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2008/10/2-6 [Politics/Domestic/California, Politics/Domestic/California/Prop] UID:51343 Activity:nil
10/1    I am a liberal.  I've constantly being lectured about how great
        free-market is.  I am a bit frustrated now that practically *NO* ONE
        talk about free-market anymore.
        \_ eBay works well in the free market. In short, IMHO free market
           works the best if you're dealing with oranges and such, and
           not so well when you're dealing with homes and healthcare. I
           for one welcome FDR style government because we're ready for it.
           The pending wave of Socialism reforms is about to sweep America.
           I know, because I am the next generation, and we want Socialism.
           We are as talented and hard working as the generation before us, and
           the generation before that, but unlike them we all missed out
           the dot-com and housing boom. We have NOTHING to win and
           everything to lose with the F-U everything for myself
           Reagan style Capitalism. But we have everything to win
           and NOTHING to lose with FDR style programs. We're fed up, and
           we want CHANGE. The future of America depends on a bunch of
           people like us, and we want Socialism NOW. More taxes on the
           people who have, and less taxes on people who do not. Fuck
           Prop 13, fuck corporate tax cuts, fuck religious nuts, fuck
           anti-gay biggots, fuck tax cuts, fuck deficits, fuck automobiles,
           fuck free market. We are ready for change.
2008/10/2-4 [Finance, Finance/Investment] UID:51344 Activity:nil
10/1    "Maria Sharapova could be yours for a cool $10,000" - Y! Sports Blogs
        So affordable.  I wonder what the rate is for not-cute-but-busty
        Serena Williams.
2008/10/2-6 [Health/Disease/AIDS] UID:51345 Activity:nil
10/1    Guess that "CIA created it" theory is shot:
        \_ Someone better tell Obama.
         \_ And why, pray tell, is that?
            \_That's one of Rev. Wright's talking points.
              \_ You're a troll at best, and an idiot regardless.
2008/10/2-4 [Uncategorized] UID:51346 Activity:nil
10/1    Say hello to another "lost decade", or,
        How I learned to stop worrying and love repricing of U.S. credit
        \_ No, we only have "lost decades" when the GOP is in power.
2008/10/2-4 [Computer/SW/Languages/Functional] UID:51347 Activity:nil
10/1    I want redistricting. I don't want a committee. How hard is it to
        simply float a new scheme for redistricting?
        \_ Just gather 1M signatures.
2008/10/2-6 [Finance/Investment] UID:51348 Activity:low
10/2    Why is it I see on TV about all the J6P's talking about how their
        401(k) has blown up implying they couldn't do anything about it.  Like
        they didn't realize they could login (or call their broker) and
        transfer some or all into the 401(k)'s money market fund?
        Well, you guys, Berkeley grads, know you can do that right?
        I'm talking about 401(k), not IRA or your personal stock portfolio.
        \_ Yes they can transfer, but isn't it too late to transfer after it
           has blown up?
           \_ well, guess it was more of a rhetorical question.  I already have
              my own answer.  anyways, investment tip guys:
              "repricing of U.S. credit" - you may be hearing this in the
              future.  I have not read this phrase anywhere else, yet. (in
              fact there are 0 phrase matches on google)
              (disclaimer:  this is not a suggestion to plow everything into
              random foreign stock markets.  instead, you are all berkeley
              grads and can create your own model about how this will evidence
              itself in market indicators and impacts your investments.)
              \_ What do you think this will do to the value of the dollar?
                 \_ in the short term, the value of the dollar is being
                    driven up by financial entities delevering dollar-denom
                    investments and fear that more european banks won't survive
                    the delevering.  in the medium term ...
                    also keep in mind that smart money right now is trying
                    to figure out if there is anything safer than long-term
                    U.S. Treasuries (and there may not be--but the general
                    hedge of reallocation has been going on for some time)
                    hedge of reallocation has been going on for ~1-2 yrs)
                    \_ The "smart money" was busy buying MBS last year.
                       \_ and the 3-5 years before that (volume wise).  the
                          topic is not whether this is "smart", but how you
                          stay ahead of the game.
        \_ Not every 401k is the same. For instance, at my old company the
           only 401k option was company stock. Not all are so restrictive,
           but there are at least some without a money market or equivalent
2008/10/2-7 [Politics/Domestic/California, Politics/Domestic/SocialSecurity] UID:51349 Activity:moderate
10/2    What is it like to date a Republican?
        \_ Dated a TAIWANESE Republican. Great sex, but some side effects.
           Always thinks she's right. Very stubborn. She's never wrong, and
           you're always wrong. Materialistic. Always talks about money.
           Complains about job all the time. Wants more money. Plays stocks
           a lot. Talks about stocks all the time. Great sex. Always talks
           about herself. High maintenance. Talks too much. Talks about
           stocks and $$$. Complains about work. More righteous than
           anyone else. Wants more tax cuts. Does not care about anyone
           else except herself. Fuck mass transit and homeless and
           social programs, the government should spend more money on
           ME ME ME. Wants more tax cuts. Does not care about war as long
           as it doesn't affect her tax rates. Votes Republican all the
           time because it's GOOD FOR TAIWAN, so nothing else matters!
           And low tax, oh my! Republicans are GOOD. Who cares about faggots
           and minorities, lower tax is good for me! Me me me. $$$. See,
           she's totally self absorbed & selfish & annoying. My advice is
           that to be happy with someone like this, you too should be a
           Republican and use her until she's no longer of value to you.
        \_ Great sex.  Annoying arguments.  Overruse of cloying personal care
           products by your SO.
           \_ Annoying sex.  Great arguments.  Crappy food.
              \_ Why crappy food? I thought southerners ate better and
                 took better care of themselves. SOUTHERN BELLES, MAN.
                 \_ Have you ever been to the south?
                    \_ I've never been to the south. In fact, like many
                       people here, I've never left Northern California.
                       people here, I've never been outside of N Cal.
                       The only real reference I have is Sweet Alabama.
                       Please tell me about the South.          -pp
                       \_ Well the Republican I dated wasn't from the South,
                          but classic Southern food isn't exactly known for
                          being healthy.
                          \_ There's usually an inverse correlation between
                             something that tastes good and something that
                             is healthy.
                             \_ Spoken like someone who knows nothing
                                about food.
                                \_ The key word is: usually.
                    \_ You beat me to it.
                    \_ I have. Women there (men, too) from the upper classes
                       \_ I heard Southern pussies are bigger. Whether that's
                          environmental or genetic is still debatable.
                          \_ Southern men are just more well-endowed.
                       are more put together. They dress up more often and
                       wear makeup everywhere they go. This is in stark
                       contrast to people in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic who
                       are boring and plain-looking. I am not sure where
                       to classify Texans, but there are lots of hotties in
                       Texas, Florida, and Georgia.
                       \_ And generally chubby, you forgot that part. MOTD
                          boob guy would like it there.
                          \_ And you forgot that dim like them chunky. Dim
                          \_ I was visting family, sorry.
                          \_ And you forgot that dim like 'em chunky. Dim
                             likes 'em Texan size. Dim like JACKIE JOHNSON.
                             Dim like LA and suburban homes. Bigger IS better.
2008/10/2-6 [Transportation/Airplane] UID:51350 Activity:nil
10/2    Pterodactyls may have been too heavy to fly: []
        \_ Nonsense.  Sarah Palin rode one herself!
2008/10/2-6 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA] UID:51351 Activity:nil
10/2    CS/Hedge Fund job at Bain Capital: see /csua/pub/jobs/BainCapital.txt
2008/10/2-7 [Recreation/Dating, Science/GlobalWarming] UID:51352 Activity:nil
10/2    I haven't had wet dreams for years.  Is there any wet-dream-enhancing
        drugs out there?
        \_ Stop masturbating. (I'd say stop having sex but if you are
           as pathetic a troll as this I think it's pretty obvious you
           are still a 30 year old virgin.)
           \_ Nope.  Married and two kids.  -- OP
           \_ Agreed. I stopped having sex for about 2 years and I concentrate
              most of my energy at work. I'm going to get promoted thanks
              to channeling all of my energy to my professional work. The
              plus side is that it makes my wife happier too because she's
              a typical TAIWANESE WOMAN with the sexual drive of an ice cube
              but has a voracious appetite for a suburban house where she
              keeps all her expensive shoes and Gucci and Bebe and Prada
              wears that she never wears.
              \_ Why are you still with her?  Is she otherwise fun?  Does
                 she work in a comparable job?
                 \_ because I no longer have any sex drive myself. I've
                    been taking medications and my career's going well.
                    \_ But do you like having her around?  Is she a net zero,
                       negative or positive?  If regular sex isn't her value
                       add, what is?
              \_ If I have the ability to divert my sex drive energy to my
                 work, I would probably be at two levels above my current level
                 on the corporate ladder.  But I don't have that ability.  I
                 waste a lot of time and energy on having sex, surfing porn,
                 day-dreaming about sex, and masturbating.  -- OP
                 waste so much time and energy on having sex, surfing porn,
                 day-dreaming about sex, thinking about other hot women, and
                 masturbating.  -- OP
2008/10/2-4 [Computer/SW/WWW/Browsers] UID:51353 Activity:nil
10/2    Is there any Adobe Flash plugin for Firefox 3?  I go to a site that
        uses Flash and click "install plugin", then it says Adobe Flash Player
        is not available.
        \_ Uh, yes there is. Download and install it yourself if it doesn't
2008/10/2 [Uncategorized] UID:51354 Activity:nil
10/2    I have a Maildir with 100s of thousands of mails.
        Is there some tool i can run on the command line (local server
        access is available) to sort this into IMAP directories by date
        (Doing this over IMAP with a mail client like thunderbird is just
        too painfull).  tnx.
2008/10/2-6 [Finance/Investment] UID:51355 Activity:low
10/2    Prison Mackerel economics
        \- hello the famous paper in this spirit is:
           it is somewhat odd that paper is not referenced in the article.
           it is somewhat odd that paper is not referenced in the article. tnx.
        \_ I'd love to pay strippers with mackerels
        \_ I love the idea that it was chosen as currency because noone
           actually wants to eat that crap.
           \_ I don't get that part.  Cigs were used because they were
              extremely valuable to many people.  Why would you use something
              with no particular value, that isn't backed up by anything?
              \_ If you think of cigs as the gold standard, mackerels are now
                 more of a free-floating economy. That said, they're very
                 similar to greenbacks: they're not in infinite supply; they
                 have no intrinsic value by themselves, though they _can_ be
                 eaten if it comes to that (much as you _can_ heat or wall-
                 paper your house with dollar bills if it comes to that); and
                 they can be traded for services because there are people who
                 will pretend that they have value. Added bonus: they're of
                 use and value as themselves to people who want to build
                 muscle, so you're getting in the good graces of big dudes
                 when you trade them to them. Big dudes are their own kind of
                 currency in the joint.
        \_ So wait, smokers who go to prison my immediately go cold turkey now?
2008/10/2 [Politics/Foreign/Europe] UID:51356 Activity:high
10/2    Bank runs in Greece!
        \_ URL?
           \_ google above.  may be just electronic, since there are no photos
              \_ The top hits are "ronpaulforums" and "usagold". Sorry, this
                 does not qualify as anything but a rumor at this point.
                 \_ try clicking the "News" link padawan
                    fyi, there were also silent bank runs on WB after WM went
                    TU, which led to WB's forced merger by FDIC
                    \_ None of the "news" links mention a bank run of any kind,
                       they all just say that Greece has guaranteed all
                       deposits. What is a "silent bank run"?
                       \_ no lines, yet significant net withdrawals
                          "after panic withdrawals by customers in Athens and
                          Thessaloniki, creating an unstoppable stampede across
                          Europe" -
                          \_ And you believe that sensationalistic drivel?
                             Are they predicting a European wide bank run or
                             reporting on it? What is a "panic withdrawal"?
                             Are their lines outside the banks? Did any
                             banks fail? It just sounds like a slow news
                             day to me.
                             \_ yes, you are right.  i will slink home and
                                kill myself.  i am stupid.
2008/10/2-4 [Uncategorized] UID:51357 Activity:nil
10/2    Joe Biden's eyes sure are weird.
        \_ Is he a wild-eyed Marxist?
           \_ I hope so. I want socialism NOW. Please tax everyone. I have
              nothing, hence nothing to lose.           -typical young guy
2008/10/2-6 [Consumer/CellPhone] UID:51358 Activity:nil
10/2    I'm with Verizon and debating between the LG ENV2 and Blackberry
        Curve. Any recommendations from anyone? Thanks.
        \_ ditch verizon, go for GOOG G1 end of Oct 2008
        \_ Apple has been hiring ENV2 people like crazy...Verizon will
           soon offer an iPhone plan too.
2008/10/2-6 [Politics/Domestic/Election] UID:51359 Activity:nil
10/2    New Palin strategy: If you don't know how to answer the
        question, just make up your own and answer that instead.
        \_ So she's graduated to the national stage as a politician?
           \_ Yes, and to be more specific, she's a certified Republican.
        \_ MSNBC says 19% said Palin won and 2.9% tie. Loyalty, baby,
           loyalty. It's something Democrats do not have.
           \_ 100 -(19 + 2.9) = 78.1% either though Biden won or had no
              opinion. But hey, math is hard.
              \_ You miss what PP was saying.  PP was saying that even with
                 Palin's crappy performance, 19% of the respondents are so
                 loyal to their Republican Party that they insist she won.
                 PP didn't say that she actually won or that the majority
                 thinks she won.  -- !PP
                 \_ thank you. you get 100% for reading comp, and the pp
                    gets 0.                     -not the pp, but pp pp
                    \_ You get 0 for writing grade. Try harder. -confused pp
           \_ Freeper: "Palin was good enough, I'm going to vote for McCain
        \_ Just saw interviews from ppl who thought Palin won. Are there
           ANY non-whities who thought Palin won?
           \_ MAVERICKS, all of them.
2021/12/03 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular
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