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2008/12/7-10 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA] UID:52185 Activity:kinda low
12/6    Is email reception working?  The last mail I received was
        Friday (12/5/08) morning (8:49am).  I isolated it to a receiving
        problem (sending is fine)--does anyone else have the same problem?
        Can root help me look into this?  Thanks.
        \_ email politburo and ask. Oh...
           \_ email is off until it can be moved to an i7 processor
              \_ thanks for the info/update!
                 \_ uh, i think that was supposed to be a joke.
           \_ No, don't. Email Root not politburo.
              \_ Yeah, and as soon as email is working, they will get the
                 email telling them that email is down... think about it.
                 \_ What are you thinking? This is a no-thinking zone.
                 \_ How embarrassing.
2008/12/7-10 [Computer/SW/WWW/Browsers] UID:52186 Activity:nil
12/6    I just upgraded my Firefox from to via the automatic
        upgrade dialog, and now the manual shortcut keys (Alt-F, Alt-E, etc)
        no longer work.  Does anyone else have the same problem?  Thx.
2008/12/7-10 [Uncategorized] UID:52187 Activity:low
12/6    An interesting proposal to deal with network congestion and
        "bandwidth hogs" -ausman
        \- helo you may be interested in VJ's talk at GOOG.
           the orginal papers on RED [random early detect/drop] are
           pretty good.
        \- you might be interested in VJ's GOOG talk. if you are interested
           in congestions, you might also look at the orginal RED papers
           in congestion, you might also look at the orginal RED papers
           if you are not familar with them.
           \_ When is this going to be?
2008/12/7-10 [Uncategorized] UID:52188 Activity:low
12/6    I just clicked on an ad in facebook!
        \_ did you get your 7 virgins?
           \_ Save one for me!  -- !OP
           \_ Wait, they promised you 7? They promised me 15!
           \_ Virgins bah! Give me a lusty wench over a virgin any day of
              the week.
2008/12/7-10 [Computer/SW/OS/Linux] UID:52189 Activity:low
12/6    I'm running 64bit VMWare 2.0 in debian lenny/testing.  I have 18
        guest VMs running, all in bridged mode.  Works great.  the 19th VM
        I turn on has no working network.  No net, dhcp/tftp doesn't work,
        nothing.  Can anyone think of a network or kernel setting in Linux
        that would prevent any more VMs from getting network access?
        Is there a limit on number of bridge interfaces?  Where is this
        setting?  - danh
        \_ I don't know, but running 18 VMs on one computer is pretty badass.
           \_ I have DUAL CORE.
           Speaking of which, I want to make a sandboxed network where only one
           of the computers has access to the outside world (since I don't want
           to impact my home network at all). What's the best way to do this?
           \_ running 18 VMs isn't crazy.  Modern web apps consist of a load
              balancer, a few webservers and dbs thrown in.
              \_ What's the point of running VMs on one real machine and then
                 run a load balancer in the VMs?  Why not just run the web app
                 on the real machine?  There's much less overhead.
                 \_ for testing, not production.
        \_ ask vmw support  There may be a limit there
2008/12/7-10 [Politics/Foreign/Asia/India, Politics/Foreign/Asia/Others] UID:52190 Activity:nil
12/6    worst prank call ever
        \_ /facepalm. These guys are really on edge.
        \_ worst in that it didn't actually get them to finish the deal
           bout time we got some results for all the money with give them
2008/12/7-10 [Computer/HW/Laptop, Computer/Networking] UID:52191 Activity:kinda low
12/6    I got my g1 phone to provide my laptop with internet access.
        It wasn't too painful.
        \_ throw enough money at a problem and it gets solved
        \_ was it real protocol-independent internet access, or were you just
           using the phone as a web proxy?
           \_ Tetherbot on the g1 creates a socks proxy
             \_ meaning if you want to run non-proxy-aware apps on your laptop
                its useless.   Still waiting...
                \_ It's trivial to run network aware programs through a proxy
                   in linux and macos
                \_ what are these non proxy aware apps ?  give me an example
2008/12/7-10 [Consumer/Camera] UID:52192 Activity:nil
12/6    I'm looking for a really fast 35mm film scanner. I have a bunch of
        35mm film that I'd like to digitize then toss away. What's a good
        35mm film scanner these days?
        \_ you probably want to stick with Nikon.  what you are looking for is
           not actual speed of scanning, but rather, those "automatic dust
           removal" that actually works.  Removing dust via photoshop is going
           take way much more time than a slow scanning process.
           \_ OB Calling Nikon Philip Greenspun fanboi
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