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2008/12/12-17 [Finance/Investment] UID:52234 Activity:high
12/12   Make sure you buy stocks today. You can thank me later. I am
    looking at UYG and DIG, but you might have your own favorites.
    Markets are overreacting to the auto bailout.
        \_ 1% down? DOW is still above 8000 S&P above 800.
           \_ I bought UYG at open for 4.79. It is 5.16 now.
              DIG opened at 28.01 and is now at 28.82.
              Both have traded higher than that already today, too. (UYG
              as high as 5.30 and DIG as high as 29.61). That's 10% on
              UYG and 6% on DIG in 2 hours. (I posted the advice pre-market.)
              You are welcome.
              P.S. It is now 9:37am PST and I am still holding these. I
                   think they have more room to run. Good luck with your 0%
                   Treasuries, Treasury Guy.
              \_ You talking to me ASSHOLE??
                 Treasury guy sez:  80% in safety, 20% in whatever the hell
                 you want. *snort*
              \_ making a call on one stock that's +1.14% for the day and
                 another that's -1.16% for the day, and claiming that's a
                 10% increase, is fairly silly.
                 \_ My silliness is buying me a new 52" LCD TV this
                    weekend. How's yours working out for you? UYG went
                    from 4.79 to 5.49. You need to track stocks from the
                    open, not from yesterday's close like the ticker does.
                    \_ next time I'm awake at 4:00 AM I'll be sure to
                       take your advice.
                       \_ You gotta be up with the market.
                    \_ Your advice was "make sure you buy stocks today", and
                       that "markets are overreacting to the auto bailout."
                       The DJIA is currently up 0.12%, which means that the
                       rationale for your advice was shit; the markets
                       aren't overreacting to anything.  Neither of the stocks
                       you suggested have been remarkable performers on the
                       day.  Congratulations on making money, if you really
                       did, but it's a lucky call, not a good one.  -tom
                       \_ You don't follow the markets that closely, or you
                          would have known that Asia was down heavily last
                          night, as was S&P futures, supposedly on the news
                          that "the market is upset that the automakers were
                          not bailed out." And stocks were down at open.
                       \_ The markets did overreact. Overseas markets tanked
                          greatly and so did the premarket in the US. The
                          market looks like it's up 0.12% *NOW* which is after
                          I made my gains from the pre-market 8% down these
                          picks were at, dude. I acted on it, and you are
                          just a hater.
                          \_ Stop stomping my changes, schmuck. What he said,
                          \_ Woo, the Dow opened down about 1%, and went almost
                             to 2% down before rebounding to flat.  Whiplash,
                             I tell you, whiplash!  I will stop pointing out
                             the obvious, since you're clearly a brilliant
                             market analyst who regularly uses $100 bills as
                             toilet paper and only deigns to communicate
                             with us out of a feeling of benevolence towards
                             the masses.  -tom
                 \_ I didn't tell you to buy the DOW. I gave
                you picks that were down about 8-10%. I
                hope you are having fun buying-and-holding,
                though. How's that GOOG working out for you?
                \_ Up 5.18% today, thanks.  I must be
                   brilliant.  You didn't tell me to buy the
                   Dow, but given that the Dow was basically
                   flat, your reasoning has no basis in
                   reality.  -tom
        \_ obviously op is saying you will make at least 5%.  Just make sure
           to tell us when to sell or how much percentage profit to take.
           \_ That's for you to decide. I'm not giving away all of my secrets.
              I will say I sold out of DIG already.
              BTW, I am not doing this to brag as much as because someone
              here was complaining that I only talked about trades post-facto.
              So I gave you a cookie, posting the trade before the markets
              even opened based on pre-market trading and what happened in
              the international markets overnight.
              \_ the problem is if you tell people to buy, they hold for a week
                 they're down -10% at some point and sell then and you just
                 they're down -10% at some point and sell, then you just
                 fucked someone.  you should have said it was a daytrade imo.
                 \_ I think even if you bought UYG as an intermediate play
                    you will make money. Heck, buy it tomorrow and hold
                    and I bet you will make 10% on it easy if you are
                    willing to hold it and sell when it hits 6. That's why
                    I chose it to spoonfeed people with in case anyone
                    took my advice. It's both a good daytrade *and* a good
                    stock to hold for a week or four or fifty. I trade it
                    and I buy it to keep, which is what I do with a lot of
                    my trades. If I am not willing to own it then I won't
                    trade it.
                    \_ ok great, I think you do both yourself and the ppl you
                       intend to help a favor if you say, "buy uyg at 12/12
                       market open and sell during day, or hold up to a year
                       for possible 10% profit"
              \_ I agree with the above poster, if you want to demonstrate
                 your daytrading prowess (which I am impressed with btw) you
                 need to call out when you sell as well as when you buy. What
                 are you worried about, that we will all trade with you and
                 move the market? I appreciate the info though, I was
                 the guy who asked you to tell us when you traded.
                 \_ Worried about giving away information for free that
                    some people pay a lot of money for. I think I've helped
                    CSUA enough for free already. The strategy for selling
                    is "Sell, when you are comfortable with the gain." My
                    comfort level and yours might be different. I have
                    made a lot of money recently and so I am more willing
                    to take some risks than someone trading with their
                    last $5K might be. I also have hedged some positions.
                    So it's not really important when *I* sell. You can
                    figure that part out for yourself. I think a 5-10% gain
                    in a day would've been a good target. Some of my picks
                    (like C) I am *still* holding even though they are up
                    big (and were up bigger).
                    \_ Are you actually getting paid to do this, or is this
                       "some people pay a lot of money for" all in your own
                       \_ No, I am not paid. My point is "Why exactly should I
                          help make you money?" What's in it for me? I'm
                          just trying to help people better understand the
                          market and convince people that the market is
                          the best place to make money. Not cash, not
                          treasuries, not bonds. Too much scared money
                          right now. If you want detailed advice subscribe to
                          a newsletter. If there's enough demand for my
                          advice maybe I'll start my own newsletter and
                          charge for it. But there's no reward in it for
                          me to publish all of my trades.
                          \_ We all contribute to the motd in our own way.
                             I was kind enough to warn people about the
                             housing bubble, for which I was widely ridiculed.
                             If you make enough money daytrading, you can set
                             up your own fund. My advice it to quite while you
                             are ahead, but enjoy your luck while it lasts.
                             \_ No luck involved in being long equities.
                                Luck is for shorts.
        \_ This is relevant to my interests, but alas, I have no capital
           whatsoever :( . --toulouse
2008/12/12-17 [Consumer/Camera] UID:52235 Activity:kinda low
12/12   Hey Camera wanks, here's a cake for you:
        \_ Nice, thanks! FYI that's a D700, $2700 new on Adorama/Amazon
           and $2200 on eBay new. It's arguably the best DSLR for night
           time, giving you 1-1.5 stops advantage over all the cameras
           besides the D3 due to the size per pixel compared to the
           half framed cameras.
2008/12/12-17 [Politics/Domestic/President/Bush, Finance] UID:52236 Activity:kinda low
12/12   Angry sysadmin says we have guaranteed ourselves 30-50% decline in GDP
    (based I assume on debt servicing / defaults outpacing benefits of
    deficit spending)
        \_ Good thing no one listens to that guy.
2008/12/12-17 [Politics/Domestic/California, Politics/Domestic/Election] UID:52237 Activity:high
12/12   Turns out it was the Dems in the senate who stopped the bailout
        \_ Right. And the Democrats are the ones who got us into the War
           in Iraq. Uh huh.
           \_ Uh, the vote for cloture was 52, with 4 D's voting nay and 4 not
              voting.  You think that's up for debate?
              \_ The vote was as follows:
                 Democrats: 42 Y 4 N 4 A
                 Republicans: 10 Y 40 N(and A)
                 And your conclusion is that the Democrats "stopped the
                 bailout" right?
        \_ Keep on pretending.
        \_ Good for them.  I'm disappointed that more aren't against it.  -tom
           \_ Woah, tom & I agree on something? -emarkp
              \_ tom, you, and I agree on this. But we're bound to agree
                 on tautologies, like oxygen is necessary for living,
                 drinking water is good for you, literacy is good etc.  -pollux
         \_ Yes, I figured this was implicit in my comment--an issue on
            which there are legitimate opinions on either side. -emarkp
            \_ socialising failure and communism for the rich is
               not a legitimate reason.  Historically this is chrysler
               bailout #2 so, so philosophically, morally, and
               historically this bailout shouldn't happen.  -pollux
               \_ who cares if we bailed out Chrysler before.  We bailed out
                  the world of finance in the 80s, why did we bail them out
                  \_ you had your socialist empire, it failed, leave us
                     alone.  No bailouts.
        \_ so we give 800 billion to the banks, and we cant give 15 bill
           to the industrial base?   great.
           \_ If you want the government to invest in the country's industrial
              base, then is handing 15-34 billion to these three companies
              really the best way to go about it?  Consider that this is more
              than these three companies put together are worth.
              \_ No, I think the idea is more that we can't afford another
                 1M unemployed right now.
              \_ It's time for poetic justice; we should have the auto
                 makers declare bankruptcy, and give their assets to
                 Amtrak, who will use them to develop trolley systems in
                 cities nationwide.  -tom
                 \_ There are about, what, eight cities in the nation that
                    would benefit by this? Fewer? And how many of those don't
                    already have a trolley or similar?
                    \_ I was joking, but every city would benefit by having
                       a trolley system.  Every city *did* benefit by having
                       a trolley system; they were widespread in the early
                       20th century.  They only were killed because of a
                       typically unfortunate marriage of politics and greed.
                       \_ Only in the sense that every city would also benefit
                          by having free public helicopter service.
                          \_ The ROI on commuter rail in most American cities
                             is better than ROI on roads.  -tom
        \_ Why was the plan blocked? An e-mail message circulated among Senate
           Republicans declared ... an opportunity ... to "take their first
           shot against organized labor."
           \_ i can fake email headers too
2008/12/12-17 [Finance/Investment] UID:52238 Activity:moderate
12/12   $50B Ponzi scheme uncovered:
    \_ The Invisible Hand should take care of this.
        \- "We are victims" --hedge fund people
           This guys need to have an electrode planted in his brain
           to fry him if he's ever caught pushing deregulation as the
           solution to everything:
             "Where were the auditors?" asked Bill Grayson, the
             president of Falcon Point Capital, a hedge fund based in
             San Francisco. "Where was his chief compliance officer?
             Where was the S.E.C.?"
                \_ I thought the whole point of hedge funds was maximum return
                   for maximum risk -- if it goes belly up, either through
                   fraud or for legitimate reasons, you're supposed to be
                   able to shrug it off because you're a rich fatcat with
                   tons of money to invest and lose.
                   \_ Dave Barry put it best: "If things go well, you take
                      a small profit.  If things go badly, you take a
                      plane to Venezuela."  -tom
                      \- i prefer "if you owe the bank $100, you have a
                         problem. if you owe the bank $1million, the bank
                         has a problem." --psb
                         \_ Rosalie Goes Shopping?
        \_ Another waterboarding candidate:
2008/12/12 [Uncategorized] UID:52239 Activity:nil
        \_ URLs with no description should be deleted.
2008/12/12 [Transportation/Car] UID:52240 Activity:high
12/12   Lots of good things happening as people drive less:
2008/12/12 [Uncategorized] UID:52241 Activity:nil
12/12   Some prick destroyed motd. Restored. --t
2008/12/12 [Finance/Investment] UID:52242 Activity:nil
12/12   Poor Japanese investor!  25 years and down 18%, excluding inflation.
        How many more years until he can sell?  ob should have bought American
    stocks!  he'd be up 6.8 times, or 8% per year cumulative!
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