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2008/9/12 [Politics/Domestic/Election] UID:51143 Activity:high
9/12    Wow, did McCain really just call Obama a pedophile?
        Wasn't this supposed to be a clean campaign?
        \_ On a related note.  When was the last time we had a clean
           presidential campaign?
           \_ Still, if true, that is sinking pretty fucking low.
        \_ No he didn't, and the criticism of the ad is flatly wrong.
           Here's the law in question:
           Note that on line 14, the grade 6 is crossed out and replaced with
           \_ Woah there cowboy, go view the ad.  Read the supporting info.
              I'm going to say this is a really shitty move by the McCain
              campaign.  Defend yourself.
           \_ How so?
           \_ So it now says: "Each class or course in comprehensive sex
              education offered in any of grades K through 12 shall
              include instruction on the prevention of sexually transmitted
              infections, including the prevention, transmission and spread
              of HIV." This statement does not require that kindergarteners
              be taught sex ed, and I highly doubt that was Obama's intent.
              Requiring that little kids be told that "you can get bad
              diseases from adults touching you inappropriately" seems a much
              more credible interpretation. McCain is just a slimeball.
              \_ not only that, but it says "Each class ... *offered* in any
                 of grades ... *shall include* ... [etc]".  This doesn't add
                 anything unless there was a class covering it already
2008/9/12-18 [Politics/Domestic/Election] UID:51144 Activity:nil
9/12    Figure in Rosenberg Case Admits to Soviet Spying
        Sorry, this has nothing to do with Obama or McCain
2008/9/12-18 [Uncategorized] UID:51145 Activity:nil
9/12    This is all Nader's fault some how.
2008/9/12-18 [Uncategorized] UID:51146 Activity:nil
9/12    argh she says 'You can see Russia from the coast'.
        \- "we have to keep an eye on russia"
           \_ In Soviet Russia, Russia keeps an eye on you!
            \_ ... keeps eye on you!
            \_ ... keep eye on you!
        \_ Link?  I can't find this anywhere.
2008/9/12-18 [Politics/Domestic/Election] UID:51147 Activity:nil
9/12    More blatant lies.  He's not even trying to hide it.
        \_ I don't expect The View to be the nytimes but maybe they should
           have challenged him a bit there.
           Also you could make half of America's headspin if you reveal
           that for a brief period of time when Palin was mayor, her town
           was charging rape victims for rape kits.
           \_ Which was only stopped because the State Leg. made a law
              that slapped them down hard.
2008/9/12-18 [Politics/Domestic/Election] UID:51148 Activity:nil
9/12    The latest blatant lies from McCain
        \_ Facts don't matter to 1/3 of the voters. Emotions do.
           I'm rooting for Obama but I know McCain is going to win. Oh well.
           \_ *sad face*
           \_ If the election was held today, I think Obama would just squeak
              in, with the Kerry states, plus CO, NH & NM. McCain might get the
              popular vote though.
2008/9/12-18 [Politics/Domestic/Election, Politics/Domestic/President/Bush] UID:51149 Activity:nil
        a well thought out comment about the Palin interview.
        \- that is a good "adult" discussion of matters. thanks for the link.
        \- That is a good "adult" discussion of matters. thanks for the link.
           SPALIN is a good exaple of what i call "reptillian intelligence".
2008/9/12-18 [Consumer/TV] UID:51150 Activity:nil
9/12    Wow, I was looking for this yesterday. has streaming video
        from TV stations from 9/11/01
2008/9/12-18 [Finance/Banking] UID:51151 Activity:nil
9/12    When an agent tells you "This buyer is putting down 40% even though
        he is willing to pay less than what you asked for..." Why would I
        care about how much $ he's going to put down since the bank will
        just cover the rest? Why should I care if he's paying cash or 0%
        down?                                   -real estate dumb
        \_ a mortgage loan can be declined before the sale closes, even if
           the loan was pre-approved by the bank
           \_ Ah, risk factor. I get it, thanks.
2008/9/12-18 [Politics/Domestic/Election] UID:51152 Activity:nil
9/12    uh oh.. Obama a real religous nut.
        "Give me the wisdom to do what is right and just. And make
        me an instrument of your will." --Barack Obama
        \_ Haha. If you can't see the difference between this and God's Army,
           I pity you.
        \_ Wait, was this the prayer he wrote at the wailing wall and that
        \_ Wait, was this the prayer he wrote at the Western Wall and that
           some hypocrite rabbinical student stole and sold to a hard right
           Isreal rag?
           Isreal rag?  Troll harder.
        \_ Wait, was this the private prayer he wrote at the Western Wall
           that some hypocrite rabbinical student stole and sold to a hard
           right Israel rag?  Troll harder.
           \- the obama note was just a collection of stock phrase "forgive
              my sins" "be not proud" "instrument of yoru will" "give me
              wisdom". these dont mean all that much. not that it isnt
              sincere, but it's just going through the motions. the point
              of course it's one thing to go through the motions at a
              famous religious site and other to inject jebus into policy
2008/9/12-19 [Politics/Foreign/Asia/India, Politics/Foreign/Asia/Others] UID:51153 Activity:low
9/12    Perhaps it is a War with Pakistan that is the October Surprise:
        This seems kind of stupid, especially since Pakistan has nukes.
        \_ Given that we know the problem with Pakistan and nukes, can you
           think of why there might be a reason to do this anyway?
           \_ There's never a reason for war. -liberal
              \_ So civil war and ww2 were a waste of time?
           \_ The GOP is behind in the polls?
           \_ The GOP is behind the polls?
        \- war is a "continuation of policy by other means" ... i dont think
           the us has policy goals w.r.t. pakistan which require "going to
           war" at the moment. rather it is a case of the us just ignoring
           pakistan's sovereignty, cf. Melian Dialog: "the strong do what
           they can and the weak suffer what they must." of course this is
           an interesting norm for the us to push ... say while lecturing
           russian about georgia, or in the future if say india decides
           they need to attack inside pakistan based on goals relating
           to india's kashmir policy [although this may be better deterred
           by nukes]. pakistan was never the us's friend and the us not
           taking india's side for many years shows how cheap political
           rhetoic and ideology is [although to be expected in the
           rhetoric and ideology is [although to be expected in the
           anarchic international system].
           \_ Do you know what a casus belli is?
              \- yes, i do. do you know what "proechein/proschema" means?
                 (thucydides >> grotius, waltzer, augustine etc). anyway,
                 there is CB/normative, CB/propaganda and  CB/empirical.
                 anyway, the point is "casus belli/normative aka "ius ad
                 bellum" has changed over time" (as has "ius in bello") ...
                 material resources, security dilemma, religious conversion
                 etc. the US/bush doctrine partly has been controversial
                 because it suggests a change in casus belli/normative.
                 as was say the monroe doctrine introducing [sic] the idea
                 of a "sphere of influence". of course, i'm only guessing
                 about "what is your point" ...
                    Pakistan is going to start shooting back, which kind of
                    puts a hole in your theory that they just have to put up
                    with our shenanigans.
            \_ So what if Pakistan has nukes? I don't think they want to play
               that game with USA. USA spent a lot of time and money
               during the cold war planning engagements against an enemy
               "with nukes".
               \_ I wouldn't be so sure about that if I were you. The
                  government is very shakey there right now and it is
                  not out of the question that we could end up with a bunch
                  of Muslim Brotherhood types running that country. It is
                  kind of hard to tell how they would react to their territorial
                  sovereignty being violated like that.
2008/9/12-19 [Uncategorized] UID:51154 Activity:nil
9/12    What are some lucky numbers for Persians? Chinese->8, Western->7,
        what about Persians?
        \_ Zoroastrianism says 7 is lucky; Islam tends to agree.
        \_ 13 is unlucky in Persian/Iranian culture.
        \_ 18 is lucky for the Jews. gifts it has become common to give in multi\
ples of 18: the gematria, or numerical equivalence of the Hebrew word for "life"\
, ("chai") is the number 18.
        \_ Chinese->8 only in a sense that it sounds like "becoming rich".
           Other than that, it's not a lucky number in senses like "passing a
           test" or "avoiding accidents", etc.
2019/04/22 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular
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