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2008/11/18-23 [Computer/SW/Mail] UID:52031 Activity:nil
11/18   Say I've written a pcap-based program which pulls out the message
        body of unencrypted SMTP sessions and writes those into file1 file2
        file3 ... fileN. Is there a simple way to get a spam-score for
        each of those [based on message body, not SMTP headers, sender
        reputations etc]. I'd like to have a program warn me if some
        IP address inside my institution starts sending say >10 suspect
        emails in a small window of time [usually indicates a infected
        windows box, but also dont want addresses in our range blacklisted].
        So the question boils down to: can I get spam assassin to return
        the "spam score" of an arbitrary file from a shell script.
        \- I see a perl project called "babycart" ... any other ideas?
2008/11/18-23 [Health/Skin, Health/Men, Health/Disease/General] UID:52032 Activity:nil
11/18   what the heck has Pierce Brosnan been feeding his wife?
        \_ lulz
2008/11/18-20 [Reference/Military] UID:52033 Activity:nil
11/18   "Australia temporarily shuts down navy" (
        Is Japan interested in another Pearl Harbour?
        \_ this is mess up.  Australia *DOES* have pirate issues in her water
2008/11/18-20 [Recreation/Sports, Politics/Foreign/Europe] UID:52034 Activity:nil
11/18   "Italian soccer strategy gets a racy look"
        Can't wait until the Italian women's soccer team adopts this new
2008/11/18-23 [Uncategorized] UID:52035 Activity:nil
11/18   Anyone here use Bluearc storage? How does it compare with Netapp?
        \- if you ask a more specific question, i may have something to
           say. also, who are you? --psb
2008/11/18-23 [Uncategorized] UID:52036 Activity:nil
11/18   Oh how far Chris Elliott has fallen
        Thomas Kinkade's Home for Christmas (2008) (V) .... Ernie Trevor
        \_ "lulz"
        \_ Dude, Peter O'Toole!
2008/11/18-23 [Uncategorized] UID:52037 Activity:nil
        Traumatic insemination is the mating practice of a few species of
        insects wherein the male pierces the female's abdomen with his
        genitals and injects his sperm through the wound into her abdominal
        cavity. The most widely recorded example is that of Cimex lectularius,
        the bed bug.
        \_ "lulz"
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