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2008/9/13-19 [Politics/Domestic/Election] UID:51155 Activity:nil
9/13    Gibson's interview with Obama vs. his interview with Palin:
        \_ Except for the fact that Obama is no longer a virtually unknown.
           Noone knows anything about Palin and there are less than 2 months
           for that to change and McCain's campaign isn't exactly putting her
           out there for unscripted appearances, and they made the clear
           before the interview.  Also, if Palin was good enough to be
           a serious VP pick she should have done just fine in that interview,
           and it would have done her reputation wonders.  But now that
           she flubbed it bad the complaints start about how IT ISN'T FAIR.
           Shouldn't you go back to whining about lipstick on a pig?
        \_ If she can't handle a carefully scripted interview, what kind of
           job would she do as President?
2008/9/13-19 [Politics/Domestic/President/Bush] UID:51156 Activity:nil
9/13    Gibson got the Bush Doctrine wrong.  Krauthammer should know, since he
        coined the phrase. [wapo]
        \_ Bush Doctrine means what Gibson said it means, if you know anything
           about policy you'd know that.  But you know what, even if it was
           an ambigious term, after Gibson explained exactly what he meant by
           The Bush Docterine Palin obviously still had no idea what he was
           talking about and kept rambling along mouthing empty platitudes.
           Please try again.
           (Once you get past the 100's of edits of the past two days as
            people try to cover up Palin's confusion, it is pretty clear
            what the Bush Doctrine meant 2 months ago.  Once again McCain
            chooses truthiness over truth.)
            \_ Why do you choose that particular edit, when the only diff
               between that and the one later is that on 7.31 someone used
               'nukular'?  That edit also says "Al Qaeda was from its inception
               a CIA-funded terrorist group" which is patently false.
               \_ I chose it as one of the first before sept 12th.  Choose
                  another edit before then and you'll see the same thing.
                  What the Bush Doctrine meant was not under debate until
                  after Palin flubbed an interview question even after
                  Gibson (fairly) clarified his question after her obvious
2008/9/13-19 [Politics/Domestic/Crime] UID:51157 Activity:nil
9/13    Great essay on a talk radio host by David Foster Wallace, from 2005.
        Wallace hung himself this week. :(
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