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2008/12/14-17 [Finance/Investment] UID:52247 Activity:nil
12/13   I've been reading about this super awesome day trader giving you
        advice. I'm sure he's good and made a lot of money, but
        unfortunately, his advice does NOT work for everyone, esp. those
        who don't have time to stare at the stock market every few
        hours or so at work, or those who don't have a lot of money,
        or those who don't like big risks. If you want to trade but want
        to minimize risk and don't want to stare at motd + ticker, week
        trading is the way to go. You'll at most spend anywhere between
        20min-60min a day, and 0-5 transactions a week. Here is the
        thing, you can spend a bunch of time staring at the ticker and
        make transactions, or just take advange of the fact that 1) the
        stock market isn't going anywhere. It's not going to do down 50%
        and it's not going to go up 50%. 2) there are a bunch of mini-wave
        while the market is flat, especially for the next year or so.
        3) at any given time, 1/2 of the people will tell you to buy
        and "just trust me!" and 1/2 of the people will tell you to sell
        and "just trust me!" Fact of the matter is NOBODY knows what the
        next day will be, so ignore those people. Just keep putting down a
        tiny little chunk of money when it goes down 5-10% from what you feel
        is a low point (hint, when people panic and think it's the end
        of the world because the Fed did something, THAT is the time to
        buy), antd sell when it reaches your goal (2-8%). The key is SELL
        even if you only made a little profit. The market will keep going
        up and down, but mostly flat. It's *not* going to go up 50% or down
        50%. So fuck the day trading advice if you don't have time, or you
        just don't feel like each day will make a huge gain or huge
        loss for you. Ride lots of safe little waves, and be happy when
        you have a little gain. I guarantee that you're not going to do
        fabulously or get super rich like the super awesome day trader,
        but I guarantee you that your total gain throughout the year will be
        moderate (way higher than CDs and bonds), and if you could hold
        long term (if market tanks for 2-5 more years) you'll never lose a
        anything. It's safe, stress-free, and it's been working
        out fabulously for me. Do the week trade with me guys.
        \_ Now that I get the ticker on my Blackberry it's really easy to
           watch the markets. Good advice here, though. Invest in whatever
           way works for you, but invest. Especially now. You will regret
           it if you don't. Most money is made in a bear market.
        \_ How is your advice any different than your bog-standard "reversion
           to mean" strategy?  I think you've got a pretty high opinion
           of yourself.
           \_ I believe the super duper day trader dude last week has
              a much much higher opinion of himself than anyone else,
              including this risk averse week trader.
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