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2008/9/8-12 [Politics/Domestic/Election] UID:51096 Activity:nil
        Gallup Poll Daily Tracking, McCain 48% Obama 45%
        Eight more years of conservative darkness baby yeah!!!
        \_ Once again it will all come down to Ohio and Florida.  If you
           really care about this, donate and volunteer.
           \_ Or perhaps VA and/or CO. There are more than just those
              two swing states this year, which makes it kind of
2008/9/8 [Uncategorized] UID:51097 Activity:nil
8/8     After 4 in a row I can't get it up anymore.  Must be getting old.
2008/9/8-14 [Finance/Investment] UID:51098 Activity:nil
9/8     My company stock is really low right now and I'd like to buy
        stocks. However, I think I am subject to this "Quiet Period"
        contract I signed. Does the quiet period prohibit me from buying,
        selling, shorting, or all of the above? Where do I find out more
        information? Thanks.
        \_ Read the contract.  -tom
           \_ what tom said.  but generally, if you are not an officer,
              director, or have >= 10% of the company's shares but are a
              regular employee, it is STILL insider trading if you trade
              based on "material non-public information".  In practice this
              means squishing depends on:
              - how closely your bet was to some major product announcement/
              - e-mail evidence of your receipt of non-public info
              - magnitude and rate of stock price change
              - how much money you made
              - how many other people traded on the inside information
              - one data point:  an nvidia engineer got nailed for a $60K
                profit on a trade from ~ $76 -> $118 in which the deal
                announcement was made within 1 week of the buy.  14 other
                nvidia employees were also charged.  that was in 2000.
        \_ you cant but CEO can and that is what he is doing right now
        then he'll buy them back toward the end after you all sold your
        stocks.. then buy them and put out good news to raise stock price
        \_ According to tom CEOs don't buy stock because they are already
           compensated in stock.
2008/9/8-9 [Politics/Foreign/Asia/China] UID:51099 Activity:nil
9/8     "So far only 1 China quake orphan adopted"
2008/9/8-14 [Politics/Domestic/Election] UID:51100 Activity:low
9/8     here's a chance for your ranting to be useful to someone:
        assume McCain wins the election.
        Then what happens in the next 4 years?  The economy?
        Wars?  What?
        \_ We invade Iran.  US credibility continues to crater.  Dollar
           weakens further, both in terms of domestic inflation and
           relative to other currencies.  Dollar-denominated oil prices
           skyrocket, driving up prices for everything.  McCain's solution
           is to drill off-shore and in ANWAR; public pressure forces it
           to happen, but it has no effect on the economic situation.  -tom
           \_ Really, you think we are going to invade IRAN under McCain?
              You willing to bet even money on that if he wins? Cause I'm
              happy to take the other side of that bet.  Also you think the
              Dollar is going to behave differently under Obama?  Why??
              \_ McCain loves American military action, and has already
                 expressed interest in attacking Iran more than once.
                 It seems a foolish thing to bet on.
                 The dollar will tank if we don't improve our fiscal
                 situation by reducing the military and raising taxes.
                 McCain will do neither.  -tom
                 \_ I don't know, McCain opposed Bush's tax cuts.  I'd say we
                    have a better shot at fiscal solvency with McCain+Dem
                    congress than Obama+Dem congress.
                    \_ But he supports them now.
                       \_ Anything said during a campaign has zero credebility.
                          You can only trust what they actually do in office.
                          \_ While I understand where this sentiment comes
                             from (cf. "All politicians are liars"), it's a
                             dangerous basis for making poltical decisions;
                             since neither candidate _is_ President, we have
                             little to guide us on what they'll do when
                             elected apart from what they say they'll do and
                             past attempts to make good on their promises.
        \_ Confrontation with Russia.  Probably war with Iran.  Economy
           continues slow grind into dust as rest of world continues
           to lose confidence in our debt-ridden economy.  Further isolation
           as world public opinion solidifies against us and China
           takes our place as a superpower.
        \_ War with Iran requiring massive deficit spending which craters
           the economy.
        \_ Same shit that will happen when Obama is President +/- 10%. When
           will you people figure this out? D's control Congress, so whatever
           happens is on them, too. Historically things are best when
           Congress and President are from different parties, FWIW.
           \_ I have a wild irrational completely not supported by hard
              facts belief that Obama+Biden has a lower chance of completely
              fucking EVERYTHING up than McCain+Palin.  It would be difficult
              to convince me that is not true.  The more I hear Palin on the
              radio, the more I want to quit my job, liquidate my assets,
              and move to a swing state and apply myself somehow to prevent
              the upcoming calamity of McCain+Palin.  Have you heard this
2008/9/8-14 [Uncategorized] UID:51101 Activity:nil
9/7      Wavemarket is looking for a junior to mid-level sys admin.
         If you learn quickly, come here and you will learn a lot.
         Need someone who can admin in both Linux and Windows environments.
         This is a contract position, at least to start.  email me.  -crebbs
2008/9/8-9 [Politics/Domestic/California, Politics/Domestic/Election] UID:51102 Activity:low
9/7      I can't stand the smirky tone of Palin's voice.  Her mocking of
         Obama, especially when her facts are wrong or deliberately disengenous
         as they are shoved at her by Republican operatives, pisses me off.
         I wasn't going to vote for her anyway, oh well
        \_ I hated her too.  She has that primly self-righteous tone of
           holier-than-thou which I learned to despise from a co-worker
           of mine, this sheltered whiny self-centered woman-child who
           was pleased to level judgement on everyone else, but who,
           when justifiably called flaky for actions she herself
           committed, got all pissed off and then went on the attack
           instead of admitting that yes, she HAD been a flake, sorry,
           she'll try to do better.
           \- but she runs a state with a land border with CANADA and a
              martime border with RUSSIA
2008/9/8-9 [Politics/Domestic/Election, Politics/Domestic/President/Bush] UID:51103 Activity:low
9/8     Stay classy, college republicans
        \_ Uh, by kicking that jerk out they are.
         \_ Damage control is not class.
2008/9/8-9 [Recreation/Dating, Consumer/TV] UID:51104 Activity:low
9/8     Has anyone tried Blue Ray porn? Is it any good?
        \_ VCD porn is good enough for me.
2008/9/8 [Politics/Domestic/Election] UID:51105 Activity:high
9/7     I will now share with you the best warming up speech for an Obama
        appearance ever.
        "In this corner, the candidate of the people. Skinny young man. Big
         ears.  Funny name. Armed with the experience of humble beginnings.
         Educated in Ivy League suites. Trained in legislative seats.
         Toughened in inner-city streets.  Wearing the helmet of good
         judgment.  The breastplate of hope.  Wielding the shield of unity.
         Carrying the sword of truth. And feet marching to the beat of change!”
        \_ These terms are bullshit: "young" "hope" "unity" "truth" "change"
           Obama is armed with the rhetoric of bullshit. (actually "toughened" is
           pretty much bullshit too... how tough is it for a Harvard lawyer to
           work in Chicago? esp. compared to the competition...)
           Obama is armed with the rhetoric of bullshit. (actually "toughened"
           is pretty much bullshit too... how tough is it for a Harvard
           lawyer to work in Chicago? esp. compared to the competition...)
           \_ Thanks for playing, you lose!
              \_ To who?  He sure kicked your butt. -!pp
                 \_ Asserting something doesn't make it true.
                    \_ Thanks for playing, you lose!
                       \_ We could go around and around all day, and you'd
                          still be a dumbass.  Woops, I've been trolled.
                          \_ LAUGH, you post a bunch of contentless rahrah
                             and then whine when I call you on it.
                             \_ I'm not the op, I'm a dumbass posting
                                one line garbage responses.
2008/9/8-9 [Uncategorized] UID:51106 Activity:nil
2008/9/8-14 [Reference/RealEstate, Reference/Tax] UID:51107 Activity:nil
9/8     Dear landlord question. If my net flow is negative (e.g.
        rent - operation cost < 0), can I write off my loss for tax purpose?
        Say I work a 9-5 job and make $100,000K/year, and my total
        rent - operation cost is $20,000 loss, is my taxable income
        $80,000K? In addition, can I write off HOA+repair+advertising+etc
        in addition to my net loss, meaning a taxable income of
        $80,000K - (operating costs)?
        \_ Yes and yes, but you can only deduct $25k/yr. Losses roll over
           though. Depreciation reduces your basis though, so some of this is
           recovered when you sell. In some situations (AMT) you cannot use
           this deduction and there is a phaseout over $100k, so if you make
           over $150k you don't get to use it at all. Talk to a tax advisor.
2008/9/8-9 [Uncategorized] UID:51108 Activity:nil
9/8     [And since you edited my post, let's just censor the whole stupid thread
        for fun.]
2008/9/8-14 [Recreation/Humor] UID:51109 Activity:nil
9/8     This is just funny:
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