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2008/11/28-12/4 [Uncategorized] UID:52123 Activity:low
11/28   does anyone else find The Office as annoying as I find it?  It's
        half an hour full of people I want to punch in the face.
        \_ are you watching the yank version?
           \_ yes.  maybe that is my first mistake.
              \_ that version is critically panned, sadly i hear they are
                 going to remake Spaced w/o consulting Pegg/Stevenson.
        \_ I usually find it very entertaining and I tend to hate TV. Some
           episodes do miss the mark. I hated "Office Space", though.
           episodes miss the mark, though. I hated "Office Space", though.
           \_ I never watched The Office, but I watched Office Space in a
              preview in SF and loved it.  -- !OP
              \_ office is brit humour, office space is yank humour.
        \_ How long have you watched it?  It's in the 5th season now.  I think
           it started kind of weakly, got pretty good for a few seasons, and
           now it's mostly played out and the jokes feel rehashed.  The
           characters are getting to be one-dimensional clowns.
        \_ I can't stand the Brit version but really enjoy the US version.
2008/11/28-12/4 [Politics/Domestic] UID:52124 Activity:nil
11/28   liberals suck:
2008/11/28-12/4 [Politics/Domestic/Crime, Recreation/Shopping] UID:52125 Activity:nil
11/28   When I first heard about this I figured it must have happened in some
        place in the South like Arkansas or Mississippi.
        \_ quite the shopping season:
           \_ must be the desperation of the consumer
              \_ clearly liberal greed
2008/11/28-12/4 [Science/GlobalWarming] UID:52126 Activity:nil
11/28   Open note to Far Cry 2 and Fallout 3 devs:  an open world game is much
        less enjoyable if the end of main quest is suicide.  Just because I
        might want to wander around the whole open world thingy.
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