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2008/10/23-28 [Uncategorized] UID:51644 Activity:nil
10/22   I'm thinking of opening a Scottrade account.  There's a referral
        deal on now (7 free trades).  So does anyone want to refer me?
        (Or tell me why I shouldn't do Scottrade.) -jrleek
2008/10/23-27 [Politics/Domestic/Election] UID:51645 Activity:nil
10/22   McCain agrees with Obama surrogate cricism:
2008/10/23-28 [Politics/Domestic/California, Reference/Tax] UID:51646 Activity:nil
10/23   House Dems want to remove 401K tax-break, and use proceeds for more
        Social Secuirty.
           The three TIE fighters move ever closer, closing in on Luke and
           The three TIE fighters move ever closer, closing in on Luke and Biggs
        \_ What proceeds? It just means people will save less for retirement.
           If I contribute $100/month now I will contribute $70/month then
           (or whatever the math is) to make my take home about the same.
2008/10/23-28 [Computer/Rants, Politics/Foreign/Asia/China] UID:51647 Activity:nil
10/23   why does OBama want my pie?
        \_ Because you're too wealthy and should share with those who
           are less fortunate. Fucking asshole
           \_ The solution is simply to control population growth.  All
              issues of class warfare and whatnot are related to
              overpopulation and competition for resources.  If you stop
              having kids you don't need handouts.  If the population
              gets low enough we can all have enough land and be basically
              self-sufficient.  Look at the success of China since their
              population control policy.  But we can implement it as a free
              market: require people to "purchase" their child in advance;
              it will be kind of like buying a house where you have to show
              enough income and a significant downpayment towards raising
              that child.  Otherwise you can't have it.
              \_ I like this idea. Singapore has something similar where
                 they have incentives for people with PhDs or higher education
                 to have more kids without more financial burdens. The problem
                 is really when immigrants flock here and have kids, how
                 the hell are you going to enforce the no-kid policy?
                 \_ Crack down on immigration.  But yeah actually enforcing
                    it seems difficult... China does it somehow but it is a
                    totalitarian police state.
              \_ Errr..  I think it's pretty hard to prove that China's rise
                 has anything to do with the 1 child policy.  Espcially since
                 China is about to get it's butt kicked by the demographic
                 \_ Hard to prove perhaps, but very strong corrolation. You
                    don't think increasing the ratio of productive:unproductive
                    members of society can lead to increased growth rates? You
                    are probably the only one, then. China was seriously in
                    danger of massive overpopulation before they instituted
                    the one child policy, but yeah, there is going to be
                    a demographic bump up the road because of it. Not for
                    a while though, at least 20 years.
        \_ When did progressive taxation become contreversial?
           \_ When 1st person narrator entered the $250k+ tax bracket.
2008/10/23-28 [Consumer/Camera] UID:51648 Activity:nil
10/23   I am probably going to retutn my D90 until they fix all the problems
        in the next D90x version. I can't believe they released D90 is
        such a beta-ish state. Don't get me wrong. I love the improved
        highlight enhancement algorithm (that already existed on Canon over
        a year ago) that Nikon calls Active D-Lighting. White balance is
        much much better indoors. But a lot of other stuff really sucks!
        1) In Live Mode, there is no Live Histogram! This feature would have
        allowed metering on AI-S lenses in real time. This feature already
        exists on Canon's cheapo XSi (sub $600, Nikon D40x equivalent) a year
        ago, yet Nikon left it out. What the heck were the Nikon engineers
        2) In Live Mode, when I snap a picture, the mirror goes does
        unnecessarily even when I'm on fully manual focus+aperature. On the
        Canon 40D, it just lets the shutter go through, resulting in faster
        shots and quieter sound.
        3) In Live Mode, I can't pan around and zoom into focus. The cheapo
        Canon XSi allows me to do that.
        4) To change aperature on a non-AIS lens for video mode, I need to
        EXIT the Live Mode, set aperature, then enter it again to get it
        picked up. This is a known problem discussed in several forums.
        The usability is just awful.
        5) I can't press PLAY when I'm in the Live Mode. The usability is
        just awful.
        Overall, it's very disappointing. Nikon, you've really let me down
        leaving my AIS lenses crying in agony.
        \_ The XSi is a very good camera.  -tom
        \_ why u insist on live mode again?  if you don't like Nikon, just
           switch to Canon.
           \_ Actually I'm thinking of getting a full frame used 5D. Also
              I just tested an XSi. That thing is like a plastic toy and
              didn't really inspire confidence. It's really great on paper
              but didn't perform as I expected. D60 is pretty good on the
              other hand, for beginners. But I'm beyond that now. At any rate
              I love Canon's 24-70mm and Nikkor 105mm macro, I guess I'll
              have to get both systems.
              \_ don't be silly.  Stick with D90.  And don't obsessed with
                 one lens.  24mm on a crop-factored camera is not going to
                 be wide enough anyway.  I wouldn't bother with D60 just
                 because it only fully compatible with the new lenses.
                 Further, you are complaining about D90 mostly on live-mode.
                 I don't know about XSi, but I know for sure that Canon 5D
                 doesn't have live mode.  so, can u just pretend live-mode
                 in D90 doesn't exist and move on?
                 \_ Don't listen to Nikonboi, just lose a little bit and
                    switch to Canon. There's a reason why everyone's switching
                    to Canon. Just look at all the white lenses pros use.
                    Also go to any camera shop like Samy's Camera and check
                    how much Canon and Nikon cameras are being rented for.
                    Canon cameras priced similarly to Nikon are being rented
                    out at a much higher rate. For example, 30D is $125
                    a day and D80 is $80 a day even though both are similarly
                    priced. Even a really cheap Rebel XT is rented for $75
                    even though it is cheaper and lower end than a D80.
                    Doesn't this already give you indications like resale
                    value, among other great attributes? You simply can't
                    go wrong with Canon. Back in the 70s and 80s Nikon was
                    king, but now Canon is the Nikon of the 21st century.
                    Every pro knows that. You get much much more by paying
                    less. Listen. You'll lose a little bit of money by
                    switching to Canon now, but you'll thank me for it many
                    years later. As for the people who already own a bunch
                    of Nikon lenses, there is a really cool Nikon lense to
                    Canon lens adaptor we've been using for a while. However
                    the Canon-to-Nikon adaptor does not exist because many
                    Nikonians are up in their "I'll never use a Canon"
                    snobbery ars. You already know why you want to
                    switch. Just switch. You'll thank me for it.
2008/10/23-28 [Finance/Investment] UID:51649 Activity:nil
        Greenspan Concedes He `Found a Flaw' in His Free-Market Ideology
        Oh man, I can't wait to socialize the entire nation. I'm tired
        of people who got rich by the virtue of being lucky.
        \_ You're such a player-hater.  Being rich from being lucky,
           that's something we should tolerate (maybe envy) but
           tolerate.  Being rich by crushing those beneath them,
           intolerable.  Being rich and avoiding paying reasonable taxes,
           intolerable.  Being rich through theft, intolerable.  We
           should work toward leveling opportunities, not unreasonable
           \_ How about being rich by winning the sperm lottery? Or is that
              just another variant of being rich by being lucky?
                \_ I addressed that by saying we should work toward
                   leveling opportunities.  Sizeable inheritance tax is in
        \_ Troll+++
2008/10/23-27 [Reference/Religion, Politics/Domestic/California] UID:51650 Activity:nil
10/23   Actually, Mormons contributing 77% of pro-prop 8 funds
        \_ what would Jesus ban?  -tom
           \_ Apparently, someone felt it was important to censor
              my comment that the Mormon church has taken up
              the torch of intolerance.  Truth hurts, eh?  How about
              trying to justify Mormons as being 'pro family'?  You'd
              be wrong, but at least you wouldn't be a censorfuck.
              \_ Since this comment is still here, you were probably just
                 squished.  Get over it.
2008/10/23-27 [Uncategorized] UID:51651 Activity:nil
10/23   Anyone here have experience transporting internal hard drives for
        off-site backup purposes? We're thinking of moving these things
        around on a regular basis, and I'd hate to lose data to static
        electricity or such.
2008/10/23-28 [Uncategorized] UID:51652 Activity:nil
10/23   No racism here:
        \_ Obviously referring to Ayers.
        \_ Who doesn't like fried chicken, ribs, kool-aid, and watermelon?
           Those are universal!
2008/10/23 [Politics/Domestic, Reference/Tax] UID:51653 Activity:nil
10/23   say bye bye to 401ks. House Dems want to get tax it
        \_ Why are you repeating yourself?
2008/10/23-28 [Computer/SW/Security, Computer/SW/Unix] UID:51654 Activity:nil
10/23   Woman charged with crime for "killing" (deletion really) of online
        \_ she is weak. SHe should have created her own character
           and then do a backstab on his ass. - turin
2008/10/23-28 [Uncategorized] UID:51655 Activity:nil
10/23   All hail emperor Bloomberg!
2008/10/23-28 [Politics/Domestic/Election] UID:51656 Activity:nil
10/23   "Sarah Palin in 2012?"
        McCain can't even contain his own running mate.
        \_ Palin is far too loathsome to be shooed off the national stage
           so quickly.
           \_ She'll be great on The Amazing Race
        \_ She's deluded enough to actually believe she'll get votes outside
           the hockey mom/joe sixpack with IQ < 100 demographic
           \_ Half of America is below average intelligence, don't forget
2008/10/23-28 [Politics/Domestic/President/Bush] UID:51657 Activity:nil
10/23   Scott McClellan backing Obama
        \_ whoa, an opportunistic toadie jumping on a bandwagon?  I never
           would have expected that!  -tom
2008/10/23-28 [Politics/Domestic/Election] UID:51658 Activity:nil
        Dang, Obama supporters sur are dumm!  he wrote the B backwards!  and
        he had plenty of time to scratch it neatly with a dull knife!  and
        when he punched her in the back of the head to knock her down he hit
        her in the left eye!  stupids!
        \_ Did Drudge drag out the siren for this one?
        \_ This story has several large holes in it.
        \_ Even Michelle Malkin doubts this:
           \_ But the scary big black man attacked her because she supported
              the Real American!  Quick!  To the right wing noise machine!
        \_ "Police: McCain volunteer made up robbery story"

2008/10/23-28 [Uncategorized] UID:51659 Activity:nil
10/23   outgoing email down?
2008/10/23-28 [Consumer/Camera] UID:51660 Activity:low
10/23   I want to get a 24-70mm f/2.8 lens because the bokeh is incredibly
        beautiful for portraits. However, it costs a lot. A Nikon version
        is $1550 and a Canon version is $1100. Why is there such a big
        difference? It makes me want to switch to Canon.
        \_ Canon is better:
        \- why dont you look at the nikon 105mm "DC" portrait lens. ~$650.
           \_ No because 105 is over 150 on my DX camera. Sucks to be a
              Nikonian man. You pay more for everything.
           \- er the price seems to have gone up a bit on that lens.
              \_ High demand?
                 \- High yen.
        \_ What about the 50mm f1.4? Pretty good bokeh and about 75mm
           on the DX which is perfect. Got mine many years ago for
           about $220.
              The MTF chart is less than impressive...
        \_ My experience tell me that f/2.8 at your given focal length
           (<70mm) is not big enough for portrait.  Further, my experience
           told me that for portriat, a prime lens is much better than zoom.
           If you are using a camera with a crop factor, then, you should
           consider to spend <$110 USD for a 50mm f/1.8 . This lens beats
           any zoom lenses.
           \_ There are some decent portraits here:
              maybe 10-15 out of the ~100ish i think are quite good. you can
              learn something from both the good ones and the non-good ones
              [e.g. the ones where something is coming out of the subjects
              head, exposure levels, DoF, composition, managing shadows etc]
2008/10/23-28 [Finance/Investment] UID:51661 Activity:kinda low
10/23   So, day trader guy, what's your method? What are you trading?
        \_ BIGGS: (over headset) Hurry up, Luke!
        \_ I'm doing week trade. I trade index like DIA and QQQQ, which
           don't have as big of a movement. I set my expectations to be
           low (5-8% up down). I set limit (if up, sell 1/2, if down,
           buy more). I don't like day trade anymore, it's too stressful.
           Week trade is the way to go.
           \_ This sounds like the old coin-flip double-down strategy.
              If the index trends downward, won't you lose money this
              way? Or, actually you'll end up with all your money in
              the index, which I guess will eventually go back up if you
              wait long enough... -op
              \_ You'll never time it perfectly. You'll always miss
                 opportunities. The hardest thing is getting in at the
                 right time. When people panic and all is gloom, that's
                 when I go in. By doing so, I don't make big bucks, but
                 I don't lose much either. By the way, I only use this
                 strategy when I anticipate the market to be flat
                 (recession), where you can ride a lot of micro-waves.
                 \_ Interesting, when things are up you just buy and hold?
                    That's actually pretty reasonable...  How long have you
                    been doing this?
                    \_ Been doing it this year, with anticipation of a long
                       recession. My dad did the same thing in the housing
                       slump and recession of the 90s (1994-1998). You can't
                       do this when the economy is booming/rising... only
                       when it's slumping and flat. When everyone panics,
                       that's a good time to buy. Look at 911 and the stock
                       prices during that time. Note that there are some
                       index that I bought that are higher than it is now, and
                       I'm just holding them on till the next boom, maybe
                       in 5-8 years. The key is to not tie a lot of money
                       that you'll need, and instead break it up into a bunch
                       of chunks and *ladder* it so that you'll always have
                       an in/out flow of capitals. And also expect to not see
                       1/2 of that money till the next boom. You'll make it
                       really well, it's just a matter of time (1-2 decades).
              way? -op
        \_ I'm a different guy, but I was trading MS until recently. Still
           am sometimes. Been doing WFT, but it has been scarier and I'm
           rethinking that. Also sometimes GS and GE. GE is not a great trade,
           but the advantage is that if you get stuck it will usually work its
           way back and it's not a terrible stock to own if you become a
           bagholder. Trade stocks you wouldn't mind buying and holding.
           (Except MS, which is purely speculative on my part, I do.) My
           method involves buying in on weakness and selling high. Duh. Find a
           stock with a lot of volatility (just about everything right now), a
           decent volume, and a recent history of wide swings in *both*
           directions.  (Don't buy something just working its way down except
           to short.) I adjust my stops so that I never lose more than my goal
           (usually 10% but in this volatile market, even 10% stops me out
           too early sometimes). I try not to hold overnight. Occasionally I
           do. It's a good way to: 1) Get screwed, or 2) Score a big gain, and
           3) Die young of heart failure.  Another rule: Never trade in the
           first hour the market opens unless you are liquidating an overnight
           position. I use a lot of technical indicator mumbo jumbo, but I
           find it relatively useless in this market. Just buy low, sell high.
           If the trade turns against you sell for a loss and live to fight
           another day, but don't sell too early. Set your stops so that
           the stock has room to wiggle. Sell short *and* long to make money
           both ways. Buy options for leverage. I tend to do this more for
           short plays, because options have a fixed downside compared to a
           short sale, margin is a bitch, and lots of stocks have had short
           restrictions lately (if you can find shares to short!) Also, be
           keenly aware of the federal regulations involving day trading (e.g.
           settled money, minimum balances, buying power). I learned a lot of
           these the hard way. Profits have been down this week but I am
           still green for the week and overall. The market tends to move
           *very* quickly when it does move and my biggest failing over
           the week has been being away from my computer during the day's
           high/low and not having a sell order in place because I wanted
           to "let it run" and it runs against me in a matter of minutes.
           This is why I've had small gains when I could have had large ones.
           Example: Stock opens at 14. Buy stock at 13.50. Stock drops to
           12.50 (still not 10%). Keep holding. Stock moves to 14.50. Adjust
           Example: Stock opens at 14. Buy stock at 13. Stock drops to 12
           (still not 10% from 13). Keep holding. Stock moves to 14.50. Adjust
           bottom stop all the way to, say 14, but don't have a limit sell in
           because I want to see if it hits 15 and "I can always sell on the
           way down". Go make coffee (or something) secure that my profit is
           "locked in" (it's not going to fall .50 in 15 minutes and I
           have a sell in at 14).  Get back and see that it's trading at
           have a stop sell in at 14).  Get back and see that it's trading at
           14.30. Shit. Okay. Just sell. Type type type. Order in. Buy the
           time it executes stock is at 14.20. Take small(er) profit and be
           thankful. Stock closes at 14 again. Realize that SOB stock
           actually went all the way to 14.70 while I was away. Curse
           fricking $500 cup of coffee. This has happened more than once
           and I need to pay more careful attention. Daytrading is
           sometimes all about a few moments in a long trading day.
           \_ Where do you read about the federal rules?  I understand there
              is a 3-day settlement period on trades (ie, the money from
              is not available for buying for 3 days) , but trading on
              margin takes care of this?
              \_ Yes, you pretty much need a margin account or else you
                 need to trade less frequently or with a smaller % of your
                 capital. This is because of Reg T (free ride). You will
                 also need a $25K minimum balance and be aware that buying
                 power for daytrading is 4x but if you hold overnight it
                 is only 2x. Calculating exactly how much $$$ you can
                 trade with without a call cqn be nasty. Your broker can
                 help you and I understand some online brokerages do this
                 math for you but mine doesn't.
                 \_ You are daytrading on margin?? Please post to the motd
                    the day you go broke, which will probably be sooner
                    rather than later.
                    \_ You pretty much *have* to daytrade on margin, brainiac.
                       This is because of the regulations mentioned above.
                       However, it doesn't mean what you think it does.
                       Trading on margin doesn't necessarily mean I:
                       1) Trade more than the cash value of my account, or
                       2) Pay interest.
                       For example, let us say I have $100K in my account.
                       I buy stock XYZ for $40K. I sell it later that
                       day for $60K. Then I buy ABC for $40K and sell it
                       for $60K the same day. Using a cash account I can
                       only execute one more trade that day (for $20K) and
                       indeed for the next 3 days until settlement even
                       though I made $40K because you have to use settled
                       funds to trade. A margin account avoids all of
                       that, because when you buy on margin you don't have
                       to wait for settlement. Anything else you don't
                       know that I can help you with?
           \_ MS as in Morgan Stanley or Microsoft?
              \_ If you have to ask this you are not ready for my advice.
                 \_ Ah, get off yer high horse.  This is the motd.  Not that
                    I was planning to day trade anyway.
2008/10/23-28 [Consumer/Shipping] UID:51662 Activity:nil
10/23   I want to print out some text onto index cards (form a MS Word
        document). It's taking me a long time using my home HP Laserjet
        and FedEx Kinkos would charge me $1.49 per card! Does anyone
        have any other ideas, or places that would charge less? Thanks!
2008/10/23 [Politics/Domestic/Election] UID:51663 Activity:nil
10/23   McCain supported attacked, beaten, B carved on face.
2022/06/25 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular
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