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2008/10/4-6 [Uncategorized] UID:51380 Activity:nil
b10/3   Rain. When was the last time we had it here in the Bay Area?
2008/10/4-9 [Politics/Domestic/Election] UID:51381 Activity:low
10/4    You know what I hate more than a politician focused on truthiness?
        A politician like Biden who just flat out lies.
        \_ dude, new york post, seriously?
        \_ Dude, New York Post, seriously?
           \_ Oh, I'm sorry that you're such a sorry sack that you ignore
              lies because you don't like the source.  Here are a few more:
              His lie about "supporting clean coal":
              His lie about Obama never supporting the Hamas election:
              \_ That hardly says what you claim it does.   I know you are
                 desperate to make people forgot what a mendacious campaign
                 McCain is running, but this is weak at best.
              His lie that Obama never said he'd meet with the president of
              Iran without preconditions:
                \_ What is the 'with preconditions' crap?  I don't get it.
                   It's not a very good sounding soundbite.  Presidents meet
                   with whoever the hell they want.
              Full transcript of the debate:
              \_ I know at least some of those New York Post "facts" are
                 disingenuous at best.  For instance the leading general
                 in Afghanistan specifally said that, while he needs more
                 troops in Afghanistan a surge like in Iraq would not
                 be effective because the two contries different (ignoring
                 the question did the surge really work considering the
                 higher troop levels were still there and the whole point
                 of the surge was supposed to be a short term tactical
                 surge that would alleviate the need for a long term
                 force buildup.)  Meanwhile Palin claims troop levels
                 in Iraq are lower than pre surge which is a flat out lie
                 and when called on it she insists that it is true.  What
                 the hell is that?
        \_ You know what I hate more than calling the NYPost a newspaper?
           When supposed newspapers rely on paraphrases rather than
           quotes, and then attack those paraphrases with opinion and
           further paraphrases of poorly named sources rather than facts
           and quotes. How hard would it be to line up a Biden quote with
           a source showing an actual lie?
        \_ They lost me at "For all the focus on Srah Palin's graceful
        \_ What is the Dittohead desperation level now? I guess it was too
           much to expect you guys to lose gracefully.
        \_ Can you take a video of your head exploding after America elects
           the most liberal member of the Senate and a renowned Marxist, to
           the most liberal member of the Senate and a reknowned Marxist, to
           the highest office in the land?
           \_ Marxist doesn't mean what you think it means.
                I don't really think he is the most liberal member of the
                Senate either. -pp
        \_ Why aren't you concerned about Palin's lies?
           \_ I didn't say I wasn't. -op
2008/10/4-9 [Health/Women] UID:51382 Activity:nil
10/4    Cycle of Violence:
2008/10/4 [Uncategorized] UID:51383 Activity:nil
10/3    Keep on eye on VIX:

xc      \_ translation:  people are buying a whole lot of out-of-the-money
           options as insurance, to front-run a move, or both
2008/10/4-8 [Science/Space] UID:51384 Activity:moderate
10/4    Let's put to rest this popular "bottled water is just expensive
        tap water" lie being perpetuated by greenies and picked up on by
        the government to promote their water systems. Bottled water is
        tap water *THAT HAS BEEN FILTERED*. That last bit is important.
        \_ Who are you arguing with?
           \_ Sierra Club, WWF, Natural Resources Defense Council, FDA, etc.
        \_ The water machines at Lucky's sell filtered UV'ed reverse-osmisis'ed
           water for $0.20/gal with no plastic to throw away.
           p.s. The stages are: 1) Activated Carbon Filter, 2) Micron Filter,
           3) First UV Light, 4) Reverse Osmosis, 5) Post Carbon Filter, 6)
           Second UV Light.
           \_ Or he could even buy his own water filter.
        \_ bay area water quality is pretty good.  you're just wasting your
           \_ You drink it, but let's not pretend it's as good as RO/DI water.
                \_ You cannot begin to imagine how little I care about this.
                   \_ And yet you spent time writing this so you care more
                      than you think you do.
           \_ This is true in at least some areas.  My brother-in-law lives in
              Union City.  He used to get white deposits in cooking pots when
              he heats the pots to dry up the water, and he always blamed the
              water supply.  After replacing the old pipe in the whole house
              house with copper pipes, however, he no longer sees deposits.
              \_ White deposits are just salt.  That's what makes water
                 "hard".  Filtered water is softer, but a home water filter
                 is pretty damn cheap.
                 \_ My point was that the low quality of the water sometimes
                    is not caused by the water supply, but by one's own pipes
                    in the house. -- PP
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