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2008/9/17-19 [Politics/Domestic/Election] UID:51200 Activity:nil
9/16    Even the WSJ is calling this a failure of deregulation:
        \_ "Freed from the intrusive meddling of government" except
           it wasn't... the financial industry is still tightly bound
           up with the operation of the Federal Reserve, and the current
           bailout activity is proof that the government was never
        \_ McCain now has come on board, too:
           \_ And you believe him?  McCain dosn't exactly have a good
              track record of telling the truth or sticking to his word.
              Why do you think one speech means he has suddenly done
              a 180 on this?  Is the "McCain is pandering" explanation
              more likely?
           \- mccain's point man on this is martin feldstein, who is very
              smart, but is also significantly involved with AIG. although
              obama's point man robert rubin might be corrupted too.
              \_ "might be"?  "very smart"?
                 You are Cal grads.  You know McCain.  You know a former C
                 bigwig.  Use your brain.  Make your own decision on what
                 the state of the U.S. financial markets is like and why
                 politicians / "their advisors" are saying what they are.
2008/9/17-19 [Politics/Domestic/Election] UID:51201 Activity:nil
9/16    Hey look at that, more blatant lies from team McCain.
        How can you trust anything McCain says?
        \_ 1) It's blatant, btw
           2) The article says that in 2005, AK accounted for 18 percent of
              domestic production in 2005.
              \_ The article says 7.4 percent or 13 percent depending on
                 if you want to give Palin credit for forgetting that
                 "oil and gas" includes natural gas.  And if you the percentage
                  declines from 18 to 13 percent WHILE YOU ARE IN CHARGE
                  you should know that.  Not to mention that the first time
                  she made up these numbers she was claiming 20 percent of
                  ALL DOMESTIC ENERGY when the actual number was 3.5%.
                  Good thing she "knows more about energy than probably
                  \_ My point is that calling this a "blatent [sic] lie" is a
                     bit much.  Yes it's an exaggeration, and should be
                     corrected.  But "how can you trust anything" is
                     ridiculous.  The fact that WaPo is essentially part of the
                     Obama campaign should add further skepticism.
                     \_ McCain's campaign cavalier attitude with the truth
                        is McCain's fault, not Obama's.  Frankly the last
                        8 years of being governed by an administration
                        that thinks they can make their own reality was
                        enough for me.
                     \_ Oh you poor poor Republicans, with the media plotting
                        against you and all. Now the WSJ is part of the
                        evil liberal media empire, too, isn't it?
2008/9/17-19 [Finance/Banking] UID:51202 Activity:nil
9/17    WaMu being auctioned for sale by Goldman Sachs for last several days.
        \_ 50 dollars!
2008/9/17-19 [Science/GlobalWarming, Transportation/Car] UID:51203 Activity:nil
9/17    Haha, Pelosi has no idea where Natural Gas comes from.
        \_ Sounds like she'd make a great VP candidate.
        \_ What's wrong with that?  Not everybody farts. :-)
2008/9/17-19 [Finance/Investment] UID:51204 Activity:nil
9/17    Okay, easy stuff first.  If you are invested in a "targeted retirement"
        fund (where it auto-allocates into stocks/bonds/money markets depending
        on your age), it is currently cornholing you in both eye sockets and
        will assfuck you for years to come.  As of this year, new employees are
        auto-enrolled into the 401(k), typically with 100% allocation to this
        type of fund.  This is a SCAM.  Also, I have NOT seen a single news
        article (and I read a lot) criticizing the safety of this type of fund.
        \_ What's your gripe? My only gripe with these types of funds is
           that they are too conservative. I want to be 80% equities now,
           10 years from now, and 10 years into retirement.
           \_ what KIND of equities and bonds are these funds buying ...
              \_ The same kind that other funds are buying. A lot of these
                  targeted funds are "funds of funds".
                 \_ so we're saying the equities ultimately bought should
                    perform at least as well as a DJI or S&P index? (minus fees
                    or if they're being run in a riskier fashion, some amount
                    above or below a DJI/S&P index?  by riskier, I mean you are
                    in a retire-in-30 years fund, so conventional wisdom is not
                    only can they allocate you to more stocks, but they can
                    allocate you into "growth stocks" and "emerging market")
2008/9/17-19 [Uncategorized] UID:51205 Activity:nil
9/17    Touchscreen + servos = auto bearing balance board
2008/9/17-19 [Finance] UID:51206 Activity:nil
9/17    Bailout is the new IPO! It's 2000 again and big financial firms
        are on fire. Spend all you want, everyone's getting on the
        bailout bandwagon. It's an all new economy, just like 2000.
2008/9/17-19 [Finance/Investment] UID:51207 Activity:high
9/17    Guys, several days ago I posted (not on soda) that confidence was
        severely shaken in the financial markets and this effect would be
        Today, there is almost a sense of panic among U.S. investment bankers,
        traders, and politicians in the finance/banking committees.
        You know what white collar workers are thinking by virtue of
        being one.
        Note I am not telling you what to do, just giving you data points.
        \_ I believe in the 2G currency in our new economy: gold and guns
        \_ What exactly will this lower confidence mean?  What exactly does
           "confidence in the financial markets" mean?
           \_ -op
              \_ Ok, America government is totally fucked. What is new?
                 Should we stock up food and ammos? What's your advice?
                 \_ you've been given the tools.  i posted to motd at least
                    three times on 8/21, 8/22, and 9/10 about this, and I got
                    yelled at then and I got yelled at after the market
                    dropped.  i posted because i would've felt guilty if i
                    didn't give you guys a warning.  i did, three times.  i
                    have not gloated at all.  what should you do?  do some
                    research, and come back in a few days with a proposal -op
                    \_ 1) Liquidate
                       2} Buy bonds
                       3) open up Swiss accounts
              \_ I like the Find Your Russian Beauty ad to the right.
        \_ I bought 100 shares of GS for $100 today. All kinds of stocks are
           on discount, I can barely contain myself. "Be greedy when others
           are fearful." -Warren Buffet
           on discount, I can barely contain myself. Anyone with half a brain
           takes this as an opportunity to buy. "Be Greedy When Others Are
           Fearful" - Warren Buffet
           \_ That assumes you know something other people don't.
              Investors are punishing all financials now because no one knows
              who's telling the truth anymore. Do you have inside sources or
              do a lot of your own research? Otherwise you might want
              to stick to a more diversified strategy.
              \_ hey, he's up $14.  Well, only $10 if you count afterhours.
                 who knows, if the stock goes up to $130 tomorrow that's a
                 $30K profit.
                 \_ You added a zero.
                    \_ oops, should be $3K.  silly me I thought he put in
                       $100K into GS.
              \_ I know that Paulson, who is an ex-CEO of GS, is the Secretary
                 of the Treasury. I know enough about how Wall Street (and the
                 world in general) to know that he won't let his former pals
                 down. I also know that it is better to move contrary to the
                 herd, having sold my overinflated <DEAD><DEAD> stock in 2000. But
                 I sometimes move early, I admit.
                 \_ You might be interested to know that Warren Buffet is
                    not buying investment banks right now. The rumor is
                    that he called them a "falling knife". I considered buying
                    GS, but I think their prospects are uncertain. People on
                    Wall Street think we are not near the end of this mess. As
                    far as GS fell, they are still only at a 3 year low. What
                    you need to do is buy stocks that fell because of sheer
                    sympathy and I don't think that qualifies GS.
                    \_ Yeah, this one is "mad money" and is already down
                       again today. I am mostly in boring dividend paying
                       stocks like KO and PM and GE. Got any other suggestions?
                       \_ MON?
                       \_ I heard GE gets over 50% of its profits, revenue, or
                          something from its finance divisions. Which is
                          probably why it got punished more than you'd
                          otherwise expect.
                          \- are you thinking of GE capital? GE capital isnt
                             finance in teh sense of retail loans and such.
                             for example they used to own a huge fraction of
                             shipping containers in the world.
                          \_ Where did you hear that? I read in the WSJ that
                             they got 25% of their profits from that division
                             last year, so that part might be down. It is still
                             a steal at current prices. I just bought some
                             EWG, too.
                       \_ I'd say GS starts to get interesting in the low 90s
                          and is a definite buy at 85.
                          \_ How did you calculate those price points?
                          \_ It's up to $135 now. WTF in their right mind
                             would buy at $135 in this market? Sure, it's
                             lower than it was but no effing way. I am
                             curious if the guy who bought at $100 is out now.
                             \_ No, I am just happy that I got some stock in
                                such a great institution at such a low price.
                                Though I am temted to sell some calls at this
                                level to lock in some of my gain.
2008/9/17-19 [Uncategorized] UID:51208 Activity:nil
9/17    Can anyone point to a place that sells used Dell parts that has a actuaa\
        l showroom ? E-bay does not do it for me .
2008/9/17-19 [Politics/Domestic/Gay] UID:51209 Activity:nil
9/17    I'm gay now
2008/9/17-19 [Politics/Domestic/Election] UID:51210 Activity:nil
9/17    More and more McCain lies
2008/9/17-19 [Science, Reference/Military] UID:51211 Activity:nil
9/17    did anyone watch Generation Kill?  The 'gay' Marine is a real Marine,
        and was in the unit Generation Kill is about.
2008/9/17-19 [Politics/Domestic/California, Politics/Domestic/California/Arnold] UID:51212 Activity:nil
9/17    Ah-nold to veto Dem+GOP supported California state budget.  karma++
2008/9/17-19 [Politics/Domestic/Election] UID:51213 Activity:low
9/17    Palin like popcorn.
        \_ Palin's rimless glasses has a 2 month back-order. People love
           Palin. She looks good. She sounds strong. She must be a
           good leader because she looks good and sounds good.
           \_ she sounds like a moron
           \_ You mean her "Tina Fey" glasses.
2008/9/17-19 [Politics/Domestic, Politics/Domestic/Election] UID:51214 Activity:low
9/17    The latest Metrolink crash is a proof that mass transit doesn't
        work well. When you drive your own car, you control your own

917     Mark Mellman on liberalism and moral relativism:
        \_ Yeah I'm sure that's what the union pacific engineer thought too.
        \_ Are you really this stupid or are you just trolling?

917     Mark Mellman on liberalism and moral relativism:
        \_ That's not moral relativism.  That's moral pluralism.
2008/9/17-19 [Politics/Domestic/Election] UID:51215 Activity:nil
9/17    McCain declares the new enemy of the U.S. is... Spain?!
        \_ Give him a break.  Senility is hard on everyone.
        \_ Zapatero, Zapatista, a bunch of Spanish communists by any other
           name right?
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