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2008/9/21-23 [Consumer/Camera] UID:51248 Activity:moderate
9/20    Dear motd, I have a bunch of darkroom photographic stuff, like an
        enlarger, development tray, fast 35mm loader, chemical holders,
        etc etc. What's the best way to dispose them? I doubt they're of
        any value to anyone anymore.
        \_ If you're local to LA, I'll take 'em. I'm currently taking a
           beginners photography class. -chrchan
           \_ Berkeley teaches photography? I didn't know that. Also, why
              are they still using analog photography?
              \_ Why do we still teach analog circuits, btw?
              \_ There is some photography taught at Berkeley in the
                 architecture department, but chrchan is in LA anyway.  -tom
2008/9/21-23 [Uncategorized] UID:51249 Activity:nil
9/21    When is Obama going to get swift-boated? November? December?
        \_ After he is in office.
2008/9/21-23 [Science/GlobalWarming] UID:51250 Activity:nil
        We Can Solve It. There is a solution. There is no time.
        \_ The message scrolls too fast. It should slow down so that
           most conservatives can read it and actually understand it.
        \_ I think this could mostly be accomplished in 10 years if we
           tried really, really hard, but realistically, I doubt most
           Americans care enough until the problems become much more
           obvious. Anyway, this commercial is so vague about who's
           they expect to do actually do this work that it's practically
           content-free. Maybe their website says more.
           \_ You're channelling Obama:
              Well, minus the "No, we can't" part.
        \_ Drill Baby Drill!
2008/9/21 [Politics/Domestic/California] UID:51251 Activity:nil
9/21    Contact/email your representatives to oppose the $700 billion bailout
        of Wall Street.§iontree=18,44
2008/9/21-23 [Reference/Tax, Politics/Domestic, Politics/Domestic/SocialSecurity] UID:51252 Activity:nil
9/21    700 fucking billion?  Really?  With no fucking oversight at all?
        What the fucking hell?  And people think the Democrats are tax and
        \- Wall Street Welfare Kings in Pink Cadillacs having out of wedlock
           children with their mistresses in Mayfair!
2008/9/21-23 [Computer/SW/Security, Politics/Domestic/SocialSecurity] UID:51253 Activity:nil
9/21    Obama's Social Security Whopper
        \_ if you say so
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