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2008/10/22-27 [Finance/Banking] UID:51620 Activity:nil
10/21   (Bloomberg) The Federal Reserve will provide up to $540 billion in
        loans to help relieve pressure on money- market mutual funds beset by
        redemptions. ... JPMorgan Chase & Co. will run five special units that
        will buy up to $600 billion of certificates of deposit, bank notes and
        commercial paper with a remaining maturity of 90 days or less.
2008/10/22 [Politics/Domestic/Election] UID:51621 Activity:nil
10/22   Palin's anti-intellectualism
2008/10/22 [Politics/Domestic/Election] UID:51622 Activity:very high
10/22   Al Qaida rooting for McCain
        \_ How better to destroy America than to bankrupt us with N billion
           foreign intervention wars?
        \_ Expect tape from Osama endorsing Obama by next Friday at the latest.
2008/10/22 [Uncategorized] UID:51623 Activity:nil
10/22   LIVE FROM CAMP VICTORY!!!!!!!!!!!
2008/10/22 [Uncategorized] UID:51624 Activity:nil
10/22   Palin's anti-intellectualis
        \_ This is a neat article, but I wasn't going to vote for her anyway!
           \_ Actually I think it's a really badly-written article.  -tom
2008/10/22 [Transportation/Car] UID:51625 Activity:moderate
10/22   wow
        \_ How could a mere sedan set a loaded big-rig tanker into a spin,
           especially that it was a rear-end collision instead of a
           \_ The sedan spun, the rig overturned (probably jackknifed).
2008/10/22 [Uncategorized] UID:51626 Activity:moderate
        \_ VADER:  Let him go!  Stay on the leader!
           (S&P 500 just set a lower bottom, but the pump game ain't over yet)
2008/10/22-27 [Uncategorized] UID:51627 Activity:nil
10/22   80 columns people.  and shorten those urls.  ok tnx.
2008/10/22 [Politics/Domestic/Election] UID:51628 Activity:nil
10/22   I am pro Obama.  The market just dropped 400 points.  Does that
        mean            the market is going to      go way down if Obama wins?
        \_               y                    es.
        \_ dont make me come down there and beat you.
2008/10/22-27 [Consumer/Camera] UID:51629 Activity:nil
10/22   I'm looking at the Adorama web site. They have a bunch of cheaper
        lenses from "Gray Market." What the heck does that mean? Does it
        mean it's not covered by warranty?
        \_ corps sells product for different prices in diff parts of the world.
           the corp is selling the product for a cheaper price, to you,
           in a different country.  your vendor has shipped the product from
           the foreign market to your country.  this probably voids
           any warranties.
        \_ The OEM's warranty is usually (not always) void.  If it's B&H,
           the store provides an equivalent warranty.  Don't know about
           Adorama.  Sometimes the spec for the gray market one is slightly
           different than the US one (e.g. Nikon SB-28).  Gray market goods is
           completely legal, except when the store lies and sells it as US
           US market goods.  Some products are not even marketd in the US by
           US market goods.  Some products are not even marketed in the US by
           the OEM, so they are only available in gray market.
2008/10/22-27 [Industry/Startup] UID:51630 Activity:low
10/22   Where do recent grads want to work these days? Startups? Google?
        \_ Wherever their ambition takes them. If they just want free food
           and a cushy job, Google. If they're ambitious and have big
           dreams (or simply stupid), startup.
           \_ How about MS, Apple, consulting, HP, etc? When I graduated in
              2000, lots of people were going to startups that failed a year
              later (myself included), then either kept bouncing around
              various startups or found one that became stable (e.g. Google)
              or went to a big company (e.g. Sun). To be honest, the main
              reason I posted this is to get the motd to discuss something
              other than politics, photo, or the economy (incl. real estate).
           \_ What makes you think that Google is cushy? I have heard that
              the employees there work very long hours.
              \_ Not nearly as difficult as startup, but much more than
                 big companies. In short, I don't understand why people
                 work semi-startup hours without any hope of getting IPO
                 money.                                 x-G
           \_ I am going to start my own company. Our main product will be
           \_ I am going to start my own company. Our business model will be
              selling open source ircII scripts (and related services)
              to Fortune 500 executives.
2008/10/22-27 [Reference/BayArea, Recreation/Dating] UID:51631 Activity:moderate
10/22   So, anyone here live in SF?  How are you voting on Measure K?
        \_ I'm going to a YES TO PROP 8 rally in SF this week.
           \_ When/Where is that?  THAT should be interesting.
              \_ However interesting it gets, it'll still be safer
                 than NO TO PROP 8 rally in Chico.
                 \_ You've never been to Chico, have you.
                    \_ Yeah try Redding or Bakersfield
                    \_ No I've never been there though I'm sure there
                       are a lot more CCW permits in Chico than SF.
                       \_ What, do you think that you would get shot or
                          something? You really don't know Chico very well...
                       \_ If you ask your average Chican for a shotgun, odds
                          are that you're going to get a beer with two holes.
           \_ Which phone booth is that being held in?
           \_ yeah where is it?  i'll show.
        \_ Looking forward to some legal hookin, eh?
           \_ Nah, I'd vote no, but I don't live in SF.  I was curious if
              anyone had anything interesting to say. -op
        \_ totally misguided.There is always    the weird SF crowd who seem to
           think that most of the women in the  underground prostitution
           economy are     there of their own free will.  All of those foreign
           women in lab    coats at the massage parlors have an imaginary
           500k  debt to   pay off  to a smuggler or the smugglers      have
           threatened to kill their entire family back   in the old country.
           They       should  focus their efforts in getting the women  to join
           the        real economy, off of drugs and off of the street.
           \_ What's with your spaceing?
              \_ i think my .emacs is out of control.
           \_ I personally know at least three sex workers who are doing if
           \_ I personally know at least three sex workers who are doing it
              of their own free will. Go to and you will find dozens.
              Legalizing it is a better way of regulating it than what we have
              now. Compare Amsterdam vs. SF. In which one is there less
              exploitive sex trade? Oh, I am an SF resident voting Yes on K.
              \_ So, this is my problem with it.  Legalizing and regulating
                 ala Nevada might be reasonable.  Simply having the police
                 not prosecute it seems like it would just make things worse.
                 \_ I doubt it, though I agree with you on the legalize angle.
                    \_ My thinking is basically this, decrimializing it does
                       not make it a legitimate business.  It does not
                       regulate it.  It simply allows criminals to work
                       unmolested. That really just means all the pimps and
                       thugs will go to SF to do their business.
                       \_ I don't think that decriminalizing marijuana
                          distribution increased the amount of violent crime
                          in SF, so I don't think this will either. You forget
                          that "sex tourism" is a pretty big, if often
                          unappreciated, part of the economy here. Did you
                          know that massage parlors have to get a license
                          a special fee, that goes straight to the Public Health
                          Dept ? It is already half-decrminalized as it is.
                          Dept ? It is already half-decriminalized as it is.
                          a special fee, that goes straight to the Public
                          Health Dept ? It is already half-decriminalized
                          as it is.
                          \_ Excuse me? This is in SF? Are you SURE?
                             \_ What part are you asking me to restate here?
        \_ In Sweden they made it legal to sell sex, but not buy it:
2008/10/22-27 [Reference/Law/Court] UID:51632 Activity:nil
10/22   Poor thing. The moral of the story here is, don't confess to anything:
        \_ ZOMG POT! Clearly a communist.
           \_ Umm, she skipped out on a check.  She deserves what she gets,
              probably more.
        \_ How would non-confessing have helped?  She was pretty clearly
           guilty.  I guess she could have made it the 10 days...?
           \_ A truly smart person would have seen the cops and immediately
              paid the bill. To confess to bailing on the bill is just dumb
              and arrogant.
           \_ No, there is not really enough evidence there to make a good
              jury case. At the very least the DA pleas it down if you hire
              a good lawyer. Though if you have three "friends" that are
              willing to finger you, you are totally screwed. I really just
              posted it as a gratuitous big boobed woman though.
2008/10/22-27 [Academia/GradSchool/MBA, Computer/Rants] UID:51633 Activity:nil
10/22   Ballmer is a genius:
        \_ He's got a genius for being a douchebag.
2008/10/22 [Politics/Domestic/Election, Politics/Domestic/President/Bush] UID:51634 Activity:nil
10/22   Right wing get increasingly more deranged as election approaches:
        \_ I agree, they are really beginning to resemble the left.
         \_ The difference is you are comparing the Insane Rambling Crazy
            Person Left with the Very Serious Get Massive Press Time and
            Treated Seriously Right.  The Insane Rambling Crazy Person Right
            is makes these ravings look downright reasonable.  There are
            crazies on every end of every spectrum, but it's telling when
            just being mostly crazy counts as reasonable.
2008/10/22 [Politics/Domestic/Election] UID:51635 Activity:nil
10/22   I'm watching Fox.  Did you know McCain and Obama are in a statistical
        tie, with McCain gaining in key groups?  HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA
        \_ Huh? Which poll is that?
           \_ The fox politically self-serving poll.
              \_ But that one shows Obama up by 9?
        \_ Or were they referring to that weird AP poll which predicts 44%
           of the
           electorate will be evangelical Christians?
           \_ McCain is DOMINATING Alaska, Texas, Arizona and Utah
2008/10/22-27 [Politics/Domestic/California, Politics/Domestic/Gay] UID:51636 Activity:nil
10/22   Mormon church bankrolling pro-prop 8 effort
2008/10/22-27 [Politics/Domestic/Election] UID:51637 Activity:nil
10/22   Obama dance vs. McCain dance. Humor.
2008/10/22-23 [Uncategorized] UID:51638 Activity:nil
10/22   Come to my infosession today, if there are any of you left on the motd
        who are undergrads. There will be munchies and me telling you why
        you want to come work at CBS Interactive. It is at Cory Hall in 521 at
        5:30 today. -ausman
        \_ How many stocks do I get? When is it going IPO? How big of
           a responsibility can I get? How fast can I get promoted?
           a responsibility can I get? How fast can I get promoted? Will
           my secretary give me blowjobs? What kind of cocaine does your
           HR department sell?
2008/10/22 [Politics/Domestic/Election] UID:51639 Activity:nil
10/22   you know what's really funny.  Palin is the most socialist American
        governor there is.  Not that that is a bad thing.
        \_ COUNTRY FIRST
        \_ Oil royalties are inherently capitalist.
        \_ If you view Alaska as a corporation and all Alaskans as share-
           holders, Palin's actions are pretty much in line with any CEO.
           They're just terrible in terms of a workable civilization.
2008/10/22-27 [Reference/BayArea, Transportation/Bicycle, Transportation/PublicTransit] UID:51640 Activity:nil
10/22   RIDE BIKES! Meet Thursday 6:30pm in SF, between Embarcadero BART and
        the Ferry building.
        Last night's ride was teh hott. Thursday's ride will be hottest. -ali
2008/10/22-27 [Uncategorized] UID:51641 Activity:low
10/22   Does anyone here work as Sun?  I'm pretty interested in their
        next architecture, Rock.  Any chance of it being released on time?
        \_ You mean released before Sun goes out of business?
           \_ Well, that would be good too, but I was specifically thinking
              of 2Q 2009. -op
           \_ Sun is not going out of business.  They have $2.5B in the bank
              and no debt.  They've even made some money in both of the past
              two years.  Sun will keep puttering along for a good long while,
              though they will likely continue to lose relevance.  -tom
              \_ $2.5B in cash but a market cap of $3.4B. Napster, anybody?
              \_ Sun won't "go out of business". They will be in business
                 the same way DEC and SGI are still in business. I imagine
                 they are going to be acquired or go BK.
2008/10/22-27 [Academia/Berkeley] UID:51642 Activity:nil
10/22   GO BEARS!
        \_ They're practising the social principle of wealth redistribution,
           a.k.a. Robin Hood.
2008/10/22-26 [Reference/Religion] UID:51643 Activity:nil
10/22   Is Obama Really Christian?

        Obama campaigned for and help raised $900,000 to try to get a Muslim
        candidate and Obama's cousin Raila Odinga elected  for the kenyan
        presidency in 2006. This candidate wanted to form a muslim state and
        sharia law. Raila's  backers used machetes to kill opposing Christians
        and burned down churches with Christians inside. Is Barak really a
        Christian? He is against Christ for supporting those who  persecute
        the Body of Christ. Is this the person who is going to fight terrorism
        and muslim extremist?  He should also just give up the lie he is a
        \_ Dittohead Desperation Level: Turquoise
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