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2009/1/2-8 [Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Iraq] UID:52308 Activity:nil
1/2     War over in Iraq
2009/1/2-3 [Uncategorized] UID:52309 Activity:nil
12/31   Leap second in 4 minutes (4pm PST)!
        \_ soda just recognized the leap second (/bin/date displayed it as
           another "Wed Dec 31 15:59:59 PST 2008").  But the linux machine at
           my workplace didn't.  -- OP
2009/1/2-8 [Computer/HW, Computer/HW/Drives] UID:52310 Activity:low
12/31   SOMEONE PLEASE FIX KEG!  Why does it keep crashing?
        \_ It's hard to tell. The risk of crashing seems to increase with
           disk activity, or so it seems, but debugging the kernel doesn't
           seem to yield much info. Email root for detailed info; I don't
           have a deep understanding of the problem --t
           \_ How about a backup LDAP server? I don't need files as much
              as access.
              \_ We do (did?) have a backup LDAP server. I think that it's also
                 suffering from old failing hardware, but again, root
                 (particularly Steven) hould have accurate-up-to-date info. The
                 new server won't arrive for a little while yet, and it's only
                 one server to replace several servers that have been failing in
                 recent times.
                 one server to replace several servers that have been failing
                 in recent times.
                 \_ Where do we send money to again? -ausman
                    \_ A check made out to the CSUA and mailed to 337 Soda
                       Hall, UC Berkeley, Berkeley CA 94720 or PayPal to
              are the preferred methods.
              \_ Okay, I got some details on server roles, for reference.
                 soda: login, www, mysql
                 scotch: DNS
                 vermouth: mail, primary LDAP
                 keg: NFS, secondary LDAP, backups
                 screwdriver: linux mirror, mysql
                 lifesaver (now dead): LDAP, backups
                 Screwdriver and scotch don't mount NFS, so generally are the
                 only computers to survive a keg failure. --t
              \_ New hardware is on the way!  ETA 1 wk or so
                 Then give us a week to set it up and whatnot
2009/1/2 [Computer/SW/Security] UID:52311 Activity:nil
1/1     Is email still down?  My outgoing email seems to be not working.
        Also ssh password login seems to be not working (but certificate works).
        Thanks and Happy New Year.
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