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               \_ What about soda?
Date: Sun, 28 Dec 2008 11:56:41 -0800
From: Steven Schlansker <>
Subject: [CSUA Announce] Soda back up!
Hey guys,
Unfortunately crashed over the Christmas break
when I was out of town and none of the rootstaff with cardkey access to
Soda could get in.  About a day's worth of mail was bounced
unfortunately - if you got a bounce message, just try to resend your
email and it'll go through now.  Sincerest apologies - I simply couldn't
make it back to Berkeley any faster.
Hopefully everything will be running OK for now.  We're still waiting on
our shipment of a new server...  the latest ETA is the 10th.  Then I
will be rebuilding it (with the help of the rootstaff and some new
hopefully up-and-coming root members!) and we'll put it into production
as fast as we can!
Hope everyone's holidays find them well,
Your VP
Steven Schlansker
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