even as a viewer of photos.
        \_ JPG and GIFs are by nature already compressed, so there isn't
           a lot of bang for bucks when compressing something already
           compressed. You'll gain at most 1-2% compression and in some
           \_ This is a really stupid comment.
              \_ Care to explain why the op is stupid with a more
                 intelligent response?
                 \_ because later in the post the pp talks about how Flickr
                    "compress[es] everything". JPG is a compressed format,
                    but it is easy to shrink the file size plenty by adjusting
                    the quality. The OP didn't mean gzip when he was asking
                    for compression of his files. pp's comment was factual
                    if you're talking about zip but uninformative and misleading
                    if you're talking about zip but uninformative and
           cases the compressed file is even bigger. If you use Picasaweb
           it's 1G free and it's easy to make it private only. Flickr
           on the other hand has a 100M/month upload quota, and they
           compress everything for you so you don't get the orig size.
           In summary: Picasa should be available on the Mac now and
           you can upload easily. It'll downsize for you (if you wish)
           before uploading it to Picasaweb.
2009/1/9-12 [Politics/Domestic/Election, Politics/Domestic/President/Bush] UID:52348 Activity:nil
1/8     Whacky Berkeley Liberals on the loose waving American flags: (
2009/1/9-14 [Reference/BayArea] UID:52349 Activity:nil
1/9     more links than you can possibly want about recent oakland riots
2009/1/9-14 [Politics/Foreign/Asia/Korea] UID:52350 Activity:nil
1/9     Korea's version of "Angry SysAdmin" arrested for "spreading false
        Lee Myung-bak (current SK prez) is completely bonkers. -jrleek
2009/1/9-14 [Recreation/Dating] UID:52351 Activity:nil
1/9     At what age do you start to find it boring to jerk off? At
        what age do you decrease jerking off frequently? I'll start:
        \_ Married 9yrs and two kids.  Haven't decreased yet.
        \_ 32-33 for me_
        \_ Married 9yrs and two kids.  Haven't decreased yet.  -- 38yr-old
        \_ Not so far. -43
        \_ I almost completely stop jerking off when I have a woman.
           \_ How often do you have sex? I stop jerking off when I have sex
              daily, but that never lasts for long.
              \_ Normally, 2x/wk.  I was, until recently, also in the habit
                 of doing much strenuous exercise, which reduces libido.
        \_ Maybe you have a medical issue.
           \_ Maybe. I don't find anything overly exciting or depressing
              anymore. I drive a lot calmer. I don't get angry or anything
              like that. I DID cut off alcohol intake completely, and
              avoiding caffeine as much as possible. I avoid lots of
              sugar, and zero soda/junk juice intake. So in a sense, I'm
              pretty comfortable in the middle. I DO get more work done
              and I have better concentration without wanting to jerk
              off or have sex. At first I thought this is pretty natural
              for getting older and treating my body better, but seeing
              replies above, maybe not?                         -op
              \_ My laboradore retriever was super hyper and disobedient
                 until he was about 2 years old. Maybe there is a
                 correlation between being older and being calmer?
              \_ so hit the bars, now that you're not a horndog women will
                 flock to you.  esp if they are over 30.
                 \_ When you go to a bar, aren't you self selecting a certain
                    category of women?  Only certain women frequent bars.
                    \_ yeah fun ones?
                 \_ If you're not a horndog, why bother hitting the bars? -!OP
              \_ Libido varies tremendously. If you are happy and your
                 so is happy, why worry?
        \_ help?
2009/1/9-14 [Reference/Tax, Politics/Domestic/President/Bush] UID:52352 Activity:kinda low
1/9     Karl Rove's Factually Challenged Housing Revisionism
        \- why exactly would anybody except anything from KROVE
           except an ideological ad? this is like "ford ad's
           american car quality historical revisionism" or Preacher Bob
           Jesusfreak's critiques of evolutionary theory.
           [not that i am not saying people shouldnt engage with KROVE
           or it's not interesting to read these links]. the dems
           can definitely learn from people like grover nordquist
           [interitance tax = "death tax" instead of "billionare tax"]
                                "billionaire tax" is far less _/
                                accurate than "death tax"
                                inheritance taxes affect people
                                with relatively small inheritances
                                \_ Technically, they're both misleading;
                                   it's actually an "inheritance tax."
                                   \_ Actually, as is usual for the MOTD
                                      you don't know what the hell you
                                      are talking about, but wouldn't
                                      think of letting that stop you.
                                      It is an ESTATE tax, which is
                                      "technically" different from an
                                      an inheritance tax.  If it was an
                                      inheritance tax besides being more
                                      fair and reasonable, it would also
                                      make the term "Death Tax" actually
                                      incorrect, as opposed to now, where
                                      it is (again "Technically") correct.
                                      -phuqm (the death tax supporter)
                                      -phuqm (death tax supporter)
                                      \_ And as usual, you manage to be
                                         informative AND an asshole.
                                          \_ aww shucks.  Now I'm going
                                            to feel all warm and fuzzy
                                             all day.
                                             \_ Mission accomplished.
           stuff like this "contains an egregious combination of false
           statements, crucial omissions and misleading assertions."
           should read "karl rove is a notorious liar" ... he isnt a fool
           so he cant believe any of this ... as for journalists and
           publication which present him ... we must ask about them
           "are they fools, unprincipled ideologues, paid hacks, or is
           something else going on". it feels good to come up with nice lines
           like "you are entitled to your opinions but not your own facts"
           but in cases like this a stark "kar rove is a liar" is more accurate
           and makes the point better. To wit, "false coyness" in lines like
           "Rove somehow fails to note the GOP controlled Congress from
           1994-2006, including the first 6 years of the Bush Presidency."
           if you havent analyzed the GSE article in the last Vanity Fair,
           you may wish to take a look.
           \- this is more like it:
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