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        "Republicans are reaching the point," he said, "where they will
        not be relevant to the political process."
2008/12/22-2009/1/3 [Recreation/Dating] UID:52292 Activity:nil
12/21   Is bad sex better/worse than no sex?
        \_ It depends how long you've been without.
        \_ Better:
           Worse:  .
        \_ How do you define "bad sex"? No orgasm?
         \_ Let me guess, you are still a virgin yes?
            \_ I am an anal virgin, if that is what you are hinting at. Did
               you have a bad experience with a g/f using her strap-on or
               \_ That would be good sex.
        \_ Documentation is like sex, when its good, it's really good, when
           its bad, it's better than nothing.
           \_ Documentation is like sex, when its good, it's really good, when
              its bad, it's worse than nothing.
2008/12/22-2009/1/7 [Finance/Investment] UID:52293 Activity:nil
12/22 (
        Optimist Roubini sez:
        - Unemployment will continue to increase through 2010
        - 33% probability a multi-year economic stagnation continues beyond
          that (
        NBER member sez:
        - Unemployment may exceed 10% and could "stay there for a while"
        - 50% change of calling depression over next three years
        \_ To some people, a bad economy is good.  It weeds out competitors.
        \_ Welcome to the Great Depression of Barack Obama
           \_ Didn't Dubya have something to do with it?
           Economy should turn up in Q2 of 2009.
           \_ You can have GDP being less negative or slightly positive
              in Q2 of 2009, and all of the above still be true.
2008/12/22-2009/1/3 [Politics/Foreign/Europe] UID:52294 Activity:nil
12/22 (
        In the UK, repo-men to be authorized to:
        - Restrain residents while they remove goods which they have stopped
          making payments on
        - Break into a home while you are or are not there
        Still can't:
        - Remove money from your pockets
        - Remove jewelry/valuables you are wearing
        w00t for U.S. 2nd amendment?
        w00t for financial responsibility?
        \_ What if some woman misses several monthly payments for the 32DD bra
           she's wearing?  It's not jewelry, so ......
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12/22   HSBC head of insurance for Europe/ME found hanged in 5-star hotel
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