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2008/12/20-2009/1/7 [Recreation/Dating] UID:52286 Activity:nil
12/20   would you add your boss in Facebook?  I made this mistake, and now
        I'm thinking of trolling Facebook for a new job.  damn.
        \_ create a limited profile and assign user to see that
        \_ I have the same problem. My MOTHER is on Facebook and she's
           calling me, asking me why I'm not accepting her as a friend.
           It's creepy and totally de-valuates Facebook. There should
           be an age limit on Facebook. Now it's totally uncool to
           use Facebook. It's like having your mom drive you to the
           prom and monitoring you. Shiiiit.
           \_ my mom drove me to prom cuz i didn't have a license
           \_ Everyone has a mother. Don't be a putz.
        \_ i have 3 facebook accounts.  Friend Compartmentalization 4tw.
           \_ Best advice ever.
           \_ There is some new social networking site that allows you to
              create different profiles for different viewers.
              \_ My scheme requires no software developer to add functionality.
                 3 accounts, add more if you like ymmv.
                 \_ How do you avoid having your boss come across your other
                    two accounts? Do you block him?
        \_ Yeah of course I would add him. Don't post "I am looking for
           a job" in your profile, but you can search, it might even motivate
           your boss to treat you better.
        \_ try the block user feature and let us know
        \_ one technique that works with stupid "friends" from HS is to add
           them, and then two weeks later, remove them. they might not notice.
2008/12/20-2009/1/7 [Science/GlobalWarming] UID:52287 Activity:nil
12/20   Obama names "scientists" to key posts:
        \_ That evil science loving freak.
        \_ Versus "The world was created in seven days" theologians?
2008/12/20-28 [Finance/Banking, Politics/Foreign/Canada] UID:52288 Activity:nil
12/20   "Canada offers $3.29 billion in loans Detroit Three - Yahoo! Finance"
Berkeley CSUA MOTD:2008:December:20 Saturday <Friday, Sunday>